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How to make a business card yourself (for free): choose from templates or do it from scratch!


Every manager or manager should have a business card, everyone knows this. However, many people today continue to believe that for the manufacture of business cards you need to contact the printing house, which requires a considerable amount of money. But the development of computer and Internet technologies has made many changes in our lives, so now everyone familiar with computers can develop a business card for themselves and their company how to make a business card on your own computer for free and it will be discussed further.

Creating a business card in Word

  1. First of all, you need to decide on the background of the future business card, for this you can use either a picture from the World Wide Web, or any other, most importantly, that it be of high quality.
  2. Open the "Word" program and use the "Insert Picture" function to add the previously selected image to a blank sheet of a text editor.
  3. Now you need to bring the image size to the size of a standard business card, it would be better to be guided by the parameters of a credit card, in this case the client can always put the business card in his wallet so that at the right time you can quickly find the contacts of the organization of interest. To do this, right-click on the inserted image and select the menu item "Size and position»
  4. To resize the image, just click on the image itself and in the window that appears specify the necessary parameters in centimeters, a standard bank card has the following dimensions of 8.6 cm in length, 5.3 cm in width, it is better to stick to them when making business cards. Be sure to uncheck the box "Keep proportions."
  5. After completing work with sizes, you need to write down contact information about the organization, for this there is a rich color palette and many fonts in the word, so here everyone will choose what he likes more.
  6. You can use the inscription tool and place it on top of the picture. To do this, go to the Insert -> Caption section.
  7. It remains to configure the inscription in order to remove the white background and the frames around the text, you need to right-click on the frame of our inscription and select the menu item "Shape format".
  8. Next, go first to the fill section and select "No fill"To remove the lines around the inscription, go to the "Line color" section and select the "No lines" item.
  9. After entering all the necessary information, you need to click on the "File" button in the upper left corner and save the file. Now the business card is ready, it remains only to print.

With the help of specials. programs

Selected Program - Master Business Card

One of the best programs for creating a wide variety of business cards: different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. One of the main advantages of the program:

  1. completely in Russian,
  2. several hundred ready-made templates for every taste and for any topic (about it below, by the way),
  3. convenient cutting of the sheet when printing,
  4. the ability to save the project in PDF, JPG, TIFF,
  5. the ability to add a map and a QR code,
  6. fast printing of business cards on a home printer or in a printing house (i.e. it can be used both at home and in the studio). In general, I recommend!

And so, after starting the program - I propose to immediately select the item "Business Card Templates"(the program will present you with ready-made templates that you can immediately start working with, correcting some data).

In general, the number of templates is simply amazing: there are both horizontal and vertical, many different topics. You only need to choose a topic, the position of the business card and continue on.

Note 1: I will express my vision of the business card design rule at the end of this article, and now.

Subjects presented: simple, universal, transport, children’s, beauty, style, clothes, shoes, computer, construction, repair, education, entertainment, food, government, medicine, business cards with photos, real estate, sports and fitness, technology, tourism and leisure , photos and videos, miscellaneous, etc.

Business card templates - choose the one you need

After selecting a template, a wizard for editing opens. Business card editing It’s not a big deal: just see what inscription you want to change, and fill in the necessary lines at the bottom of the window (see the red arrows in the screenshot below: company, website, phone, etc.)

Business Card Editing Wizard

In the right part of the window there is a small window with the design of the project: for any inscription, you can change the font size, choose the font itself (Arial, Tahoma, etc.), its color, position, etc. In general, everything is done very good. simple, no different from working in Microsoft Word.

Font settings, etc.

When the business card is ready, you can:

  1. send to print (by the way, a convenient automatic cutting of a sheet is a screenshot (clickable)),
  2. or save the project in PNG, JPG, TIFF (for further printing on another PC).

Print or save a project

By the way, as an option, when the business card is ready - press the key PrtScr (i.e. take a screenshot), then open Word and paste it there (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V ).

In Word, do the following: left-click on the picture, then open in the upper part of the window "Work with drawings" and use the tool Crop to remove all unnecessary.

Insert and crop pictures in Word

After that, just push the borders of the sheet and "copy" your business card to the entire sheet (first, copy the business card using the keys Ctrl + C, then paste it, the buttons - Ctrl + V).

It remains only to print a business card.

