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Proper hookah driving: instruction


Bowling is an art that cannot be mastered right away. Professional hookah workers have been looking for their own, special way for a hookah for years. Theoretical foundations will help to move in the right direction.

In order to pour the optimal amount of water and put together the parts of the device you do not need to be a genius. Although there are those who are given this with difficulty 😉

The basis of a delicious smoky hookah is good tobacco and its proper laying. There are several bookmarking methods, each of which is suitable for certain gas stations and exhibits different properties during the session.

How to hammer a hookah

It all starts with the preparation of the moissel. Depending on the humidity, cutting and the presence / absence of garbage in the bundle, the process can take from several minutes to a day. Liquid (marinade) is responsible for aromatic properties, impregnation, but its excess in a cup can lead to burning and bitterness. Twigs, veins and pebbles from the pack must be removed before smoking. Coarse slices are best chopped.

Some tobaccos (usually strong varieties) need acclimatization. To do this, lay out the contents of the package on baking paper (parchment) and leave it for several hours at room temperature without direct sunlight. Stir occasionally. And only when the tobacco changes its flavor, completely opens the bouquet, can you smoky smoky.

The strength will depend on several factors:

  • grade of raw materials (Barley, Viginia, Latakia),
  • cooking (soaking),
  • how much to score (the more the cup is filled, the stronger and richer the taste).

Consider three basic recipes on how to properly hammer and smoke a hookah:

  1. Air styling. Everyone started with this method. Admit, your first bowl looked exactly like in this photo,)
    The bottom line is to fluff the moissel, in order to create an air gap between the leaves. Heat more evenly passes through all layers, activates both marinade and leaf. The method provides excellent flavoring, this is how light hookah is prepared. The distance from the bookmark to the foil is 2-3 mm. Less - it will be bitter, more - the brightness of taste is lost.
    Before stretching the foil, lightly tamp the filler with a toothpick or needle. If one leaf touches the foil, the refill will certainly burn.
  2. Rammer. It is possible only on fanel (with a high hole in the center of the product).
    They are immediately transferred from the pack to chilli without loosening. Tamp densely, leaving the edges of the cup dry. Due to more refueling, it gives a lot of dense smoke.
  3. Overpack. For strong in spirit and light.
    Laying principle: put with a slide, a double dose of nicotine. The slide must be exactly equal to the amount laid inside the chillim. On top of the pile is covered with foil. An additional crust is formed at the junction of the screen and the moissel from heat, protecting the rest of the mass from overheating.
    Characteristic: thick steam, rich taste, strong strength. Use low impregnation tobacco or a well-wrung mixture.

Coal should not be placed in the center. Do not use fast-fired “pills” - this is incredibly harmful, and synthetically the smell can ruin even the most delicious driving. The best option is 2-3 charcoal along the edges of the chilli.

When the coals have already been warmed up and are waiting for the high point, we immediately recall that an unpleasant procedure is ahead. To smoke a hookah is not so simple, and if you use low-quality coal is also very harmful. At the time of smoking, the hookahman inhales the most harmful substances released only when heated.

Completely avoiding the procedure will not work, but you can significantly reduce the time of cutting, using the block. Heat the coal, put it in the block, and leave it alone for 5-7 minutes. After smoking you can after 2-4 traction.

What to put in a bowl instead of tobacco?

Having tried many brands, there remains a feeling of understatement, as if there is something especially not unlike any tobacco. And indeed it is!

Instead of the usual plant component, many smoke special stones and even cream.

The first are small pebbles of a certain porous rock that absorbs marinade. When heated, the molasses slowly evaporates, giving off a pleasant aroma without tobacco shades.

Cream is a separate story. New in the hookah market: without tar and nicotine. Created on plant components. How much is one jar? Stay tuned for updates and we will tell you more in detail подробнее

Cups for hookah come in different shapes and sizes, the choice depends on the preferred tobacco and the estimated number of people smoking on one hookah.

