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Puncture of the nose - how to do it without pain and is it worth it to pierce the nose?


The technique of putting on the earring depends on its shape and the puncture site. The nose wing piercing is considered traditional, the septum puncture is more unusual. Septum is the cartilage that is located between the nostrils.

Nose piercing

To make a piercing, these types of earrings are used:

  • Carnations. The simple design of the barbell, clamp and jewelry made them a real must-have for girls. Pulling this earring is not difficult, in addition, if necessary, it can be quickly removed. Decorated with a stone, which can be triangular, round, oval and any other shape,
  • Hook, snail, spiral. This is a more professional earring. The key difference is the unusual curved shape. If the clove of the clove can protrude ugly and be noticeable with some angles of the head, then the hook is completely invisible from the inside,
  • Rings. Rarely used to design piercings in the wing of the nose, but they are great for the septum, ear, lips or eyebrows. Consist of an unclosed ring and a ball-clamp. Most often, threaded connections are used as fasteners - this allows you to quickly and securely fix the jewelry in a puncture.
Lace nose piercing

Before you tear in any jewelry, it is necessary to disinfect it. For this, a solution of chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide is best. Please note that precious metals react differently to medical disinfectants (they can darken or lighten), and steel jewelry even rusts. Therefore, before processing it is better to check the selected composition on the invisible part of the earring.

Cloves for nose

How to put a clove earring in your nose:

  1. The puncture is washed with alcohol or chlorhexidine. Be sure to wipe the inside of the nose. Dust often collects on the mucous membrane, which you do not even know about. It is she who in the future can cause inflammation and suppuration,
  2. The edge of the nose is gently pulled. In professional conditions, it is fixed with forceps, but if they are not at hand, just hold the wing with your fingers,
  3. The tip of the clove is carefully set into the puncture. To push it in, you do not need to push hard. Just gently scroll the bar in the hole. Two problems can arise here: the carnation does not pass or is stuck. This happens due to overgrowing a hole or the wrong direction. Try gently twisting the bar in different directions. If the earring went further, then you just didn’t immediately get into the hole. If it stalled, then you need to go to the salon - perhaps the piercing is overgrown, Figure
  4. When the edge of the clove comes out of the hole, it must be pulled down with tweezers. A clip is put on the tip of the earring. Do not press strongly, otherwise there will be inflammation. Try to fix the earring in the middle position, but that it does not hang, otherwise it will drop out.

In order to put on a nose piercing ring almost the same actions are performed. But, if a cartilage was punctured, then the algorithm may change slightly.

  1. The ring is disinfected and expanded to the desired level. A tightly tightened piercing for the septum, you simply can’t pass through the hole,
  2. The free edge of the ring (without thread for clamping) fits into the hole in the nose and gently moves along the cartilage. If the nose still hurts, we recommend that when dressing, treat the mucous membrane with anesthetic, Figure septum ring
  3. Scrolling the earring, you need to push it to the exit. If it’s tight, then you can slightly shake the ring in different directions,
  4. When the end of the earring protrudes from the hole, a fixing ball is screwed onto the second part. If the ring is of a classical shape (completely round), then it is screwed to its maximum position and secured with a clip.

The hardest thing to put on a snail piercing nose. This is a special kind of earrings, which is quite difficult to install in a puncture on your own, without previous experience.

How to put an earring with a hook into a nose piercing:

  1. It is recommended to apply a small amount of Bepanten or another regenerating ointment on the tip surface (Rescuer, Levomekol). This will speed the healing and help put the earring in,
  2. The snail tip must be screwed to its end. You can see the shape of the earring, but after the difference you will need to slightly change the position of the earring, Figure Earring for piercing a snail
  3. The flat section of the earrings is simply gently pushed into the nose. It is important not to put pressure on the piercing, otherwise there may be complications in the form of beauty and inflammation. If the hook does not fit well, first tilt it slightly to the left, then to the right,
  4. When the earring is in place, no clamps or clips are put on it. The tip simply presses strongly against the mucosa. Thus, the hole closes quickly and reliably. If you can’t screw in the hook, then it is better to contact the salon. At home, you can scratch the nasal mucosa, after which the piercing will begin to actively overgrow.

