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What are harmful energies for health - properties and contraindications


Not a lot has been written about the dangers of energy drinks, but our life is such that, sometimes, we can not do without stimulation of the body. Someone is invigorated by a certain number of cups of black coffee, while someone uses energy drinks without thinking about the consequences for their health.

According to Wikipedia: “Energy (“ energy ”,“ energy tonic ”) - non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks, the advertising campaign of which focuses on their ability to stimulate the human central nervous system and / or anti-sedative effect.”

The Internet is simply a storehouse of various topics. So, on the website in the article “The Harm and Benefit of Energy Drinks” pretty interesting information is written, and at the end the conclusion (I give without cuts):

“In the energy sector, melatonin is used, usually of plant origin. However, like any hormone-like substance, in the case of uncontrolled use it can do harm more quickly than bring benefits. For example, the body will not be able to produce melatonin in the amount that it needs, therefore, antioxidant protection will fail.

Opening the next can of energy, remember: the drink itself does not contain any “super energy”, but only encourages your body to use its own energy resources accumulated for the future. However, the body is not an abyss, and sooner or later resources will have to be restored, in return receiving fatigue, insomnia, irritability and depression. Therefore, remember that you can not abuse energy in any case. You can use them only in the case of rare "force majeure" situations. And only we ourselves can make the number of such situations as small as possible. ”

I agree with the author of the article, because, despite the claims of manufacturers of energy drinks that their products only benefit, that these drinks really perfectly cheer up and stimulate mental activity, they have not only “pluses”, but they can also have a side effect . I previously published a post on how energy tonics affect health. In the same article I want to recall what way out of the current situation NSP found.

In today's world, people are forced to live in conditions of constant lack of time and emotional stress. That is why the level of consumption of energy drinks is steadily increasing. Since life itself dictates such conditions, the task of man is to extract the maximum benefit from the consumption of energy drinks.

NSP Company produces a line of energy cocktails - Solstik Slim, Solstik Revive, Solstik Nutrishn, Solstik Energy and each of them is good in its own way. Naturally, in the composition of the components, the effects on the body, they differ from each other and only Solstic Energy (Solstik Energy) fits all. It is especially necessary for workaholics and students who have to work and study at night, as well as active people who prefer to spend free time in the gym.

What is the difference and advantages of Solstik Energy energy cocktail compared to other energy drinks?

  • Minimum calorie content (sugar free, only maltodextrin from carbohydrates), unlike other energy specialists. Can be used for diabetes. Optionally, you can additionally take carbohydrates.
  • Helps your body efficiently generate energy for a long time.
  • Helps your brain produce endorphins, which are responsible for a good mood.
  • It is not carbonated, therefore it does not destroy the digestive system and does not remove calcium from the body.
  • Does not increase the acidity of the body.
  • Energy drink Solstik Energy has no side effects, it contains a safer variety of caffeine (theophylline and theobromine), which acts softer, longer lasting effect. It has no negative effects (for this reason there is no need for taurine, which smoothes the negative effects of caffeine).
  • The effectiveness of the action of Solstic Energy (energy cocktail) is ensured thanks to plant components and vitamins: extracts of guarana beans, peel of red grapes, green tea, Korean ginseng, and B vitamins.

And now, more about the plant extracts that make up this miracle drink:

Red grape skin extract, which is the strongest natural antioxidant. It provides dietary supplements with healing properties: as the drink is used in humans, blood circulation is normalized, and the risk of developing atherosclerosis is reduced. You can read more about the beneficial properties of grapes in the article “The healing properties of grapes. Ampelotherapy. "

Green tea possesses a number of unsurpassed healing properties. He is an excellent diuretic, has the ability to remove poisons from the body, to remove alcohol intoxication. Tea regulates fat metabolism and does not have side effects. He has the ability to eliminate drowsiness, relieves fatigue.

Green tea contains more than 300 different substances - carbohydrates, proteins, trace elements, vitamins C1, B1, B2, VZ, B5, K, P. In addition, green tea contains calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, phosphorus and its compounds.

Ginseng korean known as the most popular means to strengthen the body. It has a quick and tonic effect on the nervous system and respiratory system, increases the energy level in the body and is therefore recommended for general weakness, loss of strength, and delays the aging process. Increasing the flow of energy into the body, contributes to the burning of fats.

Guarana. This plant contains a less aggressive variety of caffeine. However, the stimulating potential of guaranin is 2-5 times higher than that of coffee.