In online mode

You can create business cards without the help of any specials. programs. With the development of the Internet, dozens of sites have appeared that allow you to design a variety of business cards online. I give a part of them below.

  1. many ready-made templates on a variety of topics, all in Russian -
  2. simple business card editor, you can set the size, font, position of the business card, etc. -
  3. convenient designer of business cards, more than a dozen parameters for customization, the ability to save and print business cards -
  4. good online business card editor -
  5. multifunctional (more than HUNDREDs of parameters for setting) editor -

I propose to dwell on the first option. Let's consider in more detail how to create a business card on this site.

    The first thing you need is to go to the site and choose the theme of your business card. There are a lot of topics, probably suitable for almost everyone: photographers, designers, plumbers, electricians, construction, repair, hairdressers, psychologists, etc. In general, choose a theme and business card template.

Themes and Business Card Templates

Next, the online business card editor will open. In the menu on the left, enter your data and see online how your business card is changing (it is displayed on the right). When everything is ready: check the box that you checked all the data, and press "Next step" .

Online business card editor (All the data in the photo above are random, all the data coinciding with someone is an accident)

  • In general, the business card is ready! It remains only to choose the right number of pieces and pay (from a certain number of business cards free delivery is applicable).
  • By the way, you can take a screenshot (press the PrtScr key), and then paste it into Word (keys Ctrl + V ), trim the edges. You will have a ready-made business card in Word! An article on how to take screenshots -

    In Microsoft Word (manual method)

    pros of this method: no add. programs (except Word, which is on most PCs), the method is universal (that is, you can create a business card on any topic), when creating a business card you are not limited by anything - you can use any fonts, pictures, etc.

    Minus perhaps in one, you need to know a little Word. Below I will try to give detailed instructions on creating a business card in Word 2016 (as detailed as possible)!

    1. First, download 3-4 pictures on your topic (depending on which topic you want to make a business card on). It is advisable to take horizontal pictures of medium size (because the business card, most often, also has a horizontal view). Where to looking for? For example, here -
    2. Next, start Word, and select from the menu insert / drawings and indicate your favorite picture.

    Insert a picture in WORD

    Then right-click on the picture and select "Size and position" (see screenshot below).

    Size and position of drawing

    Next, you need to set the size of the business card. It is recommended to do it for the size of a regular bank card: thus, it will be convenient to put it in a wallet / purse, etc. Size: 5.3 cm by 8.6 cm. By the way, do not forget to disconnect "Maintain proportions" (see screen below).

    This step is optional, but I, for example, like to round the edges (I don’t know how you?). If you want to round them a bit, left-click on the picture, then open "Work with drawings" and select this style (as in the screenshot below).

    Round the edges of the picture.

    Next, go to the main thing - insert a text block. To do this, click Insert / text field (simple field) . Important! This text box is most likely not to appear on your drawing. It's okay, in the next step we will fix it.

    Insert a text block

    Now click on the small icon next to the text block, which allows you to specify how it will be placed (we are interested in the mode before the text ) Select this mode and transfer the block to the picture. Next, enter your data in the block: company name, phone, addresses, etc., ALL that you wanted to indicate.

    Text block before text

    Now we can style our block. Click on it once with the left mouse button, in the menu at the top open "Drawing Tools" and select a style from the blanks. Nice styles with transparency.

    Changing the style of the block (all matches: phones, addresses, etc. on the business card above are random, this is a simple example)

    The business card is ready! In my opinion, it turned out pretty well (Word, however, warns about errors, but it's not scary). In general, the final touch is to multiply the resulting business card into a whole Word sheet and print it. (to "multiply" the business card, use the keys Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (edit / copy, and edit / paste))

    Propagation of a business card (all matches on a business card are random - this is a simple example)

    Business Card Rules - Important Points

    Well, at the expense of the word "rules", I probably got excited, and yet redid hundreds of business cards, some experience has accumulated. I will take the liberty of saying a few things that, in my opinion, need to be paid attention to (although I guess how some marketers can "stomp", which I’m not saying in science.).

    1) Font, pattern, color

    Firstly, what I want to start right away is with the font. Many business cards for some reason are made in some kind of minimalism style. To read the phone, even a healthy person needs to take a closer look, to say nothing of the older generation.

