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Rules for applying evening makeup


In the life of every woman, there are times when you need to create an elegant evening look for a social event. But without well-chosen makeup, even the most expensive and stylish image will not look completely holistic and complete. But how right do evening makeup to the dress or to the occasion? In fact, just remember a few basic recommendations, and you will never lose. So here is a small evening makeup lesson.

You need to start with the tone (foundation, powder). Before applying the tone, you need to smear your skin with a moisturizer and wait until it is absorbed, so the makeup will last all night. You need to choose a tone for your skin tone, there are no general tips, you need to navigate only according to the situation.

Blush is an equally important part of fashionable makeup, they help to emphasize the cheekbones and make the face more defined. Blush should be a shade darker than your skin, they should be applied to the cheekbones (to do this correctly, you need to fold your lips with a "fish") and on the contours of the face (top of the forehead, bottom of the chin). So the face will look more clearly and brightly.

Next we turn to the eyes. Evening makeup for the eyes requires special attention, first of all, it is worth noting the color scheme for yourself. If you go to the black & white social event, do not shock the audience with colorful makeup. In this situation, you should look at the style of the dress: if white predominates in it or if it is of a simple cut, makeup should not distract all attention to yourself, in this situation, the ideal solution is to use glittering shades of flesh or brown shades, and in the corners of the eyes you need to lighten or even whiten, and the edge of the eyelid, on the contrary, darken with another shade of this gamut. And, of course, in such a situation, always helping out will save smoky eyesThey will also look great like New Year’s makeup.

Makeup for a wedding or birthday.

For a wedding or birthday of friends, you should not get carried away by excessive use of cosmetics, but rather a special greasy layer of shadows or wide arrows, because at these events there are always active show programs (dances, competitions) and your ideal evening make-up can "swim" and turn into an ugly spot that discredits your reputation as a fashionista. Bridal makeup should be neat and resistant. When preparing for such events, my advice is to give preference to waterproof lengthening carcasses and a waterproof black liner, with the help of which you can create a non-artsy and at the same time stylish image that does not flow into a collective farm disco.

Graduation makeup.

Young girls who are getting ready to graduation, I would like to recall, first of all, that they are not going to a party in a nightclub, from which they plan not to leave alone, but to the ceremonial end of a wonderful school life. When choosing colors for makeup, you should not be based on photos in high-fashion magazines; on the graduation day, you need to look at 17-18, not 25-30. So, the most suitable colors are universal beige and brown shades, pastel pink and purple or lightweight variations of smoky eyes, in which there are no unnecessary references to the images of a vamp woman (the number of black shadows is reduced and the line of their application reaches the end of the century, and not to eyebrow). And by the way, evening makeup for brown eyes can perfectly emphasize the false eyelash bundles, they will add splendor to the eyelashes and visually enlarge the eyes. You can also use false eyelashes in the shape of a century, but with them it is easy to lose the effect of naturalness, because they are more suitable for use on stage or on the catwalk.

If you manage to cope with the eyes, then most of your makeup is already in place. Pick up lipstick each woman should herself, you just need to remember some written laws: dark-red or brown shades are more suitable for brunettes with dark eyes, lilac or scarlet tones are more suitable for brunettes with light eyes. You should also focus on age: light shades are suitable for young girls, bright shades for women, and dark but not vulgar lipstick colors for older women. Otherwise, when choosing lipstick, you need to be based on your taste.

Hope you can make up your dream makeup.

And lastly lesson from Maria Way

How to do evening makeup

It is important to adhere to the middle ground - no vulgarity, only elegance.

In this article, we will talk about how to transform yourself with cosmetics to look great, wherever you go this evening. Want to discover the secret of the game of color and expressive look? Take advantage of our tips and shine wherever you are - on the dance floor or visiting friends.

The main differences between evening makeup and daytime

This look is invariably combined with cocktail dresses, festive events, entertainments and relaxation - after all, we want it most after six. What happens: we are going to the theater, going to the disco, going to the birthday of our beloved girlfriend. In all these cases, we need to look great. To do this, you need a perfect make-up - brighter than during the day, because natural light is replaced by artificial, weaker and dimmer.

Choose cosmetics

This is the first step - it is also one of the most important, since improperly selected and poor-quality products can spoil any image, making it inexpressive. A good make-up should not be erased immediately after application and cause harm to your skin. That is why you should pay attention to hypoallergenic decorative cosmetics, which include natural ingredients.

Recently, mineral shades, primers, bases have been very popular ... What is it and what is the reason for the hype around such products?

They are created from crushed and processed natural minerals.

They are absolutely safe - do not cause allergies, do not clog pores, do not lead to the appearance of acne and inflammation.

