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Interesting and unusual ways to light a match


Often during a country trip you have to light a bonfire. But how to light a match without a box? We offer tourists remembering tips, using which you can travel without fear of freezing or staying without a hot dinner.

How to Kindle a Match

If there is only one match left in a box, how to light a match without a box? Not everyone can make a full fire with it. To get out of this situation, certain skills are needed.

One-Match Bonfire Instructions

If a matchbox is damp, why light a match? Or what if the box is lost, but there is only a match itself? In a children's cartoon, the characters suggest using a wick of dynamite, but in ordinary life this is hardly possible. The match head contains chemicals such as ammonium nitrate, sulfur, and a phosphorus compound. These substances have low combustion temperatures. In order for a match to catch fire, a small amount of heat is required. What kind of advice can tourists give for dreaming of finding a source of heat for a match? Look for a rough surface, warm the head of the match by friction. But this method has its own characteristics. The uneven surface found should be fine-grained. Otherwise, all chemicals will fall from the head of the match, no fire will appear. The metal surface is ideal for friction. For example, an ax, a hammer, a knife blade can be used to heat a match head. There are three scenarios:

  • the match lights up
  • she will break
  • chemical composition will fly off a wooden base.

To resolve the situation in your favor, you need to act quickly, but carefully. The force with which you will perform friction should not be too large.

Make a fire

If you travel in the warm summertime, when it is dry and comfortable, there are no problems with a bonfire. It is enough just to get a match and light it on the boxes or on a rough surface. When it is damp and cold outside, a logical question arises - how to light a match without a box. To light a bonfire on a camping trip, the following materials are required: firewood, wood chips or birch bark for kindling, matches.

So, instructions for making a campfire in camp conditions.

Before you go on a trip, stock up with kindling (birch bark, dry paper, small wood chips). It is ideal to place the matchbox in a waterproof plastic bag to prevent them getting wet during the trip. In addition to matches, it is advisable to take a gas lighter with you on a trip, and take dry fuel. There are also special tourist matches. If you have them, you will not have a question how to light a match without a box. Beginner tourists are sure that paper is the best "fuse" for a quick bonfire. In fact, this is not entirely correct. The paper burns out too quickly, while the wood does not have time to warm up to the ignition temperature. It is better to use dry spruce branches as a kindling: they remain dry even during light rain. The spruce bark is also suitable as a material for making a fire: it has a lot of resin, it will burn brightly and for a long time.

In order to light a match without a box, you have to work hard. It is better not to allow such troubles, and have 2-3 matchboxes in reserve. For a bonfire to flare up, it must be properly formed. To begin with, kindling is laid, then - thin branches, sticks. Firewood can be stacked in two ways: in the form of a well or a hut. Such laying allows you to light a full fire without any problems. The match is brought to the kindling, then small twigs light up, and from them - firewood.


Schoolchildren who decide to go on a hiking trip should not forget about the fire safety rules. Some are wondering, is it possible to light a match under water? Science gives a negative answer to this question. Without oxygen, combustion is impossible. Do not forget that a bonfire left in the forest unattended can lead to a serious fire. Before you leave the forest, be sure to extinguish the fire or cover it with earth, sand.

Interesting and unusual ways to light a match. How to light a match without box at home?

Ways to ignite matches without a box at home.

In our life there are situations that require a non-standard approach to solving the problem, the manifestation of ingenuity.

Fans and professionals of hiking in the countryside are faced with the need to light a fire, but a box with matches can become damp or its incendiary part will be erased.

Knowledge about how to ignite matches with alternative methods will come to the rescue.

They will be discussed in this article.

How to light matches on boxes?

a box of matches and several near it

First, the technique depends on the material of the matches. For example, paper ignite in the same way as wood, will not work. Need more skill and practice.

Master the ignition of ordinary wooden matches on the box in the following steps:

  • take out the match and take it in the middle with two fingers - forefinger and thumb. The head of the match should look away from you,
  • in the other hand, fix the box with the same fingers so that the incendiary element on its side is turned towards the match,
  • set it at the top at the start of the firing strip and hold down the match head gently. Adjust the pressure, if you need to repeat this action again,
  • sharply and accurately draw a match along the incendiary strip of the box,
  • if a flame breaks out, move the match away from it. If not, repeat the movements indicated above.

Ways to light a match

spark from the friction of the head of the match on any surface

There are many ways to light matches in the absence of a box. We list the most common.

If the match is dry, then fit:

  • paper
  • wallpaper
  • glass window and mirror surface
  • clothes
  • stone with a dry smooth surface
  • brick and / or painted wall
  • concrete floor
  • tile
  • burning flame
  • battery
  • staircase in the staircase
  • flint

If a match is wet, spoil it on your hair before lighting it.

