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Romantic evening in the bathroom


A romantic bath with roses and candles is the classic eroticism of the 90s era, which was used in the mass of Hollywood films, and then in the mass of parodies of them. Erotic bathing together, can turn the most dull weekday evening into one of the best memories of life. Minimum cost, a little effort, a man in need of washing, and a bit of imagination - and if not with the latter, we will give practical advice on how to create romance in the bathroom!

Romantic candlelit bath - preparing our blue lagoon!

Twilight does half the work in creating an erotic atmosphere. Not only is this unusual, but it also allows you to escape from annoying details: cracks in the tile, yellowed enamel, etc. Stock up on candle pills, light and arrange more in different places. Put laundry and basins in the closet. Clear more surfaces for the necessary accessories: aroma lamps, drinks and treats. Leave only a couple of the best towels.

In the romantic bath you can add everything that you have to the occasion. You can buy a special bomb for the bath, it will be cheaper to buy foam and bath salt, as well as essential aphrodisiac oil. Add oil should be 4-5 drops, otherwise it can pinch and even burn on the skin.

Romantic evening in the bathroom.

A very simple and affordable way to surprise your soulmate, to add romantic notes and a spark to the relationship. Awesome remedy for relaxing the body and uniting hearts. For this romantic surprise, it is not at all necessary to wait for the anniversary of the relationship or any holiday, a real surprise is when it is not expected. Returning from work on an ordinary day filled with a busy everyday routine and plunging into this atmosphere without expecting anything, this is a real surprise for the person whom you consider the meaning of your life. If you already decided to arrange such a surprise, we advise you not to stop there, think of how to sweeten this event, for example, to arrange a relaxing massage after the bath, turn on romantic music, the massage will surely flow into proximity, try not to do without surprises =). Bring pleasant little things this evening, to whom no matter how you know how to surprise and delight your soul mate. If you need ideas, you can find them in the section of our site "do-it-yourself surprises". In this section, a huge number of surprises that will appeal to you and will be fully appreciated by those for whom you will make every effort. Romance is needed in a relationship, if love lives in your heart and you always want to be with the person who is next to you, make it a habit to bring periodic shakes, surprise, show feelings so that relationships do not lose feelings and love in the routine of everyday life .

What to do with a man on your romantic evening in the bathroom?

To start it should be lured! Set your beloved in advance for a surprise so that he is free for 2-3 hours. Make nice additions like fruits and wine / champagne to your taste. Alcohol can be replaced with a spicy drink, for example, non-alcoholic mulled wine on juice or ginger infusion.

When the fragrant bath is full, the candles are lit, you can begin your romantic evening in the bathroom. How can I sit in the bath together? Either facing each other, or on one side: one sits between the legs of the other. At first, you can simply relax without any special actions: chat, joke or shut up meaningfully. A few minutes will pass, and it is time to begin active action.

We play and do ero massage in the bathroom

For starters, you can thoroughly wash your man. May he submit completely to you! Set the partner between your legs, foam a shampoo in his hair and walk well over the scalp. Start with gentle, lazy movements, and then go with your fingers on each centimeter of the skin so that not a grain of dandruff, fat or dead skin is left on it. Such a washing gives a sharp pleasure to your man.

Get down to the neck and back, rub them with a washcloth - this is the most common desire of men. If you want to increase the degree, ask him to stand on his feet and slowly wash it in all places with a soft washcloth. Get down on your knees and walk around the abdomen clockwise, running into the pubic part. Passion erupts very quickly! If you like sensual spa treatments and want to introduce a partner to them, you can first rub it with a fragrant scrub with sugar, salt, fruit seeds or coffee from the heart, after which your man will have to be washed thoroughly and in all places!

In the bath, your bodies constantly glide, touch in the most secret places. Here you can feel the fine communication of your bodies. Soaps and shower gels give room for erotic massage in the bathroom. Do stroking in a free style, gentle kneading of shoulders, slide your hands all over the body. It is especially nice when you sit at different ends of the bath facing each other, and your legs are intertwined and are in a comfortable position for foot massage. Lathering each other's feet, twisting, wrinkling, stroking: simultaneous kneading will give you the feeling that you have penetrated the feelings of a partner.

When hot water has already tired you (and it is generally not recommended to take a bath for longer than 15 minutes), lower it, and until the atmosphere around has cooled down, you have one trouble-free move. Lather with your favorite shower gel and start rubbing against each other. Let your chest slide on his torso and stomach, your hips ride on his hips: in this position you will act intuitively and very naturally, and saturated, passionate sex will become inevitable!

A romantic evening in the bathroom is so exciting and liberating that even hot water will not let you stick out. Together rinse with a cool shower, quickly wipe yourself and run to bed, to the beginning of the big game!

How to have a romantic evening in the bathroom?

First of all, you must not forget anything for this surprise. What do you need? Rose petals, bath foam, a bottle of wine or champagne, favorite fruits and chocolate, candles (preferably different sizes, most, floating candles). Candles are best taken odorless, as a rule these smells are not very pleasant, they are either cloyingly strong or practically not noticeable, it is better to use an aroma lamp with a favorite smell. If you planned drops for aromolamps with aphrodisiacs, let's say in advance that you overpay for nothing, it is better to use the proven methods of creating a smell that creates a romantic aura. Create it yourself, buy the right smells and mix, we will describe for you the best ways for a romantic smell. In the process of burning, aromolamps constantly emit a smell of romance if you choose the right oil. We inhale these odors and they penetrate our airways, enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. There is a feeling of light euphoria, the body relaxes, which allows you to delve into the world of love and romance.

Romantic smell. Exciting smell.

Option one (If a surprise for a man)

1 drop of rose oil

3 drops sandalwood oil

2 drops ylang lang oil

Option Two (If a surprise for a woman)

2 drops jasmine oil

2 drops patchouli oil

2 drops cinnamon oil

About each smell in more detail:

Ylang Ylang. Sweet, seductive aroma. Feminine. A very strong aphrodisiac enhances the potency of a man and the susceptibility of a woman, raises both to the highest peaks of orgasm.

Patchouli. Warm earthy masculine smell. Also a very strong aphrodisiac. Increases sexuality, enhances potency and sensitivity of erogenous zones

Sandalwood Masculine, deep, sensual aroma.

Cinnamon. Perfect exciting smell. The smell for courageous men.

The Rose. The smell of tenderness and romance. Love Probably the most famous of the scents of love

Jasmine. Female floral scent, emphasizing all facets of sensuality.

If you want to make aromatic, then the best option is 2 drops of ylang + 2 drops of rose + 1 drop of sandalwood.

The most important thing in any romance surprise is to use the weaknesses of your soulmate =). You need to bring personality to any surprise, your own flavor.