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Prevention of bed bugs in the apartment


Perhaps the first thing you should know about preventing the appearance of bed bugs in an apartment is that, without basic measures to protect the room, even the minimal threat of it becoming infected with bed bugs very often leads to this very infection. Simply put: if your neighbors have bugs, and you do not take preventive measures at the same time, parasites with almost 100% probability will appear in you, it is only a matter of time. If your relatives have bugs, and you go to visit them (or they are to you) and, again, do not take protective measures - well, get ready for regular night bites.

Surprisingly, many people seriously believe that bugs appear, like cockroaches, only in unscrupulous families, in dirt and unsanitary conditions. It is understandable: most people in life have not seen bed bugs and are absolutely sure that this misfortune will definitely pass their apartment.

When the bugs nevertheless reliably settle in the apartment, the owners are often embarrassed to tell their neighbors and relatives about this, fearing a squeamish attitude on their part. Sometimes it comes to the fact that all the apartments on the floor are infected, but the neighbors are silent about this before each other. And the situation is clarified only during the work of the SES, whose employees evaluate in detail the degree of infection at home.

Meanwhile, without appropriate preventive measures, bedbugs can appear even in the cleanest family, and it’s absolutely not important whether you have an elite apartment or a standard “Khrushchev”. The bloodsuckers are not stopped by the cleanliness of the room, nor by the number of cleanings, nor the high cost of decoration. For parasites, only one factor is important - food should regularly be on the premises (that is, people should live, because bedbugs feed exclusively on blood).

About what methods and means of prevention can reliably protect your home from the appearance of bed bugs in it, we will continue to talk more ...

Bed bugs are very actively distributed in developed countries. In London, for example, each year a larger number of trips for processing premises from bugs is recorded than in the previous year. A significant number of old residential apartments and houses in the United States are infected with bedbugs, and in the seemingly prosperous Florida, according to experts, over the past 10 years, the population of bed bugs has increased by almost 10 times. In Zurich, every second apartment has ever given shelter to bedbugs.

Do you still think that your apartment is so clean that bed bugs do not threaten it?

Routes for bedbugs to enter the room

To effectively protect the premises from bedbugs, it is necessary, first of all, to reliably block the main pathways of parasite penetration into it.

There are several such ways:

  • Electrical outlets - this is especially true for panel apartment buildings. An outlet located on the wall that separates your apartment from the neighboring one can serve as an excellent way for migrating parasites from one room to another (especially if neighbors start to hunt bugs). You can close the hole behind the outlet with alabaster, non-combustible mounting foam, or even just hammer in a piece of glass wool,
  • Ventilation shafts. Bedbugs are also able to move between apartments, especially when they are poisoned or people move out of their homes for a long time (with a long absence of a food source, parasites begin to creep in search of more suitable living conditions). Instead of a standard grille, it is recommended to put a very thin mesh on the ventilation hole,
  • Cracks and crevices in the floor, ceiling and walls. The body of the bugs is so flat that even adult individuals easily penetrate narrow gaps and gaps, not to mention the larvae. Therefore, an important preventive measure, especially in old houses, is the careful repair of such defects (plaster, alabaster, foam)
  • Windows and doors. An adult bug creeps 2-4 cm per second. To overcome the distance from the window of one apartment to the window of another on the outer wall of the building, it will take him less than half an hour. The same with the doors. Only modern plastic windows reliably protect against bugs - thanks to rubber seals. Ordinary wooden frames have gaps, and parasites can penetrate through keyholes in doors,
  • Furniture and even household appliances can become "breeding grounds" for bedbugs if they were brought from an infected room. There are cases when the nests of parasites were in the system units of computers, laptops and televisions. However, the main thing that should be given attention in the framework of prevention is the inspection of furniture (sofas, beds, chairs, etc.),
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories that have been in an infected room are one of the most common and underestimated sources of infection of an apartment with bedbugs. Sometimes it’s enough to visit the apartment infected with bloodsuckers only once to bring them back to your home.

When there is an understanding of how bed bugs get into the apartment, it becomes well understood what preventive measures should be taken in each case.