Its advantage over coffee also lies in the fact that it does not clog the body, does not wash out calcium and does not bring additional toxic substances. In addition, natural caffeine is easily and completely digested, it is an excellent source of energy, especially for the nervous system.

The product gives a sense of vitality, increases the speed of the reaction, relieves fatigue, helps to tone up, stimulate mental activity, improves oxygen delivery to brain cells. The tonic effect of guarana lasts much longer than with coffee, about 6-8 hours, without leading to overexcitation. In addition, no addictive effect and addiction!

Sucralose, It is a sweetener that contains 0 calories. It has been tested for 20 years and is recognized as harmless. Does not affect blood sugar (safe for patients with diabetes).

Every day, 85 percent of the population consumes caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, cola, energy drinks). The effect of a cup of coffee or strong tea lasts 1 - 1.5 hours, but Solstic Energy lasts up to 4 hours. It is very simple to prepare: 1 sachet (3.75 g) of Solstic Energy is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water. Adults take 250 ml 2 times a day with meals. Duration of admission is 1 month.

I hope you were impressed with the composition and action, and not only the tonic, energy cocktail Solstik Energy. By opting for drinks called Solstics, you can maintain the health you need for a productive, vibrant life.

What are energy drinks

Before considering why the energy industry is harmful, you need to understand why this drink was invented at all. Depending on what ingredients are included in its composition, it can be both non-alcoholic and low alcohol. Each of them is designed to stimulate the nervous system and provide an anti-sedative effect.

Power engineers are able to very quickly give a sense of vitality, increase efficiency and make it possible to feel an inexhaustible surge of strength. Most often, such drinks are consumed by students during the session, truckers, office workers, as well as those who like to attend nightclubs.

Since the liquid is highly carbonated, this leads to the fact that the active substances are absorbed by the body as quickly as possible, which means that the desired effect is achieved as soon as possible.

How did energy come about?

People constantly stimulated their nervous system. For example, strong tea was always drunk in Asia and China, coffee in the Middle East, and stake nuts were eaten in Africa.

At the end of the 20th century, an energy drink was invented in Asia. The Austrian Dietrich Mateschic, who was in Hong Kong at that time, independently developed his recipe and began to produce it for sale. The new drink quickly gained popularity. Currently, the Red Bull has captured 70% of the energy market.

A few words about the composition

Not many people are wondering why the energy sector is harmful. Of course, if you use this product in moderation, then it will not cause significant harm to health. But abuse can play a bad joke with you. The composition of the tonic drink primarily depends on the manufacturer. However, most often in the composition of the liquid you can find caffeine and stimulants. It's no secret that caffeine is found in many plants, so the composition of the drink may include ingredients such as guarana extract, mate or green tea.

First of all, what is harmful to the power engineer is that the dosage of caffeine in it is significantly exceeded. The optimal amount is considered to be 150 mg per liter, while in most tonic drinks this figure reaches 350-400 mg.

Quite often, manufacturers add various vitamins to their products, which is a definite plus. However, you should not think that they will be enough to conduct normal life. Therefore, carefully read the composition and be sure to pay attention to all the little things.

The composition of the drink may also include adaptogens that strengthen the nervous system and increase the body's resistance to the harmful effects of the environment. Also, taurine may be included in the composition, which has a positive effect on the body.

In which countries is the sale of energy drinks allowed?

  • in Denmark, France and Norway, energy can only be found in pharmacies,
  • sale of energy drinks at school is prohibited in Russia, contraindications and side effects must be written on the label,
  • in the USA it is forbidden to sell alcoholic energy drinks.

Many countries have already begun to ban the sale of power engineers. For example, in Ireland, one athlete died in training because he drank three cans of energy.

There were sad incidents in Sweden too. Teenagers mixed alcoholic drinks and energy, as a result, they died.

Types of drinks

Many people are wondering if the energy industry is harmful. In fact, in this world everything is harmful, which is in abundance. The modern market is simply amazing in its abundance. On the shelves of supermarkets you can meet just a huge number of power engineers. However, it is not so easy to find useful ones among them. Despite this, power engineers are able to cheer up and increase overall vitality. Consider two main groups of energy drinks:

- increase mood and add vitality due to carbohydrates and vitamins that are part of

- having an effect due to caffeine. Such power engineers will be appreciated by people working at night, as well as students preparing to pass exams, and truckers.