Is it possible to light a match with a fingernail?

lit match and man hand

The answer is mixed. If without special means with which the nail was lubricated the day before, then no.

On the forums of those who are interested in the hikes and abilities of human ingenuity, they say that lighting a match with a fingernail is quite real. To do this, proceed in any of 2 ways:

  • soften the match head in water and apply it on the surface of the nail. Wait until the product has completely dried. Then set fire to a new match, pressing it tightly to the nail,
  • cover the nail plate with liquid red phosphorus, and varnish on top. Keep your hand with your finger from contact with water. Repeat phosphorus application again after 3-4 days. Burn only a dry match.

How to light a match with a rubber band?

method of igniting matches from an elastic band

  • 2 dry matches
  • office gum, or in another way for money

  • fix the elastic in the form of a tight loop around the head of one match,
  • insert the second match into the free edge of the elastic band so that its head is located just above it,
  • hold the locked match with your hand, and pull the second with the elastic to the maximum state. But don't let the gap
  • jerk a loose match down sharply. At this moment, due to the created friction, it should catch fire.

How to light a match on paper?

picture with the words "how to light a match on paper"

  • Take a dry match with your thumb and forefinger and bring it to the thick paper lying on the table,
  • place the match at an acute angle, lightly touch its head with paper,
  • with pressure, sharply and puff, draw a match along the entire length of the paper sheet,
  • if the attempt is unsuccessful, repeat the steps above again. Keep track of the amount of sulfur on the side of the match head that you draw on paper. If it is erased, turn the match over.

Is it possible to light a match under water?

Understanding literally the question, we will answer unequivocally - no.

If you perceived it with humor, then easily light a match under water in cases:

  • your stay in a submarine
  • perform an action under any container of water, such as a basin or glass
  • use of special hunting matches in rainy weather under an umbrella

How to light a match on glass?

man lights a match on a window pane

  • To get started, prepare the glass surface itself. Treat it with any degreasing liquid. Let it dry.
  • With the fingers of one hand, fix the match so that its head is in contact with the glass.
  • Without excessive pressure, at a sharp angle to the glass, swipe the match sharply with a wide sweep.
  • If the first attempt is unsuccessful, try again. Watch the integrity of the head. If it is broken, turn the match on the other side.

How to light a match with one hand?

burning match, lit with one hand

  • Carefully open the match box with one hand and remove one.
  • Close the box and place it vertically on one of the ribs of the drawer.
  • Press the box on one side with your thumb, with the match on the opposite. Place its head in the direction of the sulfuric strip of the box, and squeeze the free edge between the ring and middle fingers.
  • Lift the box 4-5 cm above the surface of the table and sharply lower it down. In this case, the match will move from bottom to top along the sulfur strip. Reaching the top point, it will burn.

How to light a match from a battery?

a man holds a battery in his hand for lighting a match from her

  • the battery
  • a match
  • piece of insulated wire
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • insulating tape

  • gently remove the insulation on both sides of the wire with wire cutters
  • strip one end with veins with scissors
  • on the other end, separate one core and remove the others with wire cutters
  • strip the stripped end of the wire with electrical tape to the battery from the minus side
  • twist loose wire around the head of the match
  • hold the last with two fingers in the middle
  • bring a match with conduct to the battery to plus
  • in a second a flame will flash on a match

So, we thoroughly familiarized with the methods of igniting matches without a box. When you practice them, be sure to follow the fire safety rules. And, of course, do experiments without children so that they do not want to repeat your experiments with matches.

How to light a match without box?

Lighting a match is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to start a fire. Matches create fire due to friction against the impact surface (“grater”), which ignites flammable fuel.

There are different situations in life, and sometimes it happens that you have matches, but there is no box to light them on ...
It turns out that you can set matches on fire! You only need to take four matches more firmly, and then hit them with the head of the fifth match.

Due to the friction of the sulfur-coated heads, a spark will occur and spontaneous combustion will occur.

See how to do this in the video. Of course, some skill is required. For example, while I “fired” the fire, I hauled out a box of matches :):)

At different times, a variety of types of matches were born. The Romans set fire to sulfur-covered torches with a magnifying magnifier and sunlight. The Chinese impregnated wooden sticks with sulfur, and they ignited from a smoldering tinder.

In France, a mass of bertholite salt, sugar, resin and sulfur was applied to the base, which was fixed with viscous glue and acacia resin. Some experiments were explosive. Over time, matches began to be covered with a mixture of phosphorus.

It was thanks to him that the ignition process became safer, the substance weakened the explosive properties of the mixture. But it had a bad effect on the health of workers and, although it did not explode, it ignited at low temperatures. Transporting such a cargo has become unsafe.

The problem was solved by the discovery of red safe phosphorus, which began to be used instead of poisonous white. The stick itself is made from soft wood, often from the waste of the woodworking industry. The linden, pine, poplar or aspen are used.