“I have a girlfriend, and she also has a girlfriend who has home bugs in the dormitory. And then one day I saw a couple of red dots in my arms. Thought it was an allergy. Then the little brothers began to appear. A friend said that these were bug bites, she had already seen this. Nightmare! I woke up somehow at night, turned on the light, and on the sheet the beetles were crawling, two large and three more very small. I crushed them all with a napkin, so much blood was, horror. Since then, for two months now, we have been trying to get bed bugs together with my mother, but so far it hasn’t been possible ... "

The paths of bedbugs into the apartment

To successfully protect your home from parasites, you must block and prevent even one or two bedbugs from entering the apartment. The main and most common moves for bed bugs in an apartment:

Tile gaps in the walls and on the ceiling. Sockets, cable channels. These insects are so small that they can easily migrate from one apartment to another apartment without any difficulties. Especially when the owners in the next apartment decided to hound the parasites, they would rush to flee to you in a hurry. Therefore, it is recommended to close up all cracks and crevices in the apartment, if possible, to carefully protect electrical outlets from the inside.

♦ Air shafts. Parasites can migrate through apartments along ventilation shafts on all floors. To protect against bedbugs, you should install a very thin mesh so that even the smallest insects cannot crawl into your house. But at the same time, one should not forget to clean this mesh from dust more often so as not to lose ventilation.

Windows and doors. An adult bug moves at a speed of 2-4 centimeters per second, so in the warm season, when the windows are open, bed bugs can easily crawl from one apartment to another along the walls of the house.

Furniture and household appliances. When buying from hand, special attention should be paid to inspecting furniture and equipment for the presence of parasites or their larvae. There are cases of acquiring new furniture, for example, a sofa that has been infected by bugs in the warehouse.

Clothes and shoes. After a person has been in a room inhabited by parasites, it is likely that insects can catch on clothing or penetrate shoes, after which they will safely get to your home.

Having designated the main ways of getting bugs into the apartment, you can understand what preventive measures to infect at home should be taken in each case and in general.

Bedbug Prevention

There are a number of universal rules for protecting your home from the appearance of parasites.

1. The order in the house. In apartments cluttered with things and pieces of furniture, anything can start up, and small insects are all the more so. Especially favorite habitats for bed bugs are baseboards, paintings, sockets, under sofas and beds, behind cabinets. Inspections and wet cleaning should be carried out regularly to keep abreast of the situation.

2. Be attentive to the imported furniture and used equipment. In no case should you bring from the street discarded upholstered furniture, mattresses. You can’t even sit on them, because eggs and larvae of bed bugs can cling to clothes.

3. Maintain good neighborly relations with immediate neighbors, so that in case of something, be aware of the appearance of parasites in the house and carry out joint preventive or elimination measures.

4. After spending the night in hotels, long business trips, you should be attentive to the room where you lived, as well as to your belongings so as not to bring parasites to your home.

Checking the apartment for the presence of bugs

If you know that your neighbors or relatives have got bed bugs, then you should increase your vigilance, refrain from going on a visit, and with each house cleaning you should carefully examine: mattresses and hidden surfaces of furniture, carpets, baseboards and paintings.

Moreover, with such inspections, it is not worth looking for the bugs themselves, but obvious traces of their presence. In the daytime, bedbugs are not active and hide in their shelters, so when they first appeared in the apartment it is very difficult to find them, but they already managed to leave their tracks. Bed bugs, like all insects, molt from time to time, which means you can find scales from their chitinous skeleton. Also a clear sign of parasites will be the presence of tiny black dots - excrement.

The appearance of small spots of blood on light sheets and pillowcases of pillows is a clear sign of the appearance of bed bugs in the apartment. In this case, the characteristic itchy bite marks should be on the body.

How to protect yourself from bedbugs?

If your suspicions that bed bugs are wound up in the house are increasing every day, then it is worth switching from means of prevention to means of direct impact on parasites. But before you start a war, you should deal with the size of the enemy. It is possible that several individuals accidentally entered your apartment, or perhaps a whole horde of bedbugs escaping bullying from neighbors chose your way to your home, or your neighbors just left for a long time, and the bedbugs, having lost their food, came to you. In any case, you have the following options for solving the problem:

  • Apply folk remedies for removing bugs,
  • To purchase special chemical means of killing bugs - chemicals or traps,
  • Call the disinfector by contacting a specialized bug extermination service.

Each of the methods has its pros and cons. The most effective, but at the same time relatively expensive, is to apply for pest control to experienced professionals. Then killing bugs it doesn’t take much time, and if all the recommendations that the specialist leaves on the form along with the contract, including preventive measures, bed bugs are guaranteed to disappear from your apartment forever.