The composition of energy drinks

  • Caffeine. Of course, this is the most popular power engineer. Millions of people drink coffee to get a boost of energy. Absolutely all energy drinks contain caffeine. This component is an excellent stimulant. 100 mg of caffeine increases mental activity, and 250 mg improves endurance of the cardiovascular system. To achieve the desired effect, you need to drink three cans of energy drinks, but this exceeds the daily dose.
  • Taurine. This is an amino acid that is found in human muscles. Improves the work of the heart, but recently, doctors began to refute this hypothesis. Some doctors say that taurine does not have any effect on the human body. One can of energy contains from 300 to 100 mg of this substance.
  • Carnitine. Contained in human cells. Reduces fatigue and increases stamina. This element is able to burn body fat and can improve metabolic processes in the body.
  • Ginseng and guarana. These are plants related to medicinal. They have a tonic effect on the human body. Guarana found its application in medicine: it alleviates muscle pain by removing lactic acid from the tissues. Guarana cleanses the liver and prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis.
  • Vitamins of group B. These components are simply necessary for a person. Thanks to them, the human brain and nervous system function correctly. A lack of vitamins B can negatively affect human health. Manufacturers of power engineers assure that if you receive vitamins of this group in large quantities, then your mental abilities will improve significantly. This is just a marketing ploy. An excess of vitamin B will negatively affect the human body.
  • Melatonin This substance is in the human body. It is responsible for biorhythms.
  • Matein. The substance helps to dull the hunger and has a fat burning effect.

What is the use

The safer the composition of such a drink, the more useful it is. Of course, the power engineer is harmful to drink, but if this is not done systematically, then he will not bring severe harm to health. Try to choose those tonics that include adaptogens and vitamins. They will increase your energy level naturally. Caffeine-based drinks can very quickly cheer you up, but at the same time they have a negative effect on the nervous system as a whole. The gases included in the composition are able to accelerate the effect of the energy system on the body, which is an undoubted plus.

Be sure to think about how harmful alcohol-based energy is. Alcohol in itself has a negative effect on the nervous system, and in conjunction with caffeine you will cause irreparable harm to your health.

As you can see, it can only be beneficial if you are not taking caffeine-based tonics. Caffeinated drinks have a very strong effect on the nervous system. Therefore, if you still have to use this type of energy, then take the smallest possible portion.

The convenience of energy is that it can be drunk absolutely anywhere. It does not need to be brewed like coffee, and wait until it cools. All that is required of you is to open the bottle and enjoy the pleasant taste.

Pros and cons of using energy

Scientists have not come to a general conclusion whether energy is harmful or useful. Some perceive them as ordinary lemonade, while others believe that if you regularly use energy, you can harm your body.

  1. The selection of energy drinks is huge. Everyone can find himself an energetic who will fully comply with his tastes and preferences. Some drinks may be fruit-flavored, while others may be without additives. There are drinks with a high content of vitamins, and there are with a high content of caffeine.
  2. Power engineers are able to cheer up in minutes, they are also quickly able to improve mental activity.
  3. Energy drinks are a real lifesaver for students, workaholics, drivers and athletes.
  4. Glucose and various vitamins are added to many energy drinks. Glucose gives strength and energy, and the benefits of vitamins are known to absolutely everyone.
  5. An energy drink lasts about 4 hours, which is 2 times more than the effect of a cup of coffee. Moreover, energy begins to act much faster than coffee.
  6. Energy drinks are easy to use: you can always keep them in your bag or car. Energy is always at hand!

  • Energetics must be consumed strictly in accordance with the prescribed dose: no more than two cans per day. If you drink more, then an increase in blood sugar and pressure is guaranteed.
  • All vitamins that are added to energy drinks will not replace vitamins from natural products and from multivitamin complexes.
  • Those who have heart disease and those who suffer from high or low blood pressure are not allowed to drink energy drinks.
  • An energetic is not a miracle drink at all. He does not give man energy. This drink only shows the body where to get it. Energy is just the key that opens the door to vigor. Simply put, energy does not give us strength, they only get our own energy out of reserves. After this drink has taken the last strength out of stocks, a person becomes irritable and tired.
  • Caffeine, which is found in any energy drink, depletes the human nervous system. Действует энергетик 4 часа, но по истечение этого времени человеку просто необходимо отдохнуть. Более того, кофеин может вызвать привыкание.
  • Огромные дозы кофеина и глюкозы, добавленные в энергетический напиток, могут навредить человеку.
  • В некоторые виды энергетический напитков добавляют невероятное количество витамина В, что значительно превышает суточную дозу. Exceeding the norm can cause muscle tremors and increased heart rate.
  • Caffeine has a diuretic property. Therefore, after power loads, it is forbidden to drink energy drinks, because the body already lost a lot of fluid with sweat.
  • Glucuronolactone and taurine are added to some energy drinks. These substances are contained in the drink in unrealistically huge doses. So, for example, taurine exceeds the daily norm by 10 times, and glucuronolactone - by as much as 250! Scientists have not yet figured out how safe this dose is for humans. Research is underway on this subject.

