Useful Tips

Tattoo preparation


Drink plenty of fluids. Before a session in a tattoo parlor, you need to drink plenty of fluids. The day before the session, start drinking enough water and do not allow your body to become dehydrated.

  • The required amount of water is individual for each person. Specialists recommend drinking eight glasses of water per day, but some people require more fluid.
  • Well moisturized skin is more suitable for tattooing, because the surface will absorb ink better and the whole process will be greatly simplified.

Do not thin the blood.

  • Two days before the session, establish a taboo on alcohol, coffee, energy and other substances (including medicines) that dilute blood and raise blood pressure. Take this very carefully, because in the morning you can forget about the warning and drink a cup of strong drink out of habit. Belief in the myth that alcohol or pills can drown out pain will cause the blood to wash fresh paint. The drawing will heal for a long time, and the result will be of poor quality.
  • Also, one day before the session, it is better not to take aspirin. It dilutes blood and can increase bleeding during tattooing.

Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Comfortable and free clothes will not prevent the master from freely applying the drawing to the desired area of ​​the body. If the place for a tattoo is usually hidden under clothes, then dress so that the master was comfortable working.
  • For example, if the tattoo is on the leg, then wear shorts or a skirt so that the tattoo artist can freely apply the pattern. Similarly, if the tattoo is planned on the arm above the elbow, then it is better to wear a shirt or top without a sleeve.

Eat tightly before a session. Before applying a tattoo, it is very important to eat so that you do not experience dizziness during the session. The pain can be quite severe, so do not complicate the situation with potential dizziness or fainting.

  • With a low blood sugar, the physical reaction to the tattoo is enhanced, increasing the likelihood of losing consciousness from pain.
  • It is recommended to eat tight before a session in order to stock up with the necessary energy and easily transfer the pain. A set of products is not important if they provide you with strength and endurance for the duration of the session, but the effect of products with a high protein content will last longer than that of sugar.
  • If you are planning a particularly long session, then take something to eat with you (for example, a nutritious bar). The tattoo artist will happily take a break and let you eat.

Choose a place. Tattoo can be applied to any part of the body, but in some cases the process itself will be more or less painful. When making the first tattoo, it is better to choose a soft place away from the bone and without tender skin. The site should not be directly on the bone or in a sensitive area.

  • For example, a tattoo on the foot is done more painfully than on the calves, since in the first case the drawing is applied closer to the bone.
  • The most sensitive places include the feet, the inside of the arms and hips, and the ribs.

Basic rules and concepts of preparation for a tattoo

Our tattoo studio has a reputation as an upscale establishment with experienced staff. Before applying a tattoo, it is necessary to adhere to a number of unspoken rules that cannot be ignored. The place where the tattoo is supposed to be kept should be clean. Besides:

  • The skin at the site of application should not be damaged.
  • It is undesirable to plan an active vacation immediately after application, since the healing process involves rare contact with the sun and sea water.
  • Before applying, it is undesirable to drink alcohol or energy drinks.
  • For girls, you should not get a tattoo on the days of menstruation.
  • Before going to the salon from the place intended for the tattoo, you need to remove the entire hairline.

Also, any master will talk about what is favorable during tattooing. The client must be in a good mood and be completely healthy. It is important to tune in positively and happily accept the appearance of a tattoo on your body.