Specialized service "SES Control" guarantees complete extermination of bed bugs in an apartment in St. Petersburg and areas. For all questions and to call the disinfector, please contact us by phone.

How do bugs get into a residential building?

To prevent the occurrence of bugs, it is important to know how they look and in what ways they can penetrate the housing. Bed bugs are small reddish-brown insects. It’s hard to notice them. Usually, the appearance of bedbugs is indicated by painful bites, which are found in the morning.

Bed bugs live near a person’s bed. They rarely settle far from the "feeding place." Therefore, bedbugs need to be searched in the mattress, in bed, in the sofa, behind the baseboard, in wallpaper, in the bedside table, in books and even in children's toys. These insects can lay eggs in any gap that is in close proximity to their victim's bed. When bedbugs live in a house for a long time, they are spread over all rooms and it is very difficult to get them out.

Bedbugs most often appear in housing along with newly purchased furniture. They can be easily brought into the house on clothes or things. Travelers very often bring bugs from long trips, as these insects live in many inexpensive hotels and boarding houses.

Bedbugs can not only be brought in, they can migrate from neighbors, crawl into the house through cracks, hollow pipes, window openings or through open doors.

How to prevent the appearance of bedbugs

Bed bugs can even start in the house where cleanliness and order are constantly maintained. Therefore, it is important to follow certain rules in order to protect your home from parasites. Usually, bugs are brought from traveling, with the acquisition of new household items or from guests who have these insects.

When traveling, it is important to carefully check the new room for bugs. Do not unpack luggage until you are completely sure that there are no parasites in the room. If bugs are found under the mattress or in another place, it is urgent to require a different room or to move to another hotel altogether, since, most likely, all rooms are infected.

When returning from a trip home, it is important to carefully examine all things and in any case it is better to wash them at maximum temperature. It is also recommended to inspect household appliances or upholstered furniture after its acquisition, as bedbugs often live in warehouses.

To prevent the occurrence of bugs, it is important to keep clean and tidy in the house, constantly ventilate the room, throw out and not bring old things and furniture into the house. You can also occasionally check places where bugs can appear, since it is much easier to destroy a small colony of insects than to remove parasites from the whole house.

In winter, it is also recommended to ventilate the house, as bedbugs and other harmful insects are afraid of frost. Knocking out carpets, pillows and blankets in the cold is also a good tradition. Regular redecoration of premises, re-sticking wallpapers, closing up cracks, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home - all these measures will help to protect housing from the appearance of any types of parasites.

How to prevent bugs from entering the apartment

First, a little about what the so-called "home bugs" are. Bed bugs are an obligate synanthropic blood-sucking insect, in other words - feeding on human blood and warm-blooded ones. Small insects up to 9 mm long lead a parasitic life, settling directly in the vicinity of humans and animals in order to regularly feed on their blood - most often in beds and furniture, which is what they are called from. Unlike ticks, bugs do not stick for a long time and do not winter under the thickness of snow in the turf, but seek refuge near the victim. Pastel bugs, or as they are also called “furniture bugs,” create large colonies and do not seek dangerous trips. [Who are home bugs]

Topic: Bedbugs in the apartment, prevention, how to prevent penetration

According to most ordinary people who are not familiar with them, bedbugs are like cockroaches - they start only in unscrupulous, messy and poor families. What exactly is dirt and conditions unsuitable for living of a modern person are the main magnet for these parasites. In fact, bugs do not care what your apartment is. Whether it’s a rickety “Khrushchevka” in a 100-year-old house, or a new building in the elite district of Moscow, it’s all the same. Homemade (pastel) bed bugs need only food, warmth and relatively quiet living. And this can provide up to 99.99% of the total heated and inhabited living space in our country.

At the same time, bugs are quite difficult to bring out. From time immemorial, they have been doing fine with the fact that they do not give offense. For a modern person, pastel bugs have become a real disaster, because it was with the development of logistics and a tourist base that caused such a massive population of this parasite everywhere and everywhere. Now this blood-sucking parasite can meet you anywhere. And the speed of breeding bugs and their ability to survive difficult (bloodless) times often play an important role in the issue of colony survival and breeding of the species.