    Therefore, I will immediately give advice: use a readable font (recommend Arial, Tahoma, Verdana), do not fade, just do not need to use italics, preferably against the background of the text so that there is a plain background in light color. It would seem an elementary rule that borders on logic - but how many times have I seen and see (and will see) business cards that you won’t look at without tears.

    The same applies to the drawings: no need to think that the more colorful the picture on your business card, the more conversion (note: the ratio of business cards handed out / to customers) she becomes. In most cases, the most successful business card: a small logo of your company (or even your photo with a trowel, for example), and contact details.

    Everything here seems to be standard, on a business card should be: the name of the company, briefly what you are doing (so that anyone can read and understand whether he needs this service), contact details (phone, preferably a website, email address, etc. ), name and position of the person (for example, manager Alena, tel .: 11-11-11).

    The most common mistake I met: it’s not clear from the business card what the person is doing and what services they provide (no, partially it’s kind of clear, but there is no specifics.).

    3) Business card size

    The most successful size of a business card is one that can be put in any wallet, purse, purse, etc. What do you think, which one? It's simple - this is the size of the most common bank card, approximately: 8.5 cm by 5.5 cm (plus / minus 1-2 mm).

    You can make a business card even a little smaller, but a larger size (even if the business card is printed on thick paper) can cause inconvenience.

    4) Due to what to attract to a business card

    It would be nice to have a unique business card that would somewhat surprise a person and make him pay attention (or even pay attention) to it. In general, this question is rather complicated and more than one marketer is puzzling over it; below I will express a couple of my thoughts.

    Interesting picture, slogan

    Pretty standard thing that always attracts attention. Ideal to choose something that your competitors do not use.

    If there is a calendar on the back of your business card, many people can put it in their wallet and carry it with them all the time (which is an "extra" advertisement!). As a result, even if they do not call you on it themselves, it may happen that someone else sees her and inquires about your person / company.

    On the back side of the business card you can place 5-6 popular questions that new customers always ask (of course, the answers to them. It is advisable to indicate some distinguishing features of your work specifically). In this way, you can further warm up interest in your activities. In general, a good move, in my opinion.

    If you give on each business card, for example, codes for discounts (or even just a discount for those who contacted you on your business card) - it is unlikely that they will throw it away when you give it to someone. A person, most likely, even if he doesn’t need a service, will think if someone else from his circle will need it (and then just give him a business card, in the hope that he will receive a discount).

    That's all for me. All good and proper business cards!

    Business card size

    The standard size of a business card is 50 x 90 mm or 5 x 9 cm, in pixels 1063 x 591 px at a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch),.

    The size of the layout for printing should be slightly larger, by 2 - 3 mm on each side (56 x 96 mm). Such a margin is required for trimming the edges. 2 mm is enough for modern printing houses.

    On a business card, you need to step back from the edges of 3-5 mm and not put information on this area. This is due to the fact that when cutting a large number of business cards, by machine, a small error in the accuracy of the cut is allowed. No need to place it close to the edges of the business card.

    Pay attention to the color model. Most printers require CMYK 8 bit color layouts.

    Business card design

    The following information is placed on business cards:

    1. Full name
    2. Position held
    3. Company name, logo
    4. Contact information: address, phone, fax, E-mail, ICQ, Skype, website

    Conventionally, business cards are divided into:

    1. Personal - used for informal communication, dating. Such business cards are issued in any style. They may omit the address and position.
    2. Corporate business card does not contain the name of the owner. It indicates the name of the company, logo, field of activity, list of services provided, contacts.
    3. A business card is used in business meetings and negotiations. It indicates the name, company name and logo, position held, occupation, contacts. Design business cards in a corporate style using the most readable fonts.

    Business cards are unilateral and bilateral. On the back of a two-sided business card may be a map - a location map or background information.

    If you create a business card yourself, without outside help of specialists, pay attention to the literacy of information. The presence of spelling and punctuation errors is unacceptable.

    With the design sorted out. Let's move on to the practical part, namely, how to make business cards with your own hands yourself.

    Logowiks contains everything you need to create a logo, website: tips, services, videos, instructions, free fonts.

    • Wordpress (2)
    • Inspiration (25)
    • Video (5)
    • Business cards (2)
    • Notes of the Crazy Designer (4)
    • Instructions (12)
    • Infographics (4)
    • How to create (15)
    • How to create a website (4)
    • Logos (41)
    • Services (11)
    • Expert Tips (5)
    • Favicon (1)
    • Color (11)
    • Fonts (4)

    In which program do business cards

    You can make a business card yourself in a text or graphics editor. Consider the work of some programs.