Special types of matches are made from a cotton tow soaked in paraffin (then dried to a solid state), and even from cardboard.

According to the rules, traditional matches must be ignited on a special surface. Usually these are box sides, on which a special mixture is applied, which mainly consists of phosphorus and antimony sulfide. If there is no box at hand, you need to come up with a different ignition method.

What else can you strike a match besides a matchbox to achieve the desired effect (fire)?

In order for a match to catch fire, a small amount of heat is required.

Look for a rough surface, warm the head of the match by friction. But this method has its own characteristics. Found uneven surface should be fine-grained. Otherwise, all chemicals will fall from the head of the match, no fire will appear.

Metal surfaceb is ideal for friction. For example, an ax, a hammer, a knife blade can be used to heat a match head.
There are three scenarios:

  • the match lights up
  • she will break
  • chemical composition will fly off a wooden base.

To resolve the situation in your favor, you need to act quickly, but carefully. The force with which you will perform friction should not be too large.

Try lighting a match against solid building materials.
If you are in a civilized world, but do not have a box with a grater at hand, in extreme cases you can use materials that are at your fingertips.

Just strike the match as if you are using boxes for this, putting less pressure on the match if the material is tough. However, it is important that the material is dry.

You can use the following surfaces: Concrete, Plaster (between tiles, etc.), Brick, Ceramics.

If you are left without a box in a garage or workshop, then emery paper will help to light a match. Already used sandpaper works best - hard sandpaper can erase the match head instead of lighting it. Just lay a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface, press the head of the match against it and strike on it like a grater.

Tourists and travelers must be able to light a match against a stoneif they want to improve their survival skills in adverse conditions. For best results, you need to find a flat, dry stone with a slightly stiff “grinding” surface. The texture should look like concrete pavement. As already noted above, the stone must be dry.

If you cannot find a dry stone, find a comfortable wet stone, wipe it on your clothes and carry it in your pocket or leave it to dry somewhere. Hold the match between the middle and thumb and press the head of the match against the stone with your index finger. Press the head with your index finger and swipe it over the grater in one quick motion.

The harder the surface of the stone, the less need to put pressure on the head of the match during friction.

Try to carefully light a match about your lightning. This is a great party trick, but it must be done very carefully to avoid injury. Bare the zipper (on the pants or on the jacket) and make it as straight and flat as possible.

Take the match in your free hand, press it against the top of your zipper and strike down, gently pressing it. This is a pretty tricky trick, so don't be surprised if you need a lot of time to learn it.

Always strike toward the floor, not toward your face. So, if you lose control of a match, it will fly to the floor, not to your T-shirt.

Try this trick only if your pants are made of strong, thin material (such as jeans) that are unlikely to catch fire. Do not attempt to wear it in shorts or open shoes.

Try to light a match from the window. Surprisingly, even perfectly even glass can light a match. You will need to put a lot of force in this case, so put your index finger directly on the head of the match: so you can push it with more force.

Press the list head against the glass, then, in one quick motion, strike the match down, keeping the pressure on it tight. Remove the index finger from the lit head of the match so as not to get hurt.
This method may leave streaks on the glass, which are usually wiped off the glass without any problems.

Five more ways to light a match without a box:

In addition to the above methods, you can add one more: to light a match simply from a gas stove, from a heater heater or with the help of sunlight passed through a magnifying magnifier.

How to keep a lit match

Always strike a match away from you. Do not keep a lit match close to yourself.

Hold the match slightly at an angle so that it continues to burn. The main rule is that fire spreads faster if it has a place to "climb". This is true even for small scales. Чем больше спичка наклонена к полу головкой, тем быстрее она сгорит до основания.

Правильный угол наклона заставляет пламя гореть ярко и не «карабкаться» к вашим пальцам слишком быстро. You can always change the angle of the match if you need more time than you thought.

Keep the match at a small angle if you need a very large flame. If you need it as quickly as possible, hold the match straight (base to the ceiling) for a second or two. The flame will spread up very quickly and will be greater than when tilting the match. However, this flame will also be hotter and closer to your fingers, so be very careful.

Try to avoid the strictly upright position of the match (base to the ceiling). There is a big chance that you will burn your fingers or make a fire without holding a hot match.

Keep the match straight (base to the floor) for a small flame that goes out quickly. The flame will become smaller and burn less, since the fuel on the match head is limited. The flame can slowly creep down to your finger, or it can be extinguished by itself.

Remember the wind. Light a match outside the house very carefully in windy weather. The wind can easily blow your match. Light matches in a calm place or wait for it to die.

If you need to light a match in the wind, you can block the match from the wind with your body, with your back to it, or with your hand.

And remember: matches are not a toy!