As a visual aid, we offer a short video where the guys step by step show how to handle a hookah dressing:

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Ways to drive a hookah

There are several of them. A wide variety of hookah driving methods is due to the large number of bowls, the strength of the mixture and the output. There is no worse and better option - each pursues its own goals. So, scoring tobacco on a bowl of fanel or using Overpack with the same raw materials, you can get completely different results.

3 dominant driving methods that every enthusiastic fan should own:

  • Classic, or airy,
  • Tight
  • Overpack - laying moassel “with a slide”.

Mindful of the importance of driving, do not forget about other aspects of the hookah procedure: wash the hookah, heat the coals, prepare the moassel (remove garbage, grind and squeeze if necessary).

Do I need to squeeze

Do I need to squeeze tobacco for a hookah? Again the question. There are such mixtures where tobacco simply floats in syrup. This moassel must be slightly squeezed out to a normal consistency. Again: here it is important not to overdo it. Excessively dry hookah gives little smoke and a muffled aroma.

Air clogging

The most common, simple and popular method. Universal (allows you to use any moassel and any chillim) and is ideal for beginners. The bottom line: we push the tobacco as much as possible and airy, without tamping, we hammer in chilli. It is important to remember that the smaller the distance from tobacco to foil, the stronger the hookah will turn out. Optimum - 2-3 mm. For the smallest possible smoking - 4-5 cm. It is important to even the moassel so that not a single piece of tobacco comes into contact with the foil or kalaud. Otherwise, the tobacco will burn and bitterness will appear.

To improve traction, a "well" to the central hole is recommended - it will be better and easier to reach the hookah. The foil must be laid in three layers, tightened as tightly as possible on the chilli and pierced holes around the perimeter. Place the coals on the edge, which will protect the mixture from combustion and uneven heating. Watch the heat. If the hookah is bitter, we remove one corner. If
little smoke - add. It’s better to score Starbaz, Fumari, Social Smok and Nirvana.

Heavy blockage

It gives a lot of bulk, thick smoke and aroma, because implies a greater amount of moassel in chillim. Such a hookah smokes longer besides. For tight packing, Phunnel type chillim fit with a single hole in the center. Moassel is no longer needed beforehand. We take it out of the packaging and, tamping it tightly, put it in the bowl.

After driving, wipe the edges of the chillim - there should not be any syrup left on it that will burn. The sheets of the mixture should also not touch the foil or kalaud. With this type of driving, more coals are required for a complete and uniform heating. It is tightly better to hammer in the tobacco brands Tangiers, Nakhla, Nirvana, as well as Al Faker and Fusion.

Overpack Packing

Hammering an overpack is not so easy. Entrust this to experienced comrades. With the help of an overpack it turns out the most strong, smoky and saturated hookah. With this type of driving, a 2 times larger amount of moassel is consumed. The essence of this method and its main difference from the rest is that the mixture fits into a bowl with a slide. On the perimeter of the foil we lay 3-4 pieces of natural coal. As a result, the top is baked and forms a crust, which protects the mixture inside from combustion.

In the center you need a well for traction. For such clogging, a shallow clay chilli is ideal, which will provide maximum strength. It is better to use heat-resistant, moderately moist tobacco brands Tangiers, Haze, Nakhla. If there is a lot of syrup in moassel, it is better to squeeze it a little.

We have described in detail the three most popular ways of packing tobacco in a hookah. To summarize: airborne - as simple as possible, for a comfortable and easy smoking. Tight - more complicated and for strong varieties. Overpack - for users with expert level, to get the most saturated, strong and smoky hookah.

How to score a bowl: 4 ways + experiments

Air clogging

Tobacco is laid loose, for this it must be fluffed with hands on a cutting board, open the leaves. Then with an awl or other sharp object, you need to easily level the top layer to withstand a slight indentation to the foil. Here the rule works: the smaller the indent from tobacco to foil, the stronger the clogging will be. Optimum - 2–4 mm so that tobacco does not burn. If at least one leaf touches the foil, the tobacco will burn, and the hookah will be bitter. Air clogging produces more smoke, but less strength is felt.