What harm does caffeine do?

Once again, you should pay attention to whether the power engineer is harmful. Despite the fact that the composition of the drink will include the same caffeine, which is included in the composition of coffee, the second drink will be less dangerous. After all, the concentration of caffeine in the energy sector will be incredibly high. Of course, this ingredient in small quantities can have a positive effect on the body. But large dosages will not lead to anything good.

An energetic is harmful to health precisely because it contains elevated doses of caffeine, which are irritating to all organ systems in general. For example, a drink is able to increase blood pressure, as well as increase the heart rate. With the constant use of such a tonic, the heart begins to wear out prematurely, which means that diseases of the cardiovascular system arise.

It is very important to think about whether the energy sector is harmful to health. The drink is able to destroy bone tissue, as well as affect the state of the digestive system. The constituents increase the acidity of the stomach, which can lead to heartburn. Also, the drink has a direct effect on the central nervous system. Excessive use of tonic can cause insomnia and depression.

Side Effects of Power Engineers

With regular use of energy drinks, you can notice the following side effects:

  • tachycardia - increased heart rate, the norm for a person is 60 beats per minute, but with tachycardia you can observe 90 or more heart beats,
  • psychomotor agitation - anxiety, which can be expressed differently in different ways: from uncontrolled motor anxiety to shouting without reason various phrases and sounds,
  • increased nervousness - fatigue, lack of sleep at night and drowsiness during the day, irritability and frequent bouts of headache, all these symptoms directly indicate excessive nervousness,
  • depression - lack of joy, indifference to everything that happens, impaired thinking.

Sugar effect

Do not forget that sugar is part of energy drinks, which causes a lot of harm to the human body. Light carbohydrates contribute to rapid weight gain, damage to tooth enamel, as well as stimulation of the central nervous system. In addition to sugars, various dyes are usually included, which also has little benefit.

How to use energy drinks?

You may notice that there are much more minuses for energy drinks than pluses. But still, everyone can have a situation when they simply can’t do without an energy drink. For this, it is necessary to study all the postulates of the use of power engineers in order to protect themselves from negative consequences.

  • No more than two cans of energy per day! They contain a daily dose of caffeine, it is strictly forbidden to exceed it.
  • After drinking an energy drink, you need to relax. It is desirable that this was a full sleep.
  • It is forbidden to drink energy drinks after a sports load. As mentioned above, the power engineer removes water from the body. Moreover, energy, like sports training, increases pressure,
  • You can not drink energy in the presence of the following diseases: hypertension, heart disease and glaucoma. It is also forbidden to drink an energy drink if you suffer from insomnia and have caffeine intolerance.
  • You can not give energy to kids and adolescents. Some ask, "Can children drink energy?" The consequences may not be very pleasant, so the guys are better off not offering this drink.
  • It is forbidden to drink tea or coffee within 5 hours after drinking energy.
  • Energy drinks and alcohol are not compatible. An energetic increases pressure, and alcohol significantly enhances the effect of this drink. As a result, you can earn a hypertensive crisis.

How harmful is energy

As mentioned above, excessive consumption of energy drinks negatively affects the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure rises, and this, in turn, leads to constant headaches and dizziness. Vascular tone also decreases.

Do not forget that energy drinks negatively affect the nervous system. Under their influence, the nervous activity of our body slows down, so we feel constant drowsiness, fatigue, aggressiveness, irritability, and also become prone to the development of depressive states.

With the regular use of tonic drinks, the body spends too much energy reserves, which is not so easy to restore. This requires good nutrition and sleep. Caffeine will give you energy, but it will borrow it from the reserves prepared by your smart body for the future.

Energy also has a negative effect on metabolic processes. Metabolism slows down, digestion is significantly impaired, and decay products are not easily excreted. In addition, such a product will worsen the health of the liver and kidneys.

Addictive effect

Think about whether it’s harmful to drink an energy drink if this drink can become addictive. After all, the body will simply get used to additional stimulation. After a jar of delicious drink you will feel a surge of strength and good mood. However, the moment will soon come when one serving will not be enough for you. And soon two will be few.

