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How to choose a living room? 55 photos of perfect design and combination in the interior


The living room is the “face” of your home. Owners usually do not have such strict requirements for a room as a room for receiving guests. In the living room everything should be beautiful, functional and represent the standard of the room with exquisite interior decoration.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of furniture, which has a special role in the interior composition of the living room. How to choose furniture for the living room? We devoted this article to the answer to this not simple question. We hope that we will be able to resolve it and help you make the right choice.

General principles for the selection of furniture in the living room, what should I consider?

Getting to the selection of furniture in the room for the reception of guests, it is necessary to adhere to a number of principles formulated by experts. Let's note these principles and briefly discuss.

  • The appearance of the furniture should match the design composition of the living room. When planning the style of the future interior, you decide in advance which furniture to look at at the point of sale. Its body, front part, accessories, upholstery and much more should correspond to the design style.
  • All pieces of furniture should be organically combined with each other and should be correctly placed. Cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, tables, sofas should be combined with each other in color and texture. They need to be arranged in such a way as to attract maximum attention to some pieces of furniture, while others are in the background.
  • Be sure to consider the size and shape of the room. The size of the guest room directly affects the choice of furniture. In the large living room you can afford to purchase a massive classic wall, a table, a chest of drawers, a sofa with armchairs and at the same time keep the visual spaciousness and lightness of the room. If you push the same furniture into a small room, then it will turn into a “furniture warehouse”.
  • Furniture should be not only beautiful, but also functional. There is no point in acquiring a huge classic table and cabinet in a small living room. The furniture is bulky, and in this case there is very little benefit from it. It is better to buy a modular wardrobe or chest of drawers. A lot of things can be stored in it. And while such furniture does not claim to be a large number of useful square meters. When buying furniture, think about how you will use it. Remember that any modern interior style "does not like" a pile of objects. Do not spend extra money on unnecessary furniture.
  • Before choosing furniture, formulate the concept of zoning the space of your living room. This is especially important for rooms of small and medium sizes. Which functional areas you create will depend on your needs and preferences. The only thing you should pay attention to is the specifics of such areas and the choice of special furniture for them. Plan your functional areas in advance. It will be easier to choose furniture.

Corner, classic or modular furniture - pros and cons

When choosing furniture in the living room, it must be borne in mind that the same items can differ greatly from each other, including depending on the design features. Why is this a fundamental question, why do we need to take these design features into account?

Corner, classic and modular furniture differs from each other in appearance, functional component and the ability to effectively use the useful space of the room. Let us briefly characterize the features of all three structural varieties of such furniture in order to understand in which case which furniture to give preference.

  1. Corner furniture. The main advantages of corner furniture are spaciousness and more efficient use of space, which is not used under normal conditions. By placing, for example, a corner wall, you save up to several square meters of room along the wall. And the capacity of such a wall is 15-20% more. Draw conclusions.
  2. Classic furniture. Although not compact. However, such furniture is very reliable, beautiful and fits perfectly into the classic interior. Classical furniture is specially created for medium and large rooms. She is sound and worthy to pass on to her descendants. It is not recommended to put such furniture in a small living room because of its size and dimensions. With her, the room will seem even smaller, which is completely unacceptable.
  3. Modular furniture. All the charm of modular furniture lies in the fact that its owner can "play the designer" at any time he wants. Such furniture does not consist of a monolithic case, like a classic one, but of many functional elements that can be a self-contained piece of furniture. If you want, you can periodically rearrange the modular elements, optimizing and refreshing the interior in this way, without incurring any material costs. Modular furniture can be either bulky or compact. But it should be noted that most manufacturers try to produce compact models.

Wardrobe, wall or dresser in the living room, what to choose?

Undoubtedly, the closet is quite interesting in appearance, and most importantly a spacious piece of furniture. However, most of them are located in the bedroom, and not in the living room. Although, of course, everything will depend on the overall interior design.