To apply such funds is easy and convenient - cosmetics are laid on the face in layers. At the same time, your skin breathes, but you do not feel it - it creates the impression of a weightless veil.

Mineral shadows, primers, blush, powders are distinguished by high durability - the make-up will not have to be corrected at a party.

Even if you walk all night and forget to wash off makeup, nothing will happen to your skin - mineral products have antiseptic properties.

Lovers of such funds are attracted by many rich shades that can be mixed together - for example, if you want to impress everyone with a brighter color or an unusual gamut.

Another advantage is that there is no water in the composition, which increases the shelf life of products with minerals.

If you want make-up to be impeccably resistant, and your skin after it to be clean and delicate, choose products with natural ingredients. This is the last tip for choosing cosmetics. We turn to the most important thing - we will talk about how to do evening makeup at home, step by step and in detail.


Is your face oily? Start with proper care. Namely, purifications. For it, you can use tonic, milk, gel, micellar water - that is, what you apply every day, what you are used to. Do not wash with soap - the alkalis that make up it damage the lipid barrier (just wash it off), dry the skin, leave a feeling of tightness and discomfort. Instead, use soft mousses or foams.

After cleansing, hydration is necessary - take a light cream, gently apply it on the face with patting movements until completely absorbed.

We will advise some rules on how to apply evening makeup so that you look attractive

The first rule of evening makeup Is a tonal basis.

The main secret is to choose the right tone. The foundation you have chosen is used to even out complexion, hide defects on the skin and extend the “life” of evening makeup. Initially, you need to choose a corrective basis. A shade of young green will help you hide all the redness on the skin. Light purple - smooth out its yellow.

Foundationapplied by point movements and is smoothed from the center to the edges of the face. On the forehead - the same thing - from its center to the edges. In other areas of the skin - from top to bottom. The cream is applied with a wet swab, so it lays in a thin and even layer. The second important condition is that it is advisable to know in advance what kind of coverage the event will be, because the correct choice of the tonal base depends on it. If the meeting will be held in bright light, we advise you to make your choice so that the foundation is slightly darker than the skin of your face. When your evening is held by candlelight, it would be more correct to take a tonal foundation a little lighter than the color of your skin. The most noticeable defects: acne, rashes, spots perfectly mask such a cream.

The second rule of evening makeup - powder.

Powder helps you strengthen the tonal foundation and remove oily skin. It is necessary to make a choice and focus on loose powder. In its structure, it is more delicate, delicate and gives it a soft silkiness. To make your choice the right one, make-up artists for evening make-up recommend applying a golden shade that would be a bit lighter than the foundation. Small portions of powder should be applied in a very thin layer, using a wide brush and shaking off all the excess from it. Particular attention should be paid to the forehead, nose and chin. The neckline and neck should also be powdered in order to avoid shine, but for this it would be more correct to use the colorless version.

The third rule of evening makeup - shadows.

Work on the eyes must begin with the eyebrow, even if previously you did not distinguish them in everyday makeup. In the evening, emphasized eyebrows will add to your image of attractiveness and sophistication. A cosmetic pencil will help to give your eyebrows accuracy. Suitable for this purpose and shadow. To choose the right shade of shadows, you need to focus on the color of your hair. Blondes are a medium or light shade. Brunettes - dark or medium. In the evening, flickering or pearlescent shades look great. The shades in this case are the brightest. It is acceptable that instead of shadows light pink blush, cream, peach and beige be used. As a basis, you can apply a light tone of shadows. To begin with, the part of the century located on the eyebrow, lighten with light shadows. Then, closer to the corner of the eye, apply the color darker. Carefully blend the borders of the shadows so that there is no noticeable sharp transition of colors. Evening make-up will be more elegant if you use liquid eyeliner.

The fourth rule of evening makeup - mascara.

Mascara is the final touch in eye makeup. Eyelashes should look long, thick, fluffy.

The secret of this finishing touch is that before using mascara, you need to apply powder on the eyelashes.

The fifth rule of evening makeup - lipstick.

The role of lips in evening makeup is to seduce. To do this, you need to choose juicy colors: cherry, deep pink, bright red. However, in this case, the gamut of eye makeup colors should look pretty simple. If you want to focus on the eyes, then the lipstick should choose a pastel shade or apply a delicate shine. To keep the lipstick longer, first apply loose powder on the lips. You can also do this: apply one layer to the lips, then gently pat them with a napkin, and then apply the powder a second time.

The sixth rule of evening makeup - blush.

Blush is usually applied last, they seem to complete the image. It is better if their color is more saturated than during the day. They are applied with a brush and this should be done gradually. In this case, they lay a thin layer on the skin of the face.