Video: the pros and cons of nose piercing

Consequences and contraindications

As such, there are no direct contraindications to the piercing. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the speed of wound healing. The longer the puncture will heal, the higher the likelihood of infection entering the wound. This is fraught with various complications in the care and even operable interventions.

Complications after nose piercing:

  • Runny nose. Extremely unpleasant, but natural consequence. The body perceives a violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane as a viral attack. To get rid of her, he “includes” all protective processes, including a runny nose. This trouble goes away in a few days,
  • Soreness. When a septum is punctured, an unpleasant sensation of the sensitivity of the tip of the nose occurs. It is virtually impossible to touch. Along with this, cartilage does not hurt - there are no nerve endings in it. Pain from the wing of the nose can spread to the entire half of the face with which the puncture is located. The same phenomenon is observed for those who have pierced the eyebrows,
  • Inflammation and suppuration. Naturally, if the nose was inflamed, then it was improperly looked after. But the punctures in this part of the body are very difficult to rinse - the mucosa is not visible. And suppuration in general cannot be recognized in any way until an unpleasant smell has appeared,
  • Eating problems. This happens not only after tongue or lip piercing. When chewing, the nose moves slightly, as in a conversation. Any movement in the first few weeks after the puncture will give a dull pain in the wing or tip of the nose,
  • Bulge at the piercing site. The nose turned red and a slight swelling appeared? It is better to simply remove the earring and carefully process the hole until the wing or septum is completely rotten. The same thing must be done if the earring falls through.

Earrings and jewelry for nose piercing

Earrings are divided not only by shape, but also by purpose and material from which they are made. The following materials are used to make piercing earrings:

  • Medical steel. Previously, all the salons that provided services for piercing the ears, eyebrows and nose worked only with such jewelry. But, it is important to know one thing - the term "medical steel" does not exist at all. So called the combination of steel and titanium. It does not affect the healing rate of the puncture, but does not lend itself to corrosion,
  • Plastic. It looks very unusual, in the holes it is almost not noticeable because of its low weight. Enjoys special love among informal girls. Differs in ease in leaving and stability in external negative factors. In addition, it does not freeze in cold weather,
  • Golden piercing the nose is the most expensive but the safest. The main advantages of this noble metal is that it promotes regeneration and is rarely rejected by the body,
  • Silver. Cheaper than gold, but no less popular precious metal. Suitable for almost everyone. May cause allergies only in exceptional cases.

Handling and nose care after piercing

Improper puncture care is extremely dangerous. It causes more than 90% of inflammation and suppuration.

Figure result of improper septum care

To avoid the troubles associated with piercing, you need to know the following rules:

  • Treat your nose twice a day. Morning and evening. But, if it was windy on the street, it is better to wipe the earring and mucous membrane immediately after coming home (i.e., it will be a triple treatment),
  • Speed ​​up the healing process will help regular application of the ointment. In order for it to work, the composition is distributed throughout the bar, ring or hook. To do this, a small ball of ointment is applied to the tip of the earring, after which it moves in different directions,
  • If the nose itches - in no case do not touch it with your fingers. This is how the healing process goes. Once you have no strength to endure - gently sweep around the discomfort zone with a cotton swab in Chlorhexidine, Chlorhexidine
  • Do not wash the hole with hydrogen peroxide. It dissolves the formed growths and slows down tissue regeneration,
  • If a lump is formed at the piercing site, then there is pus in it. This phenomenon is called granuloma. Appears due to an allergy to the selected material of the earrings or the wrong puncture site. To get rid of it, you need to apply a small amount of peroxide on the piercing, and then gently press. All infectious mass must come out,
  • It happens that the piercing fell out. Never put it back without treatment. The same applies to clamping balls.