The wardrobe for the living room should differ, first of all, with a beautiful and elegant facade. Although, if your room is decorated in the style of minimalism, then such a piece of furniture on the contrary should be as less noticeable as possible. The wall for the living room is an even more spacious and large piece of furniture. But again, everything will depend on its design features. There are the following types of walls for the living room:

  • Classic wall. Usually a rather overall piece of furniture, consisting of various elements that perform various functions. The functionality of the wall is determined by the composition and number of elements included in it.
  • Wall slide. A type of wall with an extremely noble appearance. This wall got its name due to the specific arrangement of its elements, from smaller to larger.
  • Mini wall. A compact version of the classic wall, which in theory can be used in a small living room. Although in practice such furniture is more suitable for medium-sized rooms.

The most compact and functional piece of furniture for the living room is a chest of drawers. Their choice must be treated very carefully. After all, not every such item is suitable for the living room. Such furniture is more likely designed for the bedroom. Nevertheless, in a small living room, a chest of drawers can become that “lifesaver”, which will conveniently place things and decorate the interior of the room.

To summarize, we note that if you are wondering how to choose furniture in the guest room and do not find an adequate answer, try to “start dancing” from the planned interior composition of the room.

It is much easier to make a choice when you have already analyzed all the additional characteristics of your room and decided on all its functional components:

  • size
  • form
  • color composition
  • location
  • many other factors.

If a superficial analysis still does not give a complete answer to your question, use the help of a specialist or at least the information that they provide. Good luck with your choice!

We also recommend:

If you prefer when there is enough free space in the room, then modern is suitable.

For lovers of chic and luxury it is worth stopping at the classics. To make the right choice in our article there is a whole gallery of photo examples of how to choose a living room.

Living room is a room where usually all family members meet in the evening and watch TV, discuss the past day or meet guests. In order to somehow diversify the interior, you can pick up a transformer table in the hall.

Errors in choosing furniture

Now we discuss what can not be done when arranging the living room. And there are quite a few mistakes, because people can’t get used to outdated designs and use large and voluminous furniture.

Do not do this, now there are furniture attributes that help to save the space of the entire room. Limit yourself to compact designs.

So we figured out how to choose the right living room. Rely to your taste and imagination is not necessary to carry out all the advice of specialists. After all, you need comfort, and not just a fashionable room.

Some rules should still be followed, but not all, rely on intuition. Do not be afraid to experiment sometimes it is very useful and opportunities exceed all expectations.

No. 1. Determine the functionality

Before proceeding with the choice of furniture, you must clearly answer your question, what functions will your living room have, what priority tasks it will have. So, it could be a room designed exclusively for family gatherings, watching movies, conversations, etc., it can be a room in which they will often be arranged holidays, banquets and celebrations, or the room where your friends, neighbors and relatives will often look in, just to relax and talk. In some apartments and houses, the living room can also perform a function dining room and even bedrooms, or combine a few of these tasks. In all these cases, the approach to choosing furniture may differ slightly, which must be taken into account. It depends, for example, on whether it will be necessary to provide for some trick for the correct zoning of the room, whether a dining table and other details are needed.

No. 2. Right color

The choice of color scheme for the living room depends solely on the taste of each of us, but, making your choice, it is better to build on the advice accumulated by professionals. So, if you are the owner of a small living room, then it is better to give preference light tonesthat are visually capable of slightly expanding the room and blurring its boundaries: light furniture against the background of light walls creates a single space. If the living room is spacious enough, then you can use any shades, even dark and saturated.

When you want to give the living room coziness and warmth, you go warm shades: orange, pink, yellow, peach, etc. Such a room is ideal for gatherings in the circle of the closest people. If the living room is a place of rest and relaxation for you, then you can use cool shades: light blue, light green, grayish and others.

In case the living room combines several zones at once, then different colors can be used not only in decoration, but also in furniture, but still it should belong to the same style.

Immediately it is worth deciding on the chosen style of the living room, since it largely depends on what furniture you will need to buy. It's no secret that the classics and modern differ in completely different approaches to the choice of furniture, materials for its execution, various decorative techniques, etc. Here it is worth starting from your own preferences: someone is more impressed by the baroque interior, someone is provence, and someone is generally delighted with boho. If you do not hire a professional designer, but rely on your own strengths, then before choosing each piece of furniture it is better to carefully study the basics of the chosen direction, get acquainted with photos, expert advice, etc.