Heavy blockage

Tobacco is tightly rammed with a finger, so that the leaves are below the edge of the walls of the cup. Dense clogging gives a little less smoke than on air or on over, but this gives a brighter flavor. Smoking a tightly clogged bowl lasts noticeably longer and gives about 1.5–2 hours of solo-smoking. For such a drive, a fanel is suitable - a bowl with one volcanic hole in the middle.

Overpack driving

With this method of driving tobacco into the bowl, two times more than usual. Overpack allows you to better feel the strength of tobacco and the brightness of its taste. The top layer is baked with charcoal and creates an additional protective shield against heat. With an overpack, the slide that protrudes above the edge of the bowl should be twice as large as the amount of tobacco that is laid in the bowl itself. Plugging is well suited for more heat-resistant tobaccos, such as Fumari, Nakhla, or Tange. To appreciate this scoring, you have to be a real hookah fan. It is best to master this technique on an earthenware bowl.

Swipe to touch

This hammering resembles an overpack, but the slide in this case is made small so that it only slightly touches the foil or kalaud. The rest is the same.

Foil experiments

A few recipes for filling bowls for those who are looking for new sensations and want to surprise friends.

Method 1 We make a lot of small balls of about 0.5 cm in size from the foil. We hammer the bowl airlessly, without a well, along the edge of the bowl. Then we evenly cover the tobacco with foil balls, on top of which we will immediately put coal.

Method 2 Tobacco fits similarly. The bowl is tightly covered with foil folded in two layers and then we make a series of diagonal cuts on the foil with a regular or clerical knife.

Method 3 The bowl with tobacco is covered with foil folded in four layers, then a small incision is made with a knife in the middle. On top of the hole formed, make a cross-shaped incision and expand it with the little finger - that's it, the bowl is ready.

You can also experiment with tobacco: lay it in layers or sectors, but we'll talk about this in the following publications.

And remember: no matter how you fill the bowl, the main thing is that the hookah is smoked pleasantly and smoky, which is what our hookah wants.

The device and assembly of the hookah

Hookah of any complexity and price category has a similar scheme and consist of the same parts.

Hookah consists of (bottom to top):

In turn, the main component of the whole hookah, which directly affects its quality, is the mine. It consists of, most often, a metal pipe that conducts air from the bowl to the bulb itself. Usually it is decorated with various patterns and relief. In turn, the mine has 2 more holes, which are located above the bulb at the same level:

The valve serves to blow out excess air (the ability to purge a hookah) and to prevent air from passing through the valve when inhaling smoke.

In order to collect hookah it does not take much time and effort. The entire build algorithm usually consists of 5 steps:

  1. connect the flask to the hookah shaft. Usually, silicone seals are used for this, or with better assemblies - metal thread,
  2. set the saucer on the shaft,
  3. connect the bowl to the shaft. Rubber seals are usually used, but again, with better assembly, a gasket and metal thread are used,
  4. connect the tube to the shaft. Seals are usually used for this, or gaskets and threads,
  5. fasten the valve (if it is removable). Do not forget to install a special ball in the valve before connecting to the shaft.

It should be noted that some hookahs may have the ability to partially disassemble the mine. In this case, one should not panic, since the mine is usually divided into 3 parts:

  1. top of the shaft (area of ​​saucers and bowls),
  2. the middle part of the shaft (that between the saucer and the bulb),
  3. bottom of the shaft (pipe that is in the bulb).

How to hammer a hookah correctly

This post is designed for those who will be hookah for the first time or inexperienced. This means that we will consider ordinary driving with a classic hookah dressing. And so, as soon as we have trained with the assembly-disassembly of our device, we can proceed to the main thing - its driving.

