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Waze application offers you to voice your own navigator


Our beloved Waze was just updated to version 3.7.6. The developers are modestly silent about the whole set of changes, fixes and additions, but they highlight the voice search that has appeared, although on some Android devices this chip already worked in earlier versions of Waze.

In general, this version is distinguished by the presence of voice search, which will help us find addresses and places without straining our fingers, eyes and attention. Just click on the microphone and talk! We can even use voice search to navigate to the addresses of our contacts. This chip is already supported for 45 languages, but the list will be updated.

This version is also fully compatible with iOS7 and received an updated more convenient menu for selecting voice prompts.

Download, enjoy, enjoy.
Meet me at Waze!

The Waze navigation application has added a variety of navigation voices to its users, which can now independently voice commands.

Navigation application Waze Offers a wide selection of voices for navigation. But if earlier this list mainly consisted of various celebrities, now the choice fell on you.

Now when Waze allows you to record your own voice for navigation teams, you will no longer have to follow someone else’s instructions when it comes time to "turn left".

The function was originally only available for Android-devices, and only later appeared on iOS.

This can be done in three simple steps:

  • launch the application and go to its settings by clicking the settings gear in the upper corner of the drop-down menu,
  • touch the function "Voice direction"And select"Record new voice»,
  • «Name your voice"Will allow you to name your voice acting.

In total, twelve voice prompts divided into categories need to be voiced.

New feature Waze leaves a wide space for creativity. No one is obliged to use the usual dry expressions, and you can show imagination. However, developers caution users by recalling that changing important commands can be dangerous.

Among other things, the “Share” button in the “Voice Directions” menu will allow the whole world to enjoy your vocal talents.

AT Google maps A new feature has appeared that allows you to predict travel time based on the designated time to start moving.


But there is a workaround, thanks to which you can still start Alice only by voice from any screen, without using her hands, and even on a locked phone. This trick works thanks to the ability to launch applications by voice through Google Assistant and the Voice Match feature available on Android 5 and above.

Running Alice through the Google Assistant is not as convenient as saying "Alice, ..." in the clever column of Yandex Station. But the method works, as you can see by watching the video:

Download Yandex and enable voice activation

Alice currently does not have her own separate application. Yandex has integrated Alice into an application of the same name “Yandex” on Android and iOS platforms.

Download Yandex with Alice You can follow this link:

Make sure that the voice activation of Alice is enabled in the Yandex application on your Android device (after installation it is enabled by default).

How to run Alice through Google Assistant

To get started, you need to install Google Assistant and activate the Voice Match feature. Unfortunately, the Voice Match function does not work on some androids, for example, Xiaomi phones (due to the peculiarities of the MIUI shell).

  1. Once you have installed Google Assistant and set up Voice Match, lock your phone. Say “Ok Google.” The phone unlocks and Google Assistant starts in standby mode by voice command.
  2. Say "Open Yandex" or "Open the Yandex application."
  3. The Yandex application will open (Alice is built into it). Say “Listen, Alice” or “Hello, Alice.”
  4. Voice assistant Alice is activated.
  5. Finally, now you can ask her something, for example, "tell the technology news."

Of course, the described way to activate Alice on a locked screen is not as convenient as Google Assistant - you have to call 3 voice commands instead of one. But, judging by Google’s policies, other ways to launch Alice by voice will not be available soon. In the summer of 2018, the Yandex Station smart column with built-in Alice went on sale - this is where the Yandex voice assistant works in Always Listen mode by default.

We made a help application for Russian assistant teams, which we regularly update. By installing this application, you will always have the most current list of commands:

Android Voice Control

Voice control Android is an innovative technology with which you can control the device without unnecessary manipulations, but only by voice. This function is under active development and improvement.

Ok, Google on Android, makes it possible to use the device more efficiently. Voice can perform many functions and get high-quality results. For example, look for the necessary information, turn on / off applications, and even type text. To date, this development is not perfect and includes various flaws.

All commands that can be implemented using voice control are divided into two groups.

  1. control the functions of the device itself - if you want to listen to music, just say - “Play the playlist”, if you want to turn on the alarm, then say the phrase - “Wake me up at such and such a time” and so on
  2. information search - with a voice request you can find out, for example, the weather, look at the score of the game of your favorite team, find the lyrics of the song and so on

But unfortunately, there are some limitations in the operation of voice control. Sometimes you can’t get information on unclaimed requests. For example, you are interested in the schedule of sessions in cinemas in Kiev, and you will receive an answer without any problems, but if you ask the same request, but regarding a smaller city, then problems may arise and you may encounter a lack of information.

How to enable voice control

In order to use the voice control Ok, Google, you must have a constant Internet connection. In limited sizes, the application can work without the Internet, but the quality of voice recognition will be very poor and the use of the function will be almost impossible.

Turning on voice control is easy. To do this, you need:

  1. install the Google application, if you already have it installed, then make sure that it is the latest version
  2. go to the Google app
  3. in the upper left corner, click the icon that looks like three horizontal lines
  4. then go to "Settings»
  5. choose "Voice search»
  6. after - “Recognition Ok, Google" or "On any screen»

On some devices, voice recognition is available not only in the Google application, but also in other programs. To do this, in the Google program, click:

  1. «Settings»
  2. Further - "Applications". There you will see a list of programs in which you can use Ok, Google

The main requirements for voice control is the presence of Google program version 3.5 or higher and the operating system Android 4.4 or higher.

How to set up voice control

The Ok, Google function is always active provided that you have the Google or Google Chrome app running. After activation, the system will record your voice and in the future there should be no problems with recognition. To fulfill the request, it is enough to say the phrase Ok, Google and formulate a question or command.

How to turn off voice control

Disabling Ok, Google is no more difficult than disabling. To do this, do the following:

  1. go to the Google app
  2. in the upper left corner an icon that looks like three horizontal lines
  3. choose "Voice search»
  4. Further "Recognition Ok, Google»
  5. uncheck the box - "On any screen" or "Always on»

Voice Command

Ok, Google recognizes many different commands. There is no specific list of executed requests, as each user has different ones.

Here is a short list of commands that can be done using voice control:

  • call any person from your contact list
  • send text message
  • send email
  • post to social networks
  • to track the package
  • launch the application
  • find out the weather
  • get directions to your destination
  • find a place, company, institution
  • translate text from one language to another
  • identify a song and so on

Voice control does not work. What could be the reasons and how to fix it?

Make sure voice control is active: “Settings» — «Voice search» — «Ok Google Recognition". Check the box - “From the Google app". Also, for the correct operation of voice control, you need an Internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Try rebooting your device.