Although it is stupid to advise something when choosing a style, it is better for owners of small living rooms to pay attention to minimalism, hi-tech or modern - interior styles that use the minimum of furniture that is sufficient for the full functionality of the room. Modest, deprived of excessive decor, pieces of furniture do not take up much space and do not litter the space.

Number 4. We take into account the dimensions

The first thing to do before you go to the store for new furniture is measure room parameters. Too bulky sofa or table, even if it fits, it will take up a lot of useful space, and such things are not always appropriate. You need to arm yourself not only with a ruler or tape measure, but also with common sense, and once again think over what purposes the living room will be used for, and how many people will be there at the same time, which is necessary for the correct calculation of seats. It is very important that in the end the space is harmonious, and the room is comfortable: you must admit, it’s not very good if the living room does not accommodate all your guests, or, conversely, there will be too much furniture in it that will be empty, thereby taking up free space .

So, when you have thought through all these details, you should decide on the size of the sofa, table, table, etc., but at the same time correlate them with the parameters of the room. Perhaps you should choose not the largest sofa, but simply arrange additional seats: armchairs, ottomans, folding chairs, and instead of a rectangular table, choose an oval.

No. 5. We take into account the shape of the room

The shape of the room is as important as its size, and this parameter must be taken into account when choosing furniture. So, in some rooms the task is to try to save space, and in others, on the contrary, you need to fill it up somehow so as not to leave empty spaces. In these cases, the approaches are different, but, surprisingly, a corner sofa is appropriate in any living room: both large and small. All the same, you will have to put at least a double sofa and an armchair, but this whole set can be replaced with one corner sofa, and there is one more seat - in the corner, and there is no need to equip the passage. But it’s important to find the right place for the corner sofa: if you put it near a short wall, it will fetter the room and make it smaller.

If the living room is very small, then you can choose sofa without armrestsso that you can sit on it from any side. If the living room has a very complex shape, which, unfortunately, is found in many houses of the old building, then instead of a sofa in most cases, it’s better to choose seat set.

No. 6. The choice of upholstered furniture

A set of upholstered furniture is an important and indispensable attribute of every living room. Usually, he is chosen first of all, so it is important to be extremely careful and buy the set you need in appearance and functions. Upholstered furniture should be fully functional, but at the same time not clutter the passage or approach to the window, it should fully correspond to the size of the room.

Usually, a set of upholstered furniture consists of a sofa and armchairs, often two armchairs. Sofa can be double or quadruple: when choosing, start from the parameters of the living room, not forgetting about its purpose in your home. By the way, sofas can be designed not only for seating, but also be able to fold out, forming a berth. If the sofa is used at night precisely for this, it is important to pay attention to models with a quality mechanism designed for regular transformation. But do not overpay if you do not need such a function, because you can choose a simpler model. Also pay attention to filler and upholstery material: leather is not suitable everywhere, and jacquard and velor require care, but microfiber is an inexpensive and easy-to-use material, just appropriate in the living room, where the load on the sofa is heavy.

But the standard equipment of upholstered furniture is not always appropriate and convenient, because two chairs may not fit into the intended interior. Perhaps the option will help you when two chairs are replaced with one double sofa and put it at right angles to the first sofa. If you put a coffee table in an educated corner, you will get a wonderful place to relax, talk and have tea.

One of the most interesting options is considered modular sofa: it consists of several independent parts, which can be placed side by side, forming a huge sofa, and you can make a small sofa and several armchairs out of them. In general, there are many options, and similar furniture will fit into any living room, and even in the event of a move you will not have to say goodbye to the property you have already acquired: several transformations, and the interior becomes completely new and at the same time no less functional than before.

In more or less spacious living rooms you can put sofa and armchairs in the center of the room. This is a good solution, but it is important that the back of the upholstered furniture looks attractive, so that there are no rough seams, plywood and other things.