Dark pink colors can give a special freshness to your face. Almost all shades are suitable for blondes. Redheads are advised to avoid dark and bright colors, they give a defiant look. The native color of the blush for brunettes is peach, beige brown and warm pink. For dark skin, apply dark shades.

How to make evening eye and eyebrow makeup yourself: choose beautiful shades

You need to take care not only about the eyes, but also the eyebrows - for this you can use special shadows. Choose your tone and adjust the shape. Remember that lines should not be too bright or sharply defined. The main rule - do not try to get away from the hair color, choose the shade that is closest to it. Individual hairs can be fixed with gel.

And now we turn to the eyes. Use any favorite palette - don't be afraid to experiment with darker, shimmering shades. Watch a video with all the steps of applying pearl evening makeup using mineral makeup to make sure that soft tints in combination with a gentle shine of mother of pearl look especially advantageous.

Smokey eyes make-up is always relevant - it can be performed in that range that suits the owners of your color type.

Evening is a time when you can afford to be bright. This applies not only to the shadow tone you choose, but also to what the liner will be. The wide arrows, the drawing of the inner corner in the oriental style - everything will look appropriate under one condition - full symmetry.

Here are a few rules to help you make your makeup perfect:

There should not be too many shadows - this will make make-up heavier.

If you want to highlight eyelashes, and not the protruding part of the eyelids, curl them or add artificial ones.

The inner corners of the eyelids can be brightened with white shades - this will give the look depth and radiance.

You can apply light shades under the eyebrow, closer to the outer edge - so you emphasize its natural bend.

When highlighting the lips, it is recommended to limit the tinting of eyelashes and graceful arrows. The line should be thin and neat.

That's all. It remains only to apply lipstick - nude or brighter shades.

Above, we talked about how to do evening makeup yourself - with photos and videos, where the whole process is described step by step. Repeat the main points.

The emphasis is on only one part of the face - either the upper - or the lower (that is, either the eyes or the lips).

Colors may be brighter than in daytime make-up, but they should not turn you into a doll. The main requirement is restraint.

Choose only those shades that suit your color type.

Do not forget about the proper preparation of the skin.

In this article, we gave useful tips on how to do evening makeup in stages, with step-by-step photos. You can create an impressive image at any time of the day and for any occasion - follow our recommendations and stay on top.

How to do evening makeup at home - instructions with step by step photos

1. The very first step is preparing the face.

  • Properly clean it, remove the remnants of old cosmetics, apply a tonic.
  • After that, use a light cream and let it absorb.
  • Now you can do makeup directly. Apply a tonal foundation if necessary - concealer under the eyes (remember that “bruises” in artificial lighting may be more visible than in normal conditions).
  • To perfectly perform shading, try to paint or at least evaluate the result in the mirror under the lighting in which you will be.
  • Do not forget powder face - this will hide the oily sheen, give the skin a healthy dullness.

2. The next step is the eyebrows.which make-up artists today advise to pay close attention to.

  • If necessary adjust the form (although it’s better to do it at least a day or two before the celebration), then color them with mascara (if the hairs are thick and the shape is good), eyeshadows, special lipstick or pencil (if you need to fill in the “gaps”).
  • Lock the eyebrows wax or gel.

3. Having finished eyebrow makeup, you can proceed to the eyes.

  • Think in advance on which part of the face you are want to focus: stylists still advise to highlight either eyes or lips.
  • In the first case, it is preferable to do evening makeup with arrows - they underlined eye depthwill make them more expressive.
  • When applying shadows, feel free to use rich and vibrant tones, combine them together.
  • A few examples of how this can be done are shown in the photo.

  • Note that shadows are placed not only on the moving eyelid, but also under the eyebrowon the lower eyelid. In this case, the fold of the upper eyelid should be highlighted in dark color. This technique is especially good if you want to enlarge your eyes.

  • And here for deep set eyes it is better to refuse it: the main dark accent should pass over the crease.

4. Performing an evening makeup option with arrows, use rich eyeliner colors: blue, black, chocolate.

  • Can experiment with purple, white, burgundy or olive (again, consider the lighting under which you will show your beauty!).
  • If the makeup colors aren’t too saturated, try make arrows two-tone.

5. The final step in creating an evening eye make-up is applying mascara.

  • Paint the cilia in two or three layers, предварительно давая каждому предыдущему как следует просохнуть.
  • Can предварительно их припудрить – так ресницы станут объемнее и пышнее.
  • Often for evening images used invoices, but practice sticking them in advance or entrust this business to professionals.