How bugs get into an apartment

Unlike cockroaches, bedbugs do not run from the sewer and are not capable of short-term march throws. Bed bugs generally rarely travel long distances, and even in search of food are not always ready to take the initiative. In most cases of infection with bugs, the so-called human factor is listed. The fact is that people themselves bring parasites from different countries, simply traveling or visiting dubious hotels. Bed bugs can climb onto clothes or luggage and burry there before you arrive home. The ability of "home" bugs to hibernate without food and at a low temperature, and then come to life under changes makes them extremely dangerous migrant parasites.

Often blood-sucking bugs penetrate the apartment from the neighbors, in whom this scourge already fits the definition of “epidemic”. Они, конечно же, вряд ли минуют 5-6 этажей многоэтажного дома или совершат бросок от одного строения к другому, но при расширении владений колония легко просачивается в бытовых щелях меж плит, дверей, окон, по проводке и вентиляции. Даже в обычном автомобиле эти паразиты способны устроить маленькую колонию и почти безнаказанно мучить его владельца, а потом с вещами переехать и к нему в квартиру, да и к тем, кого этот несчастный перевозил.

Often fixed cases of penetration of bugs into the apartment with the help of clothes. The fact is that they are always oriented by smell, therefore they often climb even on clothes left by someone, which after wander from apartment to apartment. Pastel bugs can come directly to the furniture. Yes, even in new furniture, they may well start if, for example, transportation was carried out in an infected car or the furniture itself was overexposed in an infected warehouse. [How the bugs enter the apartment]

How to keep bugs out of the apartment

Among all the known and most relevant methods of infection, not one is yet beyond our capabilities. We can always be protected from these parasites by almost 100%. The main thing in such matters is desire and knowledge. Let's say that you already have the first one, but we will help you get the second one.

  • Ventilation . For most cases of infection, the most successful can be considered a parasite traveling through ventilation. From the developer, the ventilation window does not close in any way. And even with all things being equal, bed bugs, due to the structure of their bodies, are able to squeeze even into the blocked ventilation, feeling for a tiny hole at the junction with the net.
  • Sockets. Another weak point that many do not protect due to uselessness. But in fact, it is the outlet that can become the only place from where the bugs run and where they are most likely to multiply.
  • Cracks. Not all apartments are in new and modern houses, as not all modern apartments are designed and finished perfectly. Often, interroom and interfloor plates can contain household gaps, through which bedbugs will penetrate. This problem is especially acute in old houses where such gaps can reach truly impressive sizes. However, the bugs do not need much - they will easily squeeze into a very modest and seemingly too narrow gap. The peculiarity of the structure, you know.

In the first case, you should take care of buying special mesh filters that neatly lie on a plastic base that fits snugly against the wall. And if you add sealant to this, it will help to minimize the risks of the penetration of any parasites. In the second case, it is important to put the rosette boxes very tightly in advance, and all the holes in them must also be closed with a special mechanism. Cracks will have to be repaired by myself, carefully inspecting all possible places of penetration.

⇒ Direct penetration / human factor

  • Furniture Often we get / or buy armchairs and room sofas, but almost never think about who had slept on them before and why they were being sold (given away). There are times when, along with old furniture, people also sold bugs that settled in it.
  • Clothing . Going on vacation or traveling, we rarely think about what can be “stuck” in distant and hot countries. If, for example, we still somehow protect ourselves from ticks, then we almost never carefully process our luggage and clothes from parasites. The same applies to visiting dubious hotels or spending the night in places where bedbugs have long been struggling.

In the first case, the furniture should always be inspected for the presence of bugs and their eggs before being brought to their home. Well, in no case do not pick it up in a garbage dump or landfill, where it most often falls for this reason. But the clothes can be simply processed, and not thrown into the dirt after arriving home. It can be ironing, hot washing or even going to dry cleaning.

Bedbug Prevention

To prevent the penetration of bugs into the apartment and further reproduction, it is not always enough for you to observe the basic rules and stop any possible attempts. There is always the possibility of missing something or losing vigilance to simply forget - we are all human beings, after all. Therefore, in addition to ventilation grilles and strict rules for replenishing apartment furniture, you still have to insure yourself against penetration.

  1. Close up all the cracks in the baseboard and glue all the wallpaper that has passed away - no cracks.
  2. Clean your furniture with an insecticidal solution.
  3. Surf and seal with a sealant all dubious openings in the walls and communications.
  4. Spend a full cleaning often.
  5. Do not keep cluttered cabinets and pantries.
  6. Talk with your neighbors periodically to know in advance about impending issues.

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