For spacious living rooms giant sofas for 5 seats or more. They are usually angular, but can have two angles, differ in all sorts of additional functions, there are even special home theater sofaswhere folding mechanisms, supports for legs, food, etc. are provided. If you are an extraordinary, eccentric personality and like to stand out, then the choice original sofas also amazing.

Number 7. Wall VS shelving

Современная гостиная не обходится без стенки или стеллажа, ведь нужно где-то хранить скопившиеся и необходимые в данном помещении вещи. Раньше однозначным вариантом для гостиной была именно стенка: тогда это были громоздкие предметы мебели, которые очень сильно загромождали пространство. Today, the walls for the living room have become more miniature and refined, but the market has also replenished. shelving. They perform the same functions, are very spacious, but due to the open shelves and special design they do not take up space and do not make the room visually smaller. And if the walls fit well into the classic interior, the racks have become a distinctive addition to the minimalist interior and living rooms, where they try to save space by all means.

Another great option is modular furniture. This is a set of various shelves, cabinets and nightstands made in the same style, which can be combined as you like, in any order. At the same time, it is possible to create an original and maximally functional interior adapted exclusively for your family.

The color of the wall or shelving needs to be coordinated with the general color scheme of the room, and if the living room does not differ in large area, then try to use as much as possible open shelves and transparent glass elementsas well as mirror surfaces.

Purpose of the living room

You always need to start designing from the end. No matter how strange it sounds! In order to choose finishing materials, textiles, furniture and decor, and (most importantly!), To consider the location of outlets and lighting, you need to imagine the result.

Get together, discuss your wishes on how the living room should look in the end. Be prepared for disputes and disagreements, because it is they who help to be born of truth, that golden mean that will satisfy all members of the family.

Think about how you are used to or how you would like to spend your leisure time at home, which is closer to you: quiet, quiet evenings in the company of an interesting book, an exciting movie and a glass of wine, or funny noisy meetings with your beloved friends? Do you often receive guests? Which of the households will use this room? Does anyone have to work at home? If so, how often? Do I need to provide an extra bed or is there enough sofa and armchairs? Where will your dining area be located in your home? What about books? Do you have a lot of books? Or maybe dishes? Or do you cherish a collection of tiny elephants collected from all over the planet?

There are no insignificant points in this matter, everything needs to be taken into account and put in their places. There are no quick answers and ready-made interior solutions - only you decide. It is important not only to correctly and wisely approach the choice of the purpose of the living room, but also to set the mood that you want to convey to those who will come to visit you.

Number 8. Choose a coffee table

A coffee table is an important attribute of the living room, which serves not only to place any little things on it, such as newspapers, magazines, CDs and consoles, but also becomes necessary when drinking tea, for example. The average height of this piece of furniture is 50 cm, and the size can be completely different, like the material of execution.

  • For living rooms in a classic style can choose wooden carved tableperhaps even with forged elements.
  • But for the premises in modern style, and even without extra square meters, it is better to choose another option. So, oval or round glass table will be just as functional, but at the same time dissolve in space. Another good option is cube table, the surface of which is used for its intended purpose, and the volume becomes another place for storage. If at the same time such a cube is made of translucent plastic, then it is ideal even for the smallest living room.
  • When the area allows, then you can choose any coffee table, especially since there are always many interesting options in stores, often very unusual ones that can become a real highlight of any room.

Furniture arrangement

Whatever function prevails in your case, the living room is primarily a place to relax, which affects the mood and atmosphere of this very room, therefore, trying to equip a stylish space, approach the task of choosing furniture with particular care. The main thing is to create an atmosphere that will be conducive to relaxation at any time.

Now let's talk about how to arrange the furniture in the living room correctly, and reinforce the reasoning of the photo. As with the design, doing this first is on paper. After all, putting furniture in the living room on a piece of paper or in a program is much easier than turning the sofa around the room after all the elements have already been placed in the room. Lay comfortable aisles between the elements. For example, the distance near the cabinet must be calculated taking into account the length of the swing doors + 60 cm - the width of the minimum passage.

