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Options car by VIN code


Checking the configuration of a car is a procedure that allows you to understand the potential of a car in a timely manner. Using the Autocode service, you can punch a car at any time through a fault or state number and find out which engine was installed by the manufacturer, the car’s native color, and much more.

How to find out the vehicle equipment

Check the complete set of the car for free will help the service "Autocode". Verification can be done by VIN code or state. number. Information about the car (body number, license plate number, wine) is entered in the field on the site page, after clicking the "Check Auto" button, data about the vehicle options appears on the screen.

To break through a complete set of a car by VIN or state number, it will take no more than one minute. Having paid the full report (349 rubles), within 5 minutes you will receive a detailed history of the operation of the car: data on mileage, those. inspections, compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, number of owners, traffic police restrictions and much more.

The procedure will allow the following conclusions:

  • Compare the details of the body number, automotive documentation provided by the owner of the vehicle with the factory information,
  • Protect yourself from the possible confiscation of the traffic police if the car is stolen or fined.

Checking for a fault or state number will help protect yourself from a bad deal.

What information can be obtained from the free report

If you decide to find a complete set of cars for wines or state. the number, using the service "Autocode", the following information will become available to you:

  • Steering wheel position
  • Type, power, engine displacement,
  • Year of manufacture of the machine,
  • Vehicle Category.

This information is provided free of charge and is sufficient to draw relevant conclusions about the general condition of the vehicle. An additional paid report will show the color of the car and tell the full story of the vehicle.

Advantages of the Autocode service

Using the Autocode service, you will receive the following benefits:

  • An opportunity to check a complete set of the car free of charge in the presence of VIN code or state. numbers. Many other verification services require additional data,
  • Reliable verification. Information is provided only from official sources in just 5 minutes,
  • Site options are available to each user without registration. To find out the complete set of the machine by VIN and state. it’s enough for the number to enter information online,
  • Time saving. Within 5 minutes, data on the configuration of the car and the full history of the car will appear on the screen,
  • The ability to check cars that do not have a VIN. You can find out the history of a Japanese car by state. number.

The presence of a broken VIN code, inconsistency of the data received from the seller of the vehicle with the factory settings is a serious problem for the buyer of the car. To avoid difficulties in the transaction, choose convenient and reliable methods of verification.

How does picking help expose fraudulent schemes?

As a rule, when preparing expensive crime cars for sale, scammers do not customize documents for a car, namely, a car for original documentation. At the same time, the plates with the VIN code and other information are also used genuine - they are welded into the places where they are supposed to be. The fact of replacement is difficult to identify to the ordinary buyer of the vehicle (TS) - especially if this procedure was carried out by a professional. In most cases, this is determined by traffic police experts when reconciling body numbers.

As a result - the arrest of the car. And this is in the best case, and in the worst - a criminal case against the owner. Indeed, in addition to the fact that the vehicle was stolen, it can also be listed in criminal cases - fatal hitting, robbery, premeditated murder, etc.

And if you bother to find out the vehicle equipment by VIN, all this can be avoided. How? Yes, everything is simple - only the basic parameters between the documentation, the VIN code and the vehicle itself will be obtained as accurately as possible. Factory equipment in its smallest details is almost impossible to adjust.

Therefore, when revealing even the slightest discrepancy between the decrypted original configuration and the one indicated in the documentation, special attention should be paid to inspecting the attachment points of the plates with the VIN code and body number:

  • The presence of welds around the plates and at the joints of body elements is not allowed. Traditionally, they are fastened with special rivets. The presence of a welded joint is direct evidence of a criminal history.
  • Welds can be cleaned and painted over qualitatively, but in any case traces of extraneous interference will be visible - for example, there will be more roughness in the places of stripping than in other places.

If the verified vehicle equipment according to the VIN code does not correspond to the declared one and the above traces of an outsider are found, then buying such a car is more expensive.

There are also situations when factory units are replaced with non-original ones. This, of course, is not as scary as a criminal story, but it can significantly complicate your life. If such “inconsistencies” are found, you can either refuse to purchase such a vehicle or lower the price originally indicated by the seller.

VIN code and body serial number: differences

These are 2 different numbers and on most modern cars there is one and the other. And ignorance of this is fraught not only with confusion, but also with an extra waste of money - unscrupulous policemen can cash in on you, discovering supposedly “inconsistency” by numbers and offering to “solve the problem on the spot” for a certain amount. Therefore, let's figure out how the VIN code and the body number differ.

VIN code - a unique identification number, is responsible for the entire vehicle. A body number is only responsible for the body. VIN always consists of 17 characters, and the body - contains 9-14 characters.

Usually a shorter body number is duplicated in a long identification number, but not always - they can be completely different. They also differ in location. So, if the placement of the VIN code is standard, then the manufacturer can place the body serial number anywhere at his discretion.

The first 4-6 characters of the body number determine the make and type of body, and all the rest are the manufacturer's serial number. Today, the predominant number of car manufacturers identification marking is performed using the VIN-code. But there are exceptions - some Japanese and American automakers produce cars only with a body serial number.

