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How to distinguish original Nike sneakers from a fake - 12 ways


We all dream of getting original, high-quality shoes at an attractive price, we are engaged in promotions and attractive discounts. But ... Often we get a pig in a poke. Externally original and fake look on one face! And if you look closely, you can notice the difference. This cheat sheet will tell you how to distinguish the original "nike" from a fake visually and to the touch).

Common symptoms

  1. The first sign that distinguishes the original Nike from a fake is the price! A fake will cost about 2000 - 3000 rubles, the original from 5000 and above. Free mousetrap cheese only 😉
  2. In a fake, upon careful inspection, you can notice smudges of glue, "burrs", uneven seams. In the original factories, even if they are located in China, quality control always works and there should be no such "minor" flaws.
  3. The leather in the original products is evenly dyed, without wrinkles and folds.
  4. Real Nike products are sold only in boxes. The absence of a box is a sure sign that this is a fake. Even if the seller claims that she was, but was lost.
  5. It is imperative that there is a label on the tongue of the sneakers with sizes, the name of the site and other info (country of manufacture, patents, etc.).
  6. The label should be sewn evenly, painted over clearly, the letter “E” merges together with the “swush” (strip, tick) on the logo.
  7. The sole of the original Nike sneakers is matte, because it is made of complex composite material. In fakes, the sole may glisten; it looks like it is plastic, slippery.
  8. A sharp, chemical smell is not inherent in the original Nike. If sneakers openly stink of chemistry, this is a fake.
  9. Inconsistency in size on the label (for example, a foot of 25 cm should correspond to size 39, not 40th).
  10. The “wooden” insole of the fake, the original - soft, porous. Look under the insole as well. Most fakes are glued with glue, the original sneakers are stitched with threads, and if the insole is bent, it can be seen.

How can I verify the authenticity of Nike?

  • Scan a barcode on a box or on a shortcut using a mobile phone (a special application is used, there are many of them). If the sneakers are original, the barcode will work; if not, the fake.
  • Check the code (indicated on the box and label on the tongue of the sneakers). The first six digits indicate the model number. The last three are color. If you enter these numbers into a Google search, the result should show the model that is in the box. If not, fake.
  • The articles on the box and on the inside of the tongue of the sneaker should match. If not, then in front of you, most likely, a fake or the seller just mixed up the boxes (I would hope).

And now specifically for the models:

Nike air max

The model of Air Max sneakers is remarkable in that it has an air cushion that makes movements comfortable. In fakes, an air cushion is either absent altogether, or only its miserable visual resemblance is created. In fact, the “pillows” in fakes turn out to be voids that are squeezed when walking, which can seriously undermine health. Only the radical way will help to check the presence of a pillow - try to cut the air chamber. At the same time, cotton will be heard in the original sneakers, but this will not happen in a fake. It is difficult to verify the authenticity of pillows by touch. But the air inserts in the original Nike Air Max shoes are more flexible.

The main distinguishing feature of the original Air Max 97 model is that the company logo is visible in the air window, but not in the fake. On the inside of the insole, also, if removed, you can see the logo.

Nike huarache

The mesh in the front of the original sneakers should be with a large pattern, and not with a small one. There should not be any smudges of glue, especially on white shoes. Leather inserts in the original models are perforated (with holes), in fakes - even. On the original sole the inserts are gray, in the fake - white.

Nike free

Fake sneakers have smaller perforations and are made more often. There are stiff insoles in the fake, the sole is also wooden and looks more like plastic than rubber.

It can be really difficult to tell the original Nike from the fake. But only at first glance. Having looked closely, the fake is easy to recognize. And we hope the cheat sheet helped you with this 😉

How to distinguish brand nike sneakers from a fake?

1. Content of the seller’s site

Most fakes are bought in online stores or on sites like eBay. Therefore, first of all, analyze the content of the site. Does the company have no physical address? Does the seller offer fabulous discounts? Watch out! They sell fakes here.

Does not interfere with reading the text on the Home page. If the seller arranges an unlimited sale with tremendous discounts and at the same time he has all sizes, then the store clearly sells fake Nike sneakers. No explanation, such as deliveries under exclusive contracts, should suit you.

Sales of old collections may indeed occur. And prices will be significantly lower than for new models, but not twice. And even more so at seasonal sales there will not be a full size range. The surest way to find out the cost of genuine shoes is to go to the Nike official website. If the store really sells branded products, then its price tag will not differ much from the manufacturer's price list. If the price differences are significant, then you have counterfeit products.

Too diverse a proposal should also alert. Fraudsters can make everything, even models that Nike never had in stock.

We strongly do not recommend buying shoes on eBay and various message boards. The probability of running into the Nike sneakers in this case tends to 100%. However, if you still decide to take a chance, ask the seller to photograph the goods against the background of today's or yesterday's newspaper. So you at least make sure that the shoes are available, and also appreciate its appearance.

2. The country where Nike sneakers are made

The brand itself is from the United States, but do not bother looking for shoes with the words "made in USA". On the contrary, such an inscription should alert. Production has long been transferred to the countries of Southeast Asia - China and Vietnam. Where labor is cheaper. However, quality control has not been canceled.

3. Spelling mistakes in branding

Mike’s spelling mistakes are less common than Adidas’s. However, with luck, you can meet Nik or Nake.

4. Fabric label on the tongue of the Nike sneakers

On the original, the label is sewn in a neat, even line. On genuine products, the inscription is embroidered with satin stitch, and on fake products - offset. A check mark on the original covers the entire lower part of the letter “E”, and on a fake part of the stick remains open.

5. Logo on the thrust bearing

Embroidery of the original should be "bold" and neat.

6. Eyelet for laces

The original product has smooth holes with neat stitching in a circle. Fakes have burrs, puffs, and suture bumps.

A well-readable logo must be embossed on the insoles. In the original shoes, the insoles are medium in thickness - not too thick or thin.

8. Sock products

The place where the tongue is sewn should be neatly stitched.

9. Outsole surface

In real Nike, the sole is made of composite materials. It has a matte finish. The more plastic glitter, the higher the likelihood that you have a fake.

The appearance of the fake and the original varies markedly. The fake has noticeable traces of glue, and the logo is just an ironed sticker that will fall off after the first rain. As a line there may be flaws. Look at this picture: the difference between the original and the counterfeit is very noticeable.

11. Color palette

How to verify the authenticity of Nike sneakers with maximum accuracy? Open the manufacturer’s official website and carefully study the color palette of each brand collection. It happens that the fake is made almost perfectly: even lines, no smudges of glue. However, the pirates pierced in one thing: in the color scheme. In different years, models could be made in different colors. In addition, limited episodes could be issued for some events, such as Independence Day. In pursuit of profit, counterfeiters make shoes in all colors of the rainbow, even those that the brand has never had.

There is a very simple way to check the originality of the Nike sneakers - this is to smell them. A sharp chemical smell emanates from the counterfeit, while the original shoes practically do not smell.

Of course, the most reliable option is to buy at a Nike company store. Today, fake up to 40% of sports shoes. Only in specialized stores can you buy real Puma, Nike or Adidas sneakers. However, brand prices are mercilessly biting. Therefore, many decide on an independent search for branded shoes. In this case, study the difference between fake products and genuine products. You should clearly know what your model looks like. And be careful!