If you place a wall or rack next to the door, check to see if it will bump into them.

With the help of cabinet and upholstered furniture elements, you can zone the space, which is especially important for combined rooms, for example, a kitchen-living room, in which sofas, racks and cabinets can be difficult to arrange. If you are betting on zoning of space, pay attention to how the sources of artificial light will be located and natural light will be distributed. And do not forget about the important rule of proportionality. That is, choosing furniture for a small living room, it is better to abandon massive cabinets, sofas and armchairs. And if you can’t do without them, it’s better to take them deeper into the room, farther from windows and doors.

So, after long conversations, reasoning and controversy, you came to a consensus about what should be in your future living room and what absolutely should not be there. Congratulations! It was the most difficult, then it will be much easier and more fun.

The next stage is the selection of the elements you need. Better to start with the so-called center of the room. The first place in the chart of the main items for the living room is rightfully occupied by television. However, many prefer to relax at home from the gifts of technological progress, read in silence or communicate with each other. Such people put in the center an aquarium with exotic fish or a decorative fireplace. If you are the lucky owners of a large country house and don’t greatly value square meters, then you can not limit yourself to choosing only one “center”, but arrange in your living room both a home cinema and a fireplace, adding to them the necessary pieces of furniture.

Make a rough measurement of the room. For this, the most ordinary construction roulette will be enough for you. Draw a plan of the living room and outline a few options for arranging furniture in the living room. Do not forget to mark on your drawing lighting devices and everything that has an electrical outlet.

When the winner is chosen, the electrician’s plan will be drawn almost by itself - just place the sockets in the required quantity behind the devices!

No. 9. Where to put the TV?

A television is as much an integral part of a living room as a sofa or armchairs. It is present in 99% of the living rooms, and often it is not hung on the wall, but put on a pedestal. The cabinet should fit the size of your TV. As for the material and color, you need to start from the chosen style: the cabinet can be glass, wooden, made of chipboard, MDF and other materials. It’s not bad if there will be storage compartments small objects, so as not to scatter them around the room, thereby creating a not very neat look in the living room. By the way, a very good option is the cabinets on wheels: if necessary, you can move them a bit so that the image on the TV is clearly visible to everyone present.

The color scheme of the living room

Of course, it is very important to determine the color of the future guest room. And here it is important not to overdo it. If you do not know how to choose the color of furniture for the living room and the color of the living room itself, then we will try to most fully cover this issue!

Select one or a maximum of two colors as the primary. As a third, it is better to choose white, black, gray or beige. They are neutral, do not attract attention and serve as an excellent background for the primary colors, they are served as if on a tray. Take a closer look at nature, it always knows everything better than you and we, and the most successful color solutions lie around us - you just need to take a closer look! For example, the combination of green with brown is the trees we meet at every turn, purple and yellow are iris, a flower of extraordinary beauty, coral and silver are salmon ...

So you can go on forever! Another option: you can find on the Internet a picture that everyone liked (and it doesn’t have to be the interior of the room! Let it be morning fog in a small village or sunset on the coast, a flower in the meadow, from which you were breathtaking or winter forest, frozen in silence) and disassemble it into the primary colors that are present on it. Believe me, this is very interesting and exciting! You can even then enclose the picture in a frame and hang it in the most prominent place.

If your living room will be the epicenter of noisy parties, it is better to choose colors that are bright and warm: all shades of yellow and red are perfect. They excite appetite, tone up and cheer up. And if you will relax in a quiet family circle, you should choose blue, purple and green - they are great for a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

In case you find it difficult to decide how you will spend your evenings, you can choose beige - it is amazingly versatile and will be appropriate everywhere. Then, after the completion of the repair work, you will dilute it with bright decor items and you will definitely be satisfied.

We hope that they helped you sort out the question “What color should I choose furniture for the living room?”.