But today it’s more advisable to punch a car’s equipment according to the VIN code, and not according to the body number, which is almost always part of the VIN, as mentioned above.

What exactly can be determined using VIN?

It is best to break through the vehicle’s complete set with the VIN even before it is inspected - you can simply phone the seller and specify the identification number (it should not hide this information if there are no hidden problems).

There are several ways to determine equipment:

  • Independently - the most complex and time-consuming method. You can collect information only after determining the basic characteristics of the vehicle. In this case, you will have to find and "shovel" a lot of information on the network - from various online directories to various collections of tables. This may take more than one day, and the result does not always live up to expectations.
  • Through the online service "AutoHistory" - the easiest and fastest way to find out the vehicle equipment by VIN. You do not have to study and collect data from different sources, you just need to enter the identification number and “deal with the hat” - the report will be generated within a few minutes. The service costs quite inexpensively, which makes the check available to everyone. In addition to equipping the vehicle, you will learn the most complete history of its operation (criminal, banking, judicial, customs).

Checking the equipment of the car using our site, you can find out the following information:

  • The generation of the model, the start of production and the model year.
  • Engine characteristics - series, type, volume, power, torque.
  • Type of gearbox.
  • Body type, body color.

An example and report is presented below:

How to break a complete set through the online service "AutoHistory"?

The verification procedure for VIN configuration of the machine on our website is extremely simple. You only need to perform a few actions:

  • Enter the vehicle identification number in the input field.
  • Indicate the working email address to which the vehicle history will be sent to you.
  • Pay for the service.

A detailed report will be sent to your email within 5-15 minutes. When the service is loaded, there are delays, but not more than 1.5 hours from the moment of payment.

AutoHistory works with databases of official, unofficial and commercial structures. Therefore, we guarantee that you will receive the most detailed and truthful information about the car you are interested in. You can check the equipment of the vehicle on our website without restrictions, regional bindings and at any time convenient for you day or night - our 24/7 mode of operation.

Based on the foregoing, the complete set of a car according to the VIN code should be checked without fail. This will significantly reduce the risk of potential fraud, save your money, time and nerves. AutoHistory is your reliable assistant in matters of buying used vehicles. Fraudsters are insidious - always be on the alert!

What is it for

Detailed information on the configuration of a car of interest protects the buyer from acquiring a car stolen or participating in crime.

Fraudsters fitting a vehicle to the characteristics of the original VIN code cannot do this in great detail. If there are even the slightest discrepancies in the visual inspection of the car and the VIN parameters, it is better to refuse to purchase such a car.

Where to find VIN

The location of the wine markers is different for cars of different brands.

Nameplates with a number can be installed on fixed parts of the body, for example:

  • central pillar, from the driver’s side,
  • partition between the hood and the passenger compartment (under the hood),
  • support of any front wheel (under the hood),
  • body floor (under the rug and casing),
  • a special window in the lower left corner of the windshield,
  • interior space of the right wheel arch.

How to determine the package bundle

There are three ways to find out what a vehicle is equipped with for VIN:

  • manually,
  • on free internet services,
  • using special programs.

There is no single world-wide base for the automatic determination of vehicle parameters, as each manufacturer combines the wine code in accordance with its own regulations. Therefore, to get the most information about the configuration of a car, it is worth exploring several sources.

Very laborious way. You can determine the complete set if you get access to the reference materials of the manufacturer of a particular machine. Most of the text will have to be translated from English.

Internet Services

Most online resources give out only the most general data for free. To find out more details, you will have to pay from 200 rubles and above. All services provide information after entering the code in the appropriate field. is the most extensive VIN number verification site. The following vehicle information is provided free of charge:

  • model,
  • model code
  • car brand,
  • body type
  • date of manufacture,
  • type of transmission
  • data on the manufacturer and production.

Without registration, the service allows you to decrypt three VIN-numbers per day. and are services that contain Japanese equipment. In addition to standard facts, information is also provided about the location of the steering wheel, the color of the car, the trim, which will help to identify inconsistency of the purchased car with its code in case of fraud. - service for checking the wines of Mercedes cars.

The complete set of cars of the BMW brand can be found on the resource

Important information provides the official website of the traffic police. Having broken the code on it, you can find out about the participation of the car in accidents, the presence of restrictions and search actions associated with it.

Special programs

The effectiveness of special software, which allows you to decrypt the number of wines, is in question. The configuration data may not be displayed correctly, the databases are rarely updated. But for a complete picture of the car you are buying, you can additionally use this information.

There are also various mobile applications that allow you to quickly get the decryption code near the machine. They still have many flaws and bugs. Subject to further improvement, there will be a steady demand for them.

The data on the configuration obtained during the recognition of the VIN-code should be sufficient when checking the vehicle purchased from hand. At the slightest discrepancy between the parameters of the car and those indicated in the code, you should think about a possible criminal past of the car and refuse the transaction.