How much heals

Much depends on the characteristics of the body and the selected season. According to statistics, piercings and tattoos heal much more slowly in winter and in autumn than in summer. It is affected by vitamin deficiency, hypothermia and a decrease in immunity.

A navel puncture heals for at least six months, lips - 2 months. Cartilage in the septum never heals. He simply “overwrites” because of which he ceases to bother his owner. Reviews say that the piercing in the wing of the nose will be fully delayed only after 6 - 8 months.

Meaning - Which side of the piercing

Sometimes in women's forums one can find reasoning that piercing on different sides of the face carries a hidden sacred meaning. In fact, these are all stereotypes. The choice of which side of the nose to pierce is purely individual and depends only on the beauty of the chosen half of the face.

Some girls have more parting on the left side, others on the right. Similarly with punctures. To finally determine, you can try fake or magnetic piercing. Due to the fact that such an overhead puncture looks very natural, it will be an excellent experiment for the appearance, if you want to pierce the skin, but be afraid.

Piercing on both sides of the nose

The photo of the nose piercing clearly shows that it looks great on both the right and left halves of the face. Moreover, not a bit vulgarizes the image, but only emphasizes the sophistication of appearance.

Should I pierce my nose?

The classic nostril puncture has been popular for a long time, septril has become fashionable in the last 3-5 years. Many people in this regard, the question arises whether it is dangerous to pierce the nose in the cabin. The piercing done by professionals is safe, after which complications rarely occur.

Is it worth it to pierce your nose for yourself. If in this way you want to express yourself and your ideas about beauty, then, of course, yes. If thoughts about face modification arose as a tribute to fashion, then you should abandon this idea. If such a decoration is not close to you in spirit, you will not feel comfortable with it.

Several options for nose piercing

There are several types of nasal punctures, depending on their complexity, the consequences after manipulation will vary. The most common and easiest nostril piercing. It allows you to wear different jewelry - rings, labrets.

The following puncture options are distinguished:

  • Septum - nasal septum piercing is done through a puncture through either cartilage or soft tissue next to it.
  • Bridge. Jewelry is inserted into the bridge of the nose. It can be horizontal or vertical.
  • Nose tip piercing. Cartilage with such a puncture in the nose is not injured. Has the appearance of an Austin Bar - a horizontal piercing of the tip of the nose.
  • Septril is a type of septum. Ornaments are brought down from the nasal septum.
  • Nosalang is a combination of punctures of both wings of the nose and its septum. One decoration in the form of a bar is inserted into the holes.

Septum, provided that the piercing is done through cartilage, requires more careful care. The puncture will heal for quite some time about six months.

Septril is a rather complicated puncture, requiring special skills from the master. Since you first need to puncture the septum of the nose, and then slightly stretch it and bring the jewelry out through the puncture in the lower front of the nose.

How is a nose puncture performed?

You can pierce your nose in a cosmetic or tattoo parlor. An experienced piercer will use a special needle. The gun will not work, as it may not cope with the dense skin of the nose.

Sometimes with a gun they make a puncture in the wings of the nose.

The day before the manipulation, it is necessary to stop taking blood thinners, hormonal drugs, including COCs. You also need to refrain from alcohol and strong coffee.

The procedure will vary slightly depending on where the nose will be pierced. But the general rule is disinfection, jewelry and hand craftsman.

  • Then they operate according to the following scheme:
  • Marking the site for piercing.
  • Antiseptic treatment.
  • Puncture and installation of earrings.
  • Puncture disinfection.

Local anesthesia is sometimes used. To pierce the wings of the nose, a special needle receiver is inserted into it. After a puncture, it is removed and only then the jewelry is installed.