    Choosing a tool you like, you do not have to spend time and money searching and paying for someone else’s services. Having created the layout of the business card, it remains to print it yourself or take it to the printing house.

    How to make a business card yourself in Word: plumber template

    Surely Microsoft Word is installed on your computer. On one A4 sheet, 10 business cards with a size of 90 by 50 mm are placed. Therefore, we will make and replicate them on the whole sheet.

    Open a new document and go to the “Page Layout” menu tab, select “Narrow” margins - 1.27 cm (0.5 inches).

    Go to the tab "Insert" - "Table", select 2 columns and 5 rows.

    Select all the cells of the created table and click on them with the right mouse button, then go to the context menu "Table Properties".

    On the “Row” tab, enter a height of 5 cm, on the “Column” tab, width 9 cm and click “OK”.

    The cells in the table created by us will take the size of a business card - 90 × 50 mm.

    We begin to fill out the information in our cells. It is enough to draw up one business card, and then use the method Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V (copy - paste) to replicate it to the entire page.

    Insert a picture. Подберите рисунок, соответствующий размеру визитки, иначе форма ячейки изменится, если картинка окажется большой.

    Вставить изображение можно мышью, перетащив файл с картинкой в одну из ячеек.

    To freely move the logo (image) in a table cell, right-click on it and select "Wrap with text" - "Outline".

    Add text and contacts, select the appropriate font and color. Do not forget to leave indents, do not place the text close to the edges of the table.

    In our case, we got such a sample plumbing business card.

    It looks like replicated business cards using the copy-paste method in the remaining cells of the table.

    Print them on paper: plain, coated, coated paper - it's up to you. Then carefully cut the business cards along the lines of the table.

    Now you know how to make a business card in Word.

    9 reasons why you need a business card

    There are several reasons why a business card is one of the most effective promotion tools:

    1. Speed

    Give someone your business card and the person will instantly understand what you are doing.

    2. Persistence

    As the seller maintains contact with the buyer, the business card works on your behalf for a sufficiently long time after you parted with the customer.

    3. Versatility

    You do not need to constantly record your data, all the most necessary is on the business card. Anyone will understand her.

    4. Personality

    The whole nature and essence of your business is on your business card. She is as unique as you.

    5. Friendliness

    The exchange of business cards is of particular importance, symbolizing the beginning of company relations.

    6. Convenience

    The card fits between your thumb and forefinger and does not take up much space in your pocket or wallet. Business cards can always be with you: leave them in a conspicuous place, drop them in mailboxes and give them out when you meet new people.

    7. Advertising

    Business card allows you to advertise your product in front of the target audience.

    8. Elegance

    James Bond did not say: "I will send you a message." He gave a white business card, which was the personification of elegance.

    9. Cheap

    Printing business cards does not cost a lot of money - a couple of hundred rubles per 1000 pieces.

    How to make business cards in Photoshop: a model of cargo transportation

    Launch Photoshop and create a new document. Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N or go to the "File" - "Create" menu.

    In the window that opens, set the width and height, 96 and 56 mm, respectively. The size of the business card is 90 to 50 mm. 96 by 56 mm indicated by us - with the expectation of trimming of 3 mm on each side.

    Set the resolution (dpi) to 300 pixels per inch. Choose a CMYK color mode of 8 bits - most printers require it. After completing the above settings, click “OK”.

    You will see a new document. Now define the guides.

    Be careful! To set guides, go to the "View" - "New Guide" menu.

    Set the guides horizontally and vertically one by one.

    Because the size of the business card with a margin for segments is 96 by 56 mm, and without a margin of 90 by 60 mm (minus 3 mm on each side). Set alternately horizontally: 0, 3, 53 and 56 mm. Vertical: 0, 3, 93 and 96 mm.

    Note the indentation so that the text is not at the edges of the business card. Suppose that the inner spacing is 5 mm. Because at first, we retreated 3 mm to trim each side, for setting the guides we will set 5 + 3 = 8 mm.

    Again we set the guides in Photoshop, but already under the indentation. Horizontal: 8 and 48 (56 - 8) mm. Vertical: 8 and 88 (96 - 8) mm.

