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How to add subtitles to movie maker


As such, the Windows Editor Movie Maker does not have a built-in function for adding captions, but they can be added using the ability to overlay a name or a special parameter for creating names and titles.

Step 1: import the movie

  • First you need to add a clip to the program, for this you need to click on the link "Import video»In the left part of the editor window. An explorer window will appear to select the location of the file.
  • Indicate the exact location of the file and click "OK" (or "Open for import into WMM "). The added fragment will be displayed in the "Collections", Which is located above the storyboard

Step 4: Select Header Insert Option

Add additional text. These may be subtitles, they will appear on the scale "Name overlay". Click on the desired clip and select the “Title". Move it to the place on the storyboard where it should appear. The duration of the text can be adjusted.

You can change the size of letters, their color and font. Also, captions in Movie Maker can be made transparent or bold. All options are available at creation. When the subtitles are ready, you must click "Add Captions". They will appear on the temporary tape below.

Step 7: new subtitles using the same method

You can add the following videos or click on the credits that are already available and copy them. Then right-click where they should be inserted into Movie Maker. Subtitles will be copied to this place, and their text can be edited. Then stretch them as required.

Adding subtitles

- Look, Sergey, when you shoot all the episodes of your movie, then you will combine all the pieces into one movie using the online movie maker, right?
“Of course, Eddie, dear, how could it be otherwise?”
- So, Serge, when you download all the videos and prepare, add all your slogans using the "add" button, but pre-print your slogan in the text and subtitle box.
“Wow, how easy it is, Ed, but what if I want to change the color or add some strong and loud font?”
- Nowhere is easier, now I will show you how to use the subtitle and text style settings.

A short archive video demonstrating how Tisse taught Eisenstein how to add subtitles to a movie maker online:

Adding a subtitle and text style

- So, Edward, when you need to change some text parameters, scroll the movie maker a little below the editing area and you will see almost all the possible parameters for subtitles and text: font, size, stroke, where it is in the frame, alignment, appearance effects , scale - everything is simple and clear. Also, you can specify a fixed duration for each subtitle, there are two ways to do this, accurate and approximate:

At the bottom of each subtitle there is a slider, drag it to set the duration of the subtitle display approximately.

  1. Select the desired inscription and click on the edit button on it
  2. In the subtitle editor that opens, select the desired duration.
  3. The selected value is automatically saved, after which you can return to the movie maker.

Auto Duration Return

  1. Select the desired inscription and click on the edit button on it
  2. In the subtitle editor that opens, click on the duration parameter, and in the dialog that appears, click the "Default" button at the bottom.
  3. Return to the main movie maker editor window.

- Wow, that simple?
- Yes! But that’s not all, if suddenly from a great director you decide to become a cool advertiser and create commercials, you may need the opportunity to create a running line! Edik said mysteriously.
- Tell me! - Begged Sergey.
“Please, nothing is sorry for a good friend!”

This is one of the preserved archival records of the unforgettable Eduard Tisse's Apple MacBook Pro desktop, where she shows Sergei Eisenstein how to work with text options.

Creating a marquee

- The main thing that you need to create a creeping line is to enter a switch in width. The value in the main editor will work by default for all subtitles and text, and in the editor of a separate subtitle only for it, respectively.

- If the switch is set, then no matter the length of the subtitle or text, it will automatically be divided by the width of the frame. If the switch is not set, the text will be presented as is, without a breakdown in width. Therefore, we type the text without a line break (we do not press Enter, it is Enter, when typing) and turn off the switch.

- Next, we need to indicate where and where the text will run, duration and speed. This is set by the appearance and disappearance parameters. For example, our text will run from right to left, for this, in the appearance movement, select the arrow from the right to the center, and in the effect of disappearing from the center to the left. If you want the text to increase or decrease, you can set the scale when it appears and disappears.

- Another important parameter, Sergey, is the duration of the effects. In order for the text to run continuously, set the maximum value for the time of the effects of appearance and disappearance. I would like to hold the text a little on the screen, set the appearance and disappearance times so that the total duration of the effects is less than the time the whole text was displayed in the frame! Visually, this can be tracked on a narrow strip to the left of each file, it expands and narrows, it shows the time of appearance and disappearance, respectively!

- Of course, this can be set as the main parameters for all subtitles or make only one subtitle run, as I said before!

- A bit complicated, but - understandable! Thanks, Ed, you helped me a lot, I don’t even know what I would do without you!
- Contact!

This is the last existing archived record of that historical dialogue, which tells about the creation of a video with a running line in the online movie maker.