A needle with a catheter puncture the septum of the nose. Pre-install a special clamp. It is also used when piercing using the Bridge or Austin Bar technique or the tip of the nose. On average, any of the manipulations takes a quarter of an hour.

Useful post-treatment care tips

Those who pierce their nose are interested in how to care for the piercing, how long it will heal. The recovery process will last from 4 to 11 weeks. The following rules must be followed at this time:

  • Treat the puncture site with an antiseptic in the morning and evening. Chlororgixidine, miramestine, hydrogen peroxide are suitable.
  • Scroll decoration during processing.
  • Without unnecessary need not to touch the piercing with your hands.
  • Do not sleep face in pillow.

While the puncture heals, cosmetic products are not applied to the skin near it. It is better to wipe your face with paper towels, since microbes accumulate on ordinary ones. At the same time, next to the decoration, the skin is gently wet.

During the healing period, swimming in open-air pools is prohibited. Better to avoid getting in the rain.

It is not recommended to remove the decoration installed in the cabin for the first time six months. This can lead to infection in the piercing canal.

If you need to remove the earring, then after a maximum of 24 hours it must be set back in the puncture. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the tightening of the wound and the need to wait for its complete healing and repetition of the manipulation.

How to pierce a nose at home?

It is better to make a puncture in the wing of the nose yourself. This is the simplest type of piercing, in which cartilage is not injured. Before you pierce your nose at home, decide on the place of installation of the jewelry. It can be marked with a marker. Carefully evaluate the result. Redraw the mark if necessary.

The technique of how to do a nose piercing on your own at home is simple. It is necessary:

  • Disinfect the needle, hands, nose.
  • Then put a point with a marker at the puncture site.
  • If there is, use a special clamp.
  • Twist the nostril as far as possible.
  • Pierce her.
  • Remove the needle, leaving the catheter at the puncture site.
  • Install the decoration through it.
  • Lock the earring securely.
  • Treat the piercing site with an antiseptic.

Precautionary measures

Before you pierce your nose at home, you should learn about safety measures. Theoretically, piercing can be done with a sewing needle or safety pin, but it is better to do this with a sterile needle. It is important that after you remove it from its packaging, do not place it on non-sterile surfaces. Put it in alcohol. In it, you also need to put decoration.

  • After you wear gloves, do not touch the table or other untreated antiseptic surfaces.
  • Just in case, spare needles and gloves should be at hand.
  • Do not puncture with SARS, inflammation on the skin.

What do you need for a home piercing?

The most important thing with an independent nasal puncture is to ensure the complete sterility of the instruments used, the skin of the face, hands and jewelry. This will require alcohol. Also at the pharmacy you must purchase:

  • Sterile gloves, cotton.
  • Antiseptics for the subsequent care of the piercing (miramestine, chlororgixidine).
  • A system for droppers. All she needs is a catheter needle. Its diameter should coincide with the diameter of the decoration.

It is better to make a puncture with a special needle for piercing, can be purchased in the salon. It is sharper and the catheter allows you to install earrings of different sizes.

For a more accurate puncture, it is worth purchasing a special clip for piercing. Он позволит не травмировать полость носа, облегчит проведение манипуляции.

Если узнав, как делают пирсинг носа самостоятельно, и решили попробовать, на всякий случай приобретите в аптеке мазь с антибиотиком. It can come in handy in case of entry into the channel of infection.
Types of Nose Earrings

Before piercing the nose, determine not only the puncture site, but also the type of decoration. For this type of piercing fit:

  • Rings.
  • Circular - a crescent-shaped ornament whose ends will be visible from a puncture. They are usually decorated with balls, cones, other types of wrapping.
  • Rod - a straight rod base with balls or other decorative elements wound around it.
  • Banana is a curved bar.
  • A labret is similar to an earring of carnations. It consists of a small rod at one end, of which a disk, a ball or other decorative nozzle is wound on the other.
  • Nostril - a decoration in the form of a hook, is installed in the pierced wings of the nose. It happens with a bend under the right or left nostril.