6. The next step is to apply blush. The correct direction of brush movements is shown in the photo. To give the face freshness, you can slightly powder your chin (literally lightly touch the brush).

7. Finally, paint the sponges.

  • Try to choose saturatedbut not too bright shades. The exception is Hollywood makeup, when the main emphasis is on the lips.
  • The scheme for applying pencil and lipstick is shown in the photo.
  • To make cosmetics last longer, use this technique: “kiss” a napkin, then powder your lips a little and apply another layer of lipstick or gloss.

Evening makeup ideas

Having decided on the execution technique, it is worth considering what shades are best used in such a make-up.

Here it all depends on several factors:

  • lighting,
  • the color type of the girl
  • color and style of the outfit,
  • age (for example, in evening makeup, make-up artists recommend using mostly matte rather than shiny shadows for women aged 40-50).

Evening makeup for brown eyes

  • Girls with brown, coffee or chocolate eyes you can feel free to experiment with colors. All options are green or blue, burgundy and purple, pink and sand shades are perfect for evening makeup. Try to add golden notes - and you will look really brilliant.
  • Even if in normal life you do not use eyeliner, it is necessary in evening makeup - this emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes. Arrows can be made quite voluminous.
  • Note that too light shades of shadows will make you plain: give preference to saturated tones. And here lipstick can be matte, especially if the shadows are shiny. This contrast looks very stylish.
  • Do not be lazy several times to color the eyelashes with mascara to give them maximum splendor.

Evening makeup for green eyes

  • Green eyes themselves are very beautiful, and the main task of evening makeup is to emphasize their charm. You can safely use the most various shades of "greens", however consider that they do not should match the tone of your eyes. The easiest option is to choose darker shadows.
  • It looks very original combination of rich dark shades with light - for example, olive and cream, dark gray and sand. This contrast will give green eyes special mystery.
  • A golden or white pencil will allow you to make green eyes bigger and give your look freshness.
  • Stylists recommend warmer shadeshowever, if you like the cold gamut - combine it with at least one or two warm tones.

Evening makeup for blue eyes

  • One win-win option is "Hollywood" makeup option, which involves a minimum of funds. The main emphasis is bright scarlet lips and black arrows, which in combination with bright eyes give a stunning effect.
  • Blue-eyed beauties better to give up warm tonesthat give their eyes an unhealthy look.
  • Blue shades go well with the same eyes, but do not use only this gamut: Great risk of looking deadly tired. Complete your makeup with gray, steel shades.
  • Feel free to use a white pencil, bringing them the lower eyelid, as well as highlighting the brow space (remember shading) - this will give the look freshness, “open” the eyes.
  • Smoky ice in blue - great option for blue eyes with light brown or darker hair.
  • Try “Try on” olive or swamp, violet, gray shadows. They perfectly emphasize the eyes.

Evening makeup for gray eyes

  • When choosing makeup, such fashionistas should focus on one of two trends: either bet on contrast, or "deepen" the color. In the first case, use warm shades: bronze, copper tones, you can add a little gold glare. In the second - dark gray, graphite, dark blue or dark green shades will create a mysterious effect.
    Gray-eyed girls pink and purple are great, and plum or olive shades.
  • Be sure to take care of the suitable shape of the eyebrows and their rich color: this will give the appearance a completeness. One of the classic makeup options for such eyes are smokey icethat look especially good in an evening look.
  • If you have light gray eyes, bet on contrast: underline them with dark arrowsthat combine with neutral tones of shadows, and highlight lips with a bright shade. But dark gray eyes look better with a rich palette of shadows.

First video help create a fairly light, but at the same time very beautiful evening make-up. It is suitable for many girls and can be used with almost any color of eyes and hair.

Want to create a stylish and sophisticated evening make-up, reminiscent of flickering stardustdo it yourself? The next video shows all the stages of such a make-up, as well as what tones are used.

To create a gentle and very elegant evening make-up, use the tips given in the next video. A similar make-up scheme is especially good for brunettes or brown-haired women.

Girls with Asian features and broad cheekbones The next video will help create an unforgettable evening look. It shows how to create a fairly simple, but very effective version of evening makeup.

In this video a classic evening make-up technique is shown step by step. Taking it as a basis and choosing a suitable palette, you can easily create a suitable image.

If you prefer smokey ice makeup among all the makeup techniques, the following video will show you how to make it the evening look, choosing the right palette for your color type, you will create a stunning effect of “smoky eyes” and give your image a special mystery and style.

Another spectacular and bright enough version of evening makeup is the so-called “cat's eye”. A step-by-step technique for its implementation and recommendations for choosing makeup brushes are given in the next video.