Style is what fashion dictates to us. Fashion says that the entire interior of your house or apartment should be executed in the same style. If you do not maintain unity, then it will seem to you that you are in several houses at once, or a guest in your own house! The living room should not be an exception and you need to follow the chosen style here.

Style largely depends on your preferences and lifestyle, as well as on what you want to convey to your guests.

The living room in the classical style will always tell you about the wealth, solidity and impeccable taste of its owners, because no matter how fashion changes, the classics always remain classics.

The modern living room will tell you that the owner of the house keeps up to date, values ​​his time, loves to be “in trend”.

If you come home from work in the evening and dream of sitting on a soft, comfortable and lush sofa with a fresh newspaper in your hand, then your style is a classic.

In case you like board games, outdoor activities and meetings with friends, modern is closer to you.

Classic obliges to a large number of furniture, textiles, decor elements.

Art Nouveau is ascetic, it means only straight lines, a minimum amount of furniture, a maximum of light and air.

Always choose what you like. Current trends in world furniture fashion do not limit us to a tough choice; rather, on the contrary, they offer interior solutions for every taste, age and wallet.

No. 10. Other furniture

Today there are no clear rules on the design of living rooms, so it is impossible to say exactly which items should be present in this room, and which ones should not. If you decide to combine the living room with the dining room, then why not, but in this case you will need dinner table. It is better if it is oval or round: it’s not even that more people will be placed behind it, but that it is less traumatic. So, you need to consider that the living room becomes a place for games and even dancing, and that neither children nor adults will hit the corner of the table, it can be selected without corners. In general, a great option for the living room is a transforming table, which, as unnecessary, can fold up and make room.

For the arrangement of the dining area, and to create seats, you may need additional chairs and armchairs. When choosing, build on the prevailing style and functionality of specific pieces of furniture. So, chairs can be with or without handles, with or without upholstery. In the latter case, pay attention that the edge of the seat is rounded, otherwise it will be impossible to sit on it for a long time due to inconvenience. Armchairs should be soft and comfortable, but not too deep to stand up without effort. Naturally, pay attention to the quality of the upholstery and filler, on which the service life directly depends.

An interesting modern trend is the use of bar counters. They do not take up much space, are very functional and allow you to divide the living room into zones. It is important that the surface of the bar counter is resistant to all kinds of damage, be durable, and the presence of folding tops is an added bonus. The bar counter often separates the living room from the kitchen and can even become a dining table. If you are staying with this option, then you should purchase and special high chairs, the choice of which is simply stunning: there is an option for every taste and for any interior.

No. 11. Accessories as a necessity

In general, few rooms will look cozy, populated if there is no decor, accessories, or jewelry in it. Their size and character is selected again, depending on their own preferences and the chosen style, and there are plenty of options. These can be crafts, travel souvenirs, vases, paintings, photographs, figurines, candles, lanterns, sconces and floor lamps, aquariums, artificial or natural flowers, etc. A great option that combines both functionality and beauty is a mirror. It is especially suitable for miniature living rooms, and the effect is amazing, because in fact you can double the existing space at least visually.

It is important not to overdo the decoration of the living room: remember that accessories emphasize your taste, your looks, hobbies and preferences, and the abundance of various figures on the shelves, dozens of photos on the walls and side tables in combination with other accessories will turn the living room into a complete chaos and completely erase all efforts by choice of furniture.


The living room is a business card of your home, which can have many functions. Functionality, comfort and coziness depend on the right choice of furniture for it, and that is why it is worth carefully considering the presence and location of each item: from a sofa and a TV to a picture and a lamp. It is best to create a small diagram in advance or use special programs for interior design, measure all the parameters, determine the style and main functions, and only then begin to consider the numerous options. Furniture should be not only beautiful in appearance, but also of high quality, so each item will have to be evaluated for a number of factors.

How to choose furniture for a living room in a modern style

Let’s refresh our memory: we have already identified all the functions that the future living room should cover, approved and arranged all the furniture elements that will be located in it, decided on the color and style. It's time to come to grips with the issue of selecting material for future furniture in the living room.