Answers to questions of the cosmetologist

Before deciding to pierce any part of the body, I want to know more details about the procedure and the possible consequences. And also about when it is worth abandoning the idea of ​​modifying your body. We have collected cosmetologists' answers to the most popular questions about nose piercing.
Can anyone pierce a nose?

Piercing should be abandoned with a tendency to bleeding, pregnant, lactating, cancer patients. In professional salons they will refuse piercing to those who have not reached the age of 15. If you are older than 18, you may need parental permission.

Those who have not decided on the puncture site may be interested in the question of who is going to have a nose piercing. It is believed that with expressive slightly slanted eyes, it is good to bite the bridge. Septum emphasizes the beauty of sensual, voluminous lips.

What are the complications?

The consequences of a nose piercing can occur due to infection in the canal. Symptoms will be:

  • Permanent redness for a long time,
  • The discharge of a yellowish liquid from a puncture,
  • Pain and slightly fever in the piercing area.

Inadequate care may result in granuloma. In this case, apply warm compresses.

Is it better to go to the salon or make a puncture at home?

The unequivocal answer to the question is to go to the salon. Experts know how to pierce your nose, can perform piercing of any complexity.

In this case, special tools are used clamps, clamps, needles with catheters. The nose of a gun is usually not pierced, but in the case of wings it can be used.

And most importantly, in the cabin all the rules for disinfecting the nose, jewelry are observed, infection by piercing is impossible.

What metal should the earring be made of?

Immediately after the puncture, it is necessary to install jewelry made of titanium or medical steel. They do not cause allergies, as they are biologically inert. With them, the healing process and the formation of the canal will be faster and without complications.
Can pain be reduced without anesthesia?

Many people wonder whether it is painful to pierce their nose on their own or in the cabin. The procedure causes discomfort. The pain does not last long and its severity is low, although much will depend on individual sensitivity. At home, without anesthesia, a compress of ice cubes will help reduce it. It should be applied for 5-7 minutes.

How much does it cost to pierce your nose in the cabin?

Type of piercingPrice
Nose wing1200

Prices do not include the cost of decoration. Their cost starts from 250 rubles.

Photo of nose piercing

Nostril piercing is the most popular type of nasal piercing. Depending on the decoration, you can create a gentle image and a daring, somewhat brutal.

In recent years, the septum has become increasingly popular. The nose ring helps create a sensual and unusual look.

Bridge and variations with a puncture of the tip of the nose remain the lot of informal youth. Since such a piercing is the most difficult to fit into everyday life.

# 7 ways to pierce your nose

Common nose piercing options include:

  • bridge when piercing the nose tissue
  • a puncture of the lateral part of the nostril, which is carried out both in one and in 2 wings at once,
  • nasallang - a way to pierce the nose in the septum and wings,
  • "Austin Bar" is a horizontal puncture of the tip of the nose,
  • piercing the nasal tip is done from the nostril up without injuring the nasal septum,
  • the septum is performed by piercing on the septum without involving the wings in the process,
  • septril looks like a puncture on the lower wall of the tip of the nose with the output of the decoration from the septum with the rush down.

These options are most safe for the skin. It is permissible to make 1, and several punctures at once, it all depends on the patient's desire.

How is piercing performed (3 steps)?

At first glance, piercing the nose is not difficult at home. However, holding an event within the framework of the native walls is fraught with troubles due to unprofessionalism, lack of the necessary sterility and tools for the procedure. Therefore, it is better to go to the professionals.

The clinic or salon strictly adhere to the instructions and sequence of the manipulation.

A step-by-step procedure for piercing is as follows:

  1. Preliminary preparation.
  2. The actual piercing.
  3. Postoperative care and puncture regeneration.

The result of the piercing depends on the preparation for the event. Therefore, on the eve of the patient, it is necessary to refuse to take hormonal drugs (and contraceptives, too), drugs that lower blood coagulation, reduce drinking coffee, and exclude alcohol.