  1. The first step is to fill the flask with water (I remind you that the post is designed for an amateur. If you are familiar with another way to refill a hookah, use it). It is necessary to pour water slightly above the end of the shaft, about 2-3 centimeters. Often, in order not to look out for a mine in a flask, there are marks on the flask that indicate the level of the required amount of water. If you pour water - it can get into the hookah pipe, if not enough - the amount of harmful substances will be higher, since the hookah refueling serves for partial filtration. It is recommended to add ice cubes to the flask so that the smoke cools better - smoking in this case is much more pleasant and easier,
  2. after we figured out the flask - you need to install the shaft on the flask. Let me remind you that sealants or metal threads are used for this. Tightly install the shaft on the flask and make sure it is tight - otherwise, you won’t be able to smoke a hookah comfortably,
  3. set a saucer for coal on a hookah shaft. There should be no problems,
  4. Now you need to install the bowl on the shaft with the saucer already installed. It should be noted that it is necessary to have a sealant or a sealant with a thread at the bowl. If the installation is leaky - again, it’s impossible to smoke comfortably,
  5. install the hose on the hookah shaft. Again, pay attention to the tightness of the hose installation - in this case, you can not notice the problems on time and smoke the hookah "in vain".

After the hookah is assembled, you can breathe quietly and proceed to the next step - hookah hooking. To simplify the task and keep the hookah intact - remove the bowl to make hookah easier.

To get started, stock up on napkins, as you will need them and quite a lot. And so, in order to good get the bowl hookah, you must guess with the amount of tobacco. Tobacco should occupy the entire bowl, while slightly below the upper level of the bowl, i.e. do not reach the top of the bowl.

  1. Put a few napkins on the table and put out the required amount of tobacco,
  2. check the tobacco for large branches. If there are any, it’s worth throwing them away, as they can cause hookah bitterness,
  3. squeeze the tobacco slightly in a napkin to get rid of excess moisture,
  4. it is recommended to cut the tobacco into smaller parts with a knife or scissors,
  5. gently place the tobacco in the bowl. Loosen it and make it fluffy, but relatively smooth to the top (tobacco should not go beyond the edges of the bowl - that is, it should not touch the screen from above, which we will install next),
  6. the next step is to install the screen on the bowl. Usually foil or cloud is used for this, although some people prefer a mesh. If you have anything from the list, except foil, then you can install it on the bowl and go to step 9,
  7. cut out from the foil a figure covering the entire area of ​​the bowl, with the possibility of overwhelming it and tightly tightening, forming an even plane. It is recommended to use 2-3 layers of food foil: if you do more - a chance to avoid burning tobacco higher, however, it will be more difficult to smoke such a bowl if you make one layer - there is a risk of burning tobacco, which will ruin the hookah,
  8. pierce the foil randomly with a needle or a toothpick. It is necessary to make a lot of thin, neat holes, preferably parallel to each other,
  9. Next, you need to heat the coals for the hookah and evenly lay them along the edge of the bowl. The optimal amount for a standard bowl is usually 3 coals, but if the bowl is large, then stack as much as the coals break in without any problems,
  10. if you don’t have a hookah hood, you can build foil cap (in our circles we call it a “hat”) a little larger than a bowl. Накройте чашу колпаком и дайте 3-5 минут, чтобы она прогрелась,
  11. раскурите кальян, сделав 4-5 глубоких затяжек. Как только почувствуется вкус кальяна и появится дым — можно начинать кальянную церемонию.

Если почувствуете горечь, запах горения табака, сильный дым из чаши — просто снимите колпак, продуйте кальян и продолжайте наслаждаться курением. Remember: if the hookah was heated for a long time and no one smoked it, it is recommended to blow the hookah, since stagnant smoke in the shaft, flask and hose can create an unpleasant effect and aftertaste. Do not forget to shake off the ashes from the coal every 10-15 minutes and try to lay them out of place. If there is a lack of heat - move the coals closer to the center, otherwise move it closer to the edges or remove excess charcoal on the saucer.

In the process of smoking, do not forget about hygiene - use mouthpieces in companies where you are not sure about the health of other participants in the hookah ceremony. Enjoy the hookah with your friends, but remember the measure and take care of your health!