The material directly depends on the given style decision: furniture with facades made of solid wood will perfectly fit into the classic interior of the living room, MDF in decorative PVC films or with high-gloss enamel finish will emphasize the individuality of what “modern” style has preferred.

To date, the furniture market is replete with a huge number of offers. Each manufacturer seeks to surprise and attract the target audience. So how to choose furniture for the living room?

Carefully study the assortment: the quality of raw materials, the reliability of furniture fittings and the functionality of the furniture offered to you. It has become very difficult to choose finished furniture, because I want it to meet all the requirements that you have listed on a long list. The surest way to get what you need is to buy custom-made furniture in the living room.

The raw materials from which the furniture will be made for you must meet high quality standards and have appropriate certificates. This applies to particleboard, MDF and elements of furniture composition made of natural wood.

The edge on the chipboard panels must be tight and completely cover all joints in order to avoid swelling in case of moisture ingress.

Gloss coating must be seamless, perfectly even and smooth, almost mirror-like.

Decorative glasses and mirrors must be covered with special safety films that will keep sharp shards on themselves in the event of a strong blow.

Furniture hinges, tracks for sliding doors should serve you faithfully for many years, so they should only be of the highest quality.

Choose drawers equipped with fittings that would make it possible to fully extend the box and smoothly finish the drawer when closing.

Now let's talk about how to arrange the furniture in the living room correctly, and reinforce the reasoning of the photo. As with the design, doing this first is on paper. Ведь поставить мебель в гостиной на листке или в программе куда проще, чем ворочать диван по всей комнате после того, как все элементы уже разместились в комнате. Закладывайте комфортные проходы между элементами. Например, расстояние около шкафа необходимо рассчитывать с учетом длины распашных дверец + 60 см – ширина минимального прохода.

Если стенку или стеллаж вы располагаете рядом с дверью, проверьте, не будет ли та на них наталкиваться.

With the help of elements of cabinet and upholstered furniture, you can zone the space, which is especially important for combined rooms, for example, a kitchen-living room, in which it can be difficult to arrange sofas, shelves and cabinets. If you are betting on zoning of space, pay attention to how the sources of artificial light will be located and natural light will be distributed. And do not forget about the important rule of proportionality. That is, choosing furniture for a small living room, it is better to abandon massive cabinets, sofas and armchairs. And if you can’t do without them, it’s better to take them deeper into the room, farther from windows and doors.

So, it's time to design the living room furniture elements themselves. Get a list with a list of what should be stored in the room and at least a rough description of what you would like to achieve as a result. Come to any Mr.Doors furniture salon that is convenient for you and plunge into the atmosphere of high-quality furniture that will be made especially for you and only taking into account your wishes.

All our materials and components go through several stages of rigorous quality checks. Thanks to this, you get a product whose longevity you can be sure of.

We work only with the best suppliers, but do not trust them word for word!

Professional designers are ready to answer all your questions, help to make a choice and suggest a solution that will certainly suit you. And if necessary, and come to your home with samples of materials in order to coordinate the future composition on the spot.

We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the almost homely atmosphere that prevails in our salons. Each of our employees has a wealth of experience in solving design and design tasks of varying degrees of complexity, so we are proud to call our salons nothing more than an “atelier” - a place where furniture is designed depending on the characteristics of a given room and your wishes.

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Author: Natalya Pavlova

The kitchen has an elusive atmosphere of comfort and warmth of the hearth. It is she who daily gathers all the household members within her walls: in the kitchen, adults and children meet to eat and share news. How to make the interior of this room as cozy and comfortable as possible?

The wardrobe room is not just the dream of most women, but also the most comfortable form of storing clothes. In most modern apartments, a small dressing room is already provided for by the layout. However, if your home does not initially have a separate room for storing things, you can create a small dressing room yourself, separating part of the room with a stationary or sliding partition.

Creating an interior design for a small children's room is a difficult task. After all, every parent wants to give his child the best. However, if the room is small, this is clearly not easy. How to place everything you need in a small nursery? Allow enough free space for games and activities? Create a cozy atmosphere? You will find answers to these questions in our article.