Useful Tips

Tip 1: How to write a diploma speech


1. Committed for the purpose of demonstration (2 digits), the caller. Demonstrative refusal. Demonstrative care.Zoya did not show up for three days, which was already taking on a demonstrative character. Mother's Siberian, Without special rights.

2. Based on a demonstration (3 digits), followed by a demonstration of smth. Demonstrative teaching method. Demonstrative lectures.

3.The military. Being a demo (in 5 digits). In order to divert the enemy’s attention from the bridge, Lazo ordered the Cheremkhovsky and Kansk detachments --- to begin a demonstrative crossing on their own site. Sedykh, Dauria.

Source (print): Dictionary of the Russian language: In 4 volumes / RAS, Institute of Linguistics. Research, Ed. A.P. Evgenieva. - 4th ed., Erased. - M .: Rus. language, Polygraph resources, 1999, (electronic version): Fundamental Digital Library

DEMONSTRATIVE, oh, oh, Vienna, vna, vno. 1. Committed for the purpose of demonstration (in 3 and 4 digits). Demonstrative performance. Demonstrative troop transfer. D. refusal of work. Deputies defiantly (adv.) left the meeting.2. Based on the show, on the demonstration (educ.). D. teaching method.

Source: The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language, edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940), (electronic version): Fundamental Digital Library


1. committed to demonstrate something, provocative, deliberate

2. based on a demonstration (public display of something), accompanied by a demonstration of something

3. military being a demonstration with the goal of misleading the enemy and diverting his attention from the site of the main attack

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The role of the introduction in the defense of the thesis

Members of the examination committee are unlikely to read the entire thesis, they simply do not have enough time for this. They only leaf through it, pay attention to the correctness of the design, perhaps to individual facts or quotes. But they will listen to the opening speech on defense with special attention and, on its basis, will ask questions. The student's task is to correctly and clearly compose his opening speech, possibly anticipating answers to questions that may arise during the defense.

In accordance with the standard requirements for the preparation of the thesis, it should contain the following elements: introduction, the main part, divided into theoretical and practical, conclusion, list of used literature. In the same way, you need to make a plan for the opening address to the defense.

Introductory spelling order

To begin with, it is necessary to formulate the topic of your thesis, to formulate its purpose and tasks set to achieve this goal. Then prove the relevance of the topic and the materials used for it. The following is a brief description of the theoretical part of the work (to characterize objects, objects and research methods, to summarize the summary very succinctly) and draw conclusions from it. In the same way to talk about the practical part. The report should be completed by summing up and analyzing the results of the work, confirming its scientific and practical significance. The field of practical application of the thesis should also be indicated.

The easiest way is to make up the beginning of the introduction. It is necessary to introduce a goal, tasks and relevance into it directly from the introduction. It is more difficult to retell the summary of the theoretical and practical parts (the conclusions are transferred from them without changes).

Summing up and the significance of the work are taken from the conclusion. The introduction should not exceed 10 minutes. To ensure clarity, you can prepare a computer presentation containing tables and illustrations that reflect the most important moments of the thesis.

Before you begin your opening speech, you need to politely contact the State Examination Commission, introduce yourself, name your specialty and supervisor.

Properly composed and confidently pronounced opening address to the thesis is the main component of a successful defense.

Performance Tips

Choose a simple theme. This is the best way to make sure your speech is effective and interesting. Choosing a topic that is too complex or technical is a great way to quickly lose audience interest because most people don't like topics that require too much concentration.

In addition, many audiences are made up of people from different walks of life, so choosing a simple topic ensures that the audience understands what you are talking about without losing interest at some point.

Know your audience. This is easier to do than it sounds, especially because the people who hire you to speak often help you get to know your audience so that you can get this valuable information before you start writing a speech.

One thing to look for is the mental level of the audience, so if they are in a certain age range, field or area of ​​interest, you can easily satisfy your speech with this function.

Using innovative methods to keep your speech uplifting and positive also helps to do so your due diligence on your audience is always a great first step in creating the perfect demonstrative speech.

Use interesting visual aids. Visual aids are a very important part of demonstration speech, and if you use various visual aids, speech is guaranteed to keep the audience's attention.

It is best if you use drawings, photographs, three-dimensional objects and even cards for more attention. If you walk back and forth between color and black-and-white pictures and visual aids of various sizes and types, this will maintain the interest of the audience throughout the speech.

In addition, demonstrating visual aids is also important, because during many performances, viewers pay more attention to visual aids than speech itself.