And then in an instant you decide that you no longer want to drink energy, but it will not be so easy to cheer up without them. That is why it is very important to know the measure and not to abuse it.

Who should not drink

In fact, even such a seemingly healthy drink, like an energy drink, can not be drunk by everyone. One serving of energy drink contains just a huge dosage of caffeine, as well as other energy components. Not every body can withstand such a load. Therefore, there are a number of contraindications in which drinking this drink is strictly prohibited.

So, it is best to refrain from the use of energy in such cases:

  • people with high blood pressure
  • in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • Do not drink energy drinks for people suffering from insomnia, as well as having an excitable nervous system,
  • in no case should the product be used by children, adolescents and the elderly,
  • It is also worth abandoning the drink to pregnant and lactating women, since caffeine will have a negative effect on the health of not only the mother, but also her unborn baby.

Application rules

If you are wondering if a non-alcoholic energy drink is harmful, then believe me, it is safer than a drink containing alcohol. However, in order for the tonic to cause a minimum of harm to your health, you need to drink it correctly.

The maximum daily intake should be 250 ml of drink per day. On sale you can see a large number of half-liter and liter cans and bottles. Beware of such containers, as they contain an excessively large dosage of caffeine.

In no case do not drink such drinks after playing sports, as well as before training. The consequences of this action can be extremely deplorable. Also, do not combine energy with alcoholic drinks and any other energy-raising liquid. These include coffee and tea in the first place.

If you still decide to drink an energy drink, then best of all do it in the morning. A few sips of a miraculous drink will be enough for you. Of course, almost all power engineers have a very pleasant taste, but you should not drink them to quench your thirst, because they are not intended for this.

Of course, having drunk the energy drink, you can briefly cheer up and cheer yourself up. However, even one jar of such a delicious drink can cause irreparable harm to your health. Therefore, it is better not to use energy at all. And if you do it all the same, then know the measure and do not abuse it.

Do not forget that your health is in your hands. Only you are responsible for yourself, so take care of yourself. Do not forget that there are a huge number of other methods to cheer up. Drinking an energy drink is not the best option. Take care of your health and it will take care of you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Drinks

  1. Is it possible to drink an expired power engineer? It is impossible. At least this threatens poisoning. An energy drink is the same product as everyone else. Better to buy a new jar of energy than to put yourself at risk.
  2. Can teenagers drink energy? If a power engineer does not contain alcohol, this does not mean that he is unsafe. Persons 15-16 years old are not recommended to drink this drink.
  3. Is it possible to drink energy for children under 13 years old? If teenagers are not allowed to drink energy, then especially for children. This drink may adversely affect the nervous system of a growing organism.
  4. Is it possible to drink an energy drink for pregnant women? It is impossible. Pregnant women are better off on a complete diet and avoid caffeinated foods. Substances that make up energy drinks can harm the fetus.
  5. Can I drink energy before the exam? Can. Only follow the tips for using this product.
  6. Can I drink an energy drink before training? In small quantities. It is forbidden to drink energy after training.
  7. Is it possible to drink energy until the age of 18? The store can sell energy to people under 18 years old, but this does not mean that they can be consumed. Conscientious manufacturers on the labels of energy drinks indicate: "It is forbidden to use to persons under 18 years of age."

What brands of power engineers can be found?

  • Red Bull
  • Burn
  • Adrenaline Rush.

These are the most popular non-alcoholic energy drinks.

Also on the shelves of the store you can find alcoholic energy drinks. Drinking them is strictly prohibited! If you saw alcohol in the energy drink, then put it aside, take care of your health.

What is the difference between non-alcoholic power engineers?

It is worth saying a few words about which of the listed power engineers is the least harmful to the body.

  • Red Bull - this drink is similar in composition and effect to a cup of coffee with a spoon of sugar.
  • Burn - a huge amount of guarana, theobromine and caffeine was added to this drink.
  • Adrenaline Rush is the safest of all power engineers. it provides an invigorating effect with the help of ginseng, which is a common medicinal plant.

In conclusion

Whatever drink you prefer, it is worth remembering that these are just carbonated analogues of a cup of coffee. Energy can harm the body.

Vitamins and substances that make up energy drinks can be found in juices, fruits, and chocolate.

Think, maybe it's better to drink a cup of strong and aromatic coffee with a slice of dark chocolate than to poison your body with energy drinks?