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Buy expensive clothes for a teenager?


What is the most difficult period in raising children, only parents with experience who have gone all the way from “agu-agu” to obtaining a school certificate can say. Of course, at the initial stage of “parental” education, the first two years of their child's life seem the most difficult. And only reaching the middle, so to speak, of the “middle” school, they understand, “how easy it was when the kids were small.”

For many, it will not be a revelation that the most difficult age is adolescence. And difficult not only for the mother or father, but also for the child. Each of us went through thorns, comprehending the depth of parental patience. Someone himself experienced difficulties of a "transitional" age in his childhood, while others - on the example of their children.

Youthful maximalism, a heightened sense of self-esteem and a bouquet of already acquired inferiority complexes make a teenager throw from one extreme to another. As they say - "from the fire to the fire." How can parents find a middle ground and also not rush from radical measures of upbringing to complete connivance?

There are many examples in life when parental misunderstanding led to a great tragedy. That for us sometimes does not have any value - for youth it can be the most important. This applies to many things, including shopping. In the modern world, a lot of temptations are not only for children, but also for adults. And if many of us can resist the desire to purchase a particular item from the height of the years that we have lived through, it is difficult for children to do this. And sometimes it’s not necessary. After all, a child can have its own aspirations and goals. Do not immediately deny the teenager his dream. On the contrary, it is necessary to decide: how relevant is such a purchase or can it wait until its birthday.

There are a number of common items that are popular among modern teens and which they should not be forbidden to buy. Many children have the number one dream - a smartphone with Internet access. And although you won’t surprise anyone with a mobile phone, still a smartphone is no match for a smartphone. The fact that you personally can safely get along with your old phone is not an argument.

The Internet for young people, although virtual, is still part of life, and it makes no sense to refuse such a purchase. It is important in this regard to find out which model is in question and whether the price is adequate to the family budget. Then discuss the issue with the child.

The tablet also falls within the scope of the desired items that many teens often have. It is convenient, compact and can help with studies. The cost of such gadgets, even with a fairly wide range of prices, is such that in our time a rare family cannot afford to buy a mobile computer.

Do not deny high school students the purchase of sports equipment. Everything that brings health and physical perfection should, on the contrary, be encouraged by you. Skateboards, skates, a bicycle and much more not only develop a child physically, but also distract him from empty pastime.

Also, do not limit the purchase of fashionable clothes. All young people want to look not so cool, but interesting. What they are greeted by their “clothes”, the child realizes even in kindergarten. Whether we like it or not, clothes are one way to get through “face control” in any team. True, it is worth considering the adequacy of the price of the "fashionable outfit".

A special, subtle approach requires the purchase of hygiene or cosmetic accessories. Due to hormonal changes, adolescence makes many children vulnerable. Do not refuse a child to buy anti-acne cream, a good deodorant or consult a cosmetologist. If there is a problem, we must go forward, and not refuse it.

What else I want to note: not everyone has a home budget that allows them to make big expenses, and this is not necessary. Children recognize the value of money and the ability of parents early on. It is only necessary to calmly and reasonably explain the feasibility and possibilities of a particular purchase. The right attitude will help the teenager to measure parental income and their own desires.

Svetlana Chernyshova

Psychologist, Consultant. Specialist from the site

Don’t you discuss it now? And why are you better than him? The same cormorant. Only he, even with rich parents, and you are a rogue, bursting with envy for him. Learn to go! And that’s how you’ll stick it all your life on those who are richer. What is the use of it?)

I have a friend, he has a lot of ChSV, I do not consider him a friend

the service life of winter shoes is 5 years. why would he need two pairs of shoes if he wore one? why go two beds in a bedroom if he sleeps on one?

my son, 12 years old, is growing rapidly, so I drank clothes to buy her clothes, what's the point ?? six months later, he will grow up with her, and where to dump her? try to sell it at least for half price, but it’s not a pity for cheap ones too and for chocolate if you give something to alder

The author is clothing, this is not something a 13-year-old boy should envy. Be better in another - study, sports, some hobbies.
And clothes in general should not bother you much. The main thing is to walk clean, neat, monitor the cleanliness of shoes, take a shower every day and smell of freshness. And do not forget that envy is something that eats you from the inside and does not make any sense.

In expensive clothes, with money, under the protection of a powerful relative or servant, in a good car, it is very easy to create the illusion of a real man. And the real man is the one who will survive in the state of "naked man on bare earth." And this is much more expensive than any rags. You know how to put yourself in front of him and others in second-hand jeans and a Chinese T-shirt - yes, you're a man. And if for this you need the latest iPhone or ten crosses, then you are zero without them. But envy is not good.

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Well, you also write about him on the forum, about this, it means you’re hurt. But I’ll say one thing. I’m old, I don’t know how to make money. I am against being pampered by a teenager or a child. There will be a habit, and in life everything the level of income can change dramatically (I know not one such case) it will be very difficult to break the habit. The guy didn’t work for it, but it’s gone.

Well, you also write about him on the forum, about this, it means you’re hurt. But I’ll say one thing. I’m old, I don’t know how to make money. I am against being pampered by a teenager or a child. There will be a habit, and in life everything the level of income can change dramatically (I know not one such case) it will be very difficult to break the habit. The guy didn’t work for it, but it’s gone.

Why did you immediately throw yourself into envy? It’s interesting to a guy, have you met such fake people? You do not see, he writes that he is discussing classmates who makes money, he talks about his FAC. But I will say one thing, it is clear that if he does not tell how everything at home he has his secrets or places for which you can hurt very much. You just don’t understand what the “trends” are now and how much the gear costs. In general, you forget it, less communicate with him)

As for me, regular show-offs, you can wear great things, the same shoes but not branded, and it will look very beautiful and high-quality, without overpaying for the brand, for example, I buy all the shoes at Westcorn

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