Before piercing the nose of the person requesting the manipulation, the doctor must make sure that the patient has normal blood coagulation, that he does not have chronic heart diseases, colds and fever.

The manipulation itself is carried out with a special pistol or special. The doctor first disinfects the work area with an alcohol-containing antiseptic and marks the point of piercing with a dot.

Then the specialist inserts the selected clove into the gun, places the tool strictly at an angle of 90 ° to the skin surface and makes a puncture the only movement.

With this method, a nasal puncture is accompanied by a slight tingling sensation. If a special is used for piercing, the sensations during the manipulation process are much more painful.

As a rule, patients want to pierce on one or 2 sides of the nose, or on a cartilage that delimits the nostrils.

# 10 postoperative care tips

Since it will not be possible to pierce the nose without injuring the cartilaginous tissue, it takes time to heal after the piercing.

The maximum period reaches 12 weeks. But if after surgery the nose is bruised or the owner of the earring wants to remove / insert the jewelry before the hole heals, the wound will be tightened with a tissue longer.

If a nodule occurs near the puncture point - granulomas, a hot compress should be applied 2 times a day to the damaged area.

It is made of a cloth soaked with hot water (made of paper) and held until it cools.

When caring for a puncture, you should adhere to the following 5 rules:

  • in rare cases, touch the piercing with clean hands,
  • 3 times a day to rinse at the site of the hole with an aerosol from rhinitis Salin (USA),
  • when using cosmetics, avoid getting into the injured area,
  • do not replace the decoration that the specialist placed until the healing of the wound from piercing is completed,
  • Do not sit on the couch, beds face down.

When caring for a piercing, the following recommendations are also mandatory:

  1. Remove the crusts with a cotton swab soaked in salt water and applied to the wound for a while. Scabs must not be removed to avoid infection.
  2. Gently dry the pierced piercing dry without friction.
  3. When wiping your face everyday, do not use a towel - microbes accumulate on it. They will help out sterile gauze wipes with which to wet your face.
  4. For faster healing, start taking B vitamins with zinc.
  5. Do not remove the jewelry for more than 24 hours in the first 6 months so that the hole does not tighten. It will prevent quick opening of the hole in the first month and wearing a backup earring if the previous one suddenly comes out.

Following simple piercing care rules will prevent troubles.

Piercing earrings

Such jewelry in comparison with rings or rods is not so traumatological. 3 types of piercing earrings stand out: magnetic, cloves and nostrils.

  • Carnations are similar to earrings of the same name. They are issued with a fastener and without it, are easily inserted / removed.
  • Nostrils look like earrings of a special arc-shaped shape without a fastener - they are held by bending. The earring is pushed in / out by screwing it into the hole.
  • Magnetic jewelry does not require a nostril puncture. Any product has a magnetic fastener, due to which it is held in the intended area. The disadvantage of this decoration is that it does not hold too firmly, therefore it is recommended for wearing in special cases.

When choosing jewelry, it is worth considering the properties of the material of manufacture to exclude allergic manifestations in the holder of the earring. In addition, the material affects the exterior and durability of the piercing jewelry.

  1. Stainless steel - Hypoallergenic and the best material for carnations, so such jewelry is ideal for recently made punctures.
  2. Titanium and gold - expensive and non-allergenic materials. But alloys with their inclusion are capable of provoking an allergic reaction.
  3. Silver although relatively cheap, but high-quality metal is not very suitable for decorating the nose after a puncture. This is due to the fact that with excessive moisture it acquires a gray color.
  4. Metalloid materials (nylon, teflon, bone) do not contain any metal. Therefore, jewelry from them is acceptable to buy for those who are allergic to metal.

In order not to be disappointed in the piercing, you need to carefully select the jewelry in the nose.