    As a result, the new document with guides looks like this:

    Now get down to design. Design should be concise and simple. Do not overload it with unnecessary graphics.

    As an example, we’ll insert an image - a logo by dragging the image file onto the Photoshop workspace with the mouse. Then we add the inscription trucking and contact phone number.

    Using the Rectangle tool (U key on your keyboard), select the bottom of the business card and paint it yellow. Again, select the "Rectangle" the lower part of the layout - half painted in yellow, and paint it red.

    On the created business card layout, in the shaded rectangular areas, we will write the text: “in Moscow and Russia”, “we work for cash and cashless payments”. The font and size of the text may be different, at your discretion.

    It turned out such a template business card trucking.

    The finished sample can be saved to a file, printed.

    How to create an effective business card

    Here are some simple tips that will come in handy when creating a business card yourself:

    1. Stick to the basic principles of printing

    This may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that a business card is as much a print ad as any other. Therefore, the following basic principles of printing on paper are applied in this case:

    • Leave a margin of 2-5 mm from the edge to trim. This is due to the fact that printing products are printed, as a rule, on large sheets, which are then cut into finished products. The cutting error is from 0.05 to 1.5 mm, depending on the type of product, and it is almost impossible to get exactly into the cutting line.

    Getting an ugly white strip at the edges, even with minimal error, is as easy as shelling pears. The so-called sorties are just needed in order to avoid this. Therefore, place marks so that the printer sees which lines should be used to cut products.

    • Do not place important layout elements close to the edge, otherwise they risk being cut.
    • Work at 300 dpi for better image quality. With insufficient dots / pixels per inch, product quality may be lame.
    • Be sure to keep the business card legible when choosing a size. To do this, see how the layout of a business card looks in a graphics program at a scale of 100%.
    • Create business cards in CMYK if you work exclusively with a mixture of colors.

    Many designers use a grid to arrange business card design elements. This helps to achieve the correct sequence of information, and also shows whether you have aligned the text well.

    For more information about preparing the file for printing, ask the printing house where you are going to print business cards.

    2. Be moderately creative

    There are several standard business card layouts depending on which country you live in. One of the traditional sizes in the CIS is 90 x 50 mm, although on the Internet you will find many other varieties. Even working with such small business cards, you can still create. Start by defining the main information that you want to place on your business card: usually a name, phone number and email address. Then work on the design to make this data interesting.

    3. Use a special coating

    Using a special coating will help give solidity to your business card and set it apart from hundreds of others. A special coating is foil stamping, UV spots and metal inks, but with them a business card will cost more. In such ways, you can make a business card more impressive, memorable and pleasant to the touch.
    Different printers offer different coverage options, so discuss with experts what they can offer you. And in no case be afraid to turn to professionals if your regular printer supports only four-color printing.

    4. Cutting a business card

    A great way to make your business card unique is to use cropping to remove some elements, leaving a blank space. You can round corners or cut out various shapes on a business card.

    Stamps are expensive, although more and more printers support laser cutting functions, so this processing option becomes more economical for small print runs. There are very creative examples on the Internet that you can use their process to create architectural features in the design of a business card.

    5. Use non-standard materials.

    Most business cards are printed on cardboard. This is the most economical option for printing business cards. If you want to add more creativity, you can print on any other materials such as transparent plastic, metal, wood, and even slate boards.
    Remember that portability is important in a business card: it should easily fit in your pocket or wallet - so be sure to use this when choosing your material.

    6. Make a business card useful

    Some people store hardly every piece of paper they receive, while others throw away everything as soon as possible. If you do not want your business card to be thrown away, add some other function to it.

    Some designs that are better remembered have additional features. For example, a business card that also serves as a holder for hairpins or turns into a miniature “chair” for your mobile.

    7. Create a business card yourself

    If you are a creative person, make your own business cards. You can find printed kits on eBay at affordable prices, which allows you to easily turn any cardboard into your own business card. It will take a lot of time, but it will bring you great pleasure and become a good way of self-expression!

    8. Double check

    This tip applies to everything you type. He is very important. When submitting a print job, be sure to double-check each part. There is nothing worse than getting ready-made business cards and seeing that you made a mistake in your name or email address. Double check, print once!

    9. Use both sides

    What do you do when you first get a business card? Of course, turn it over. This means that writing something on the reverse side is mandatory.
    You can add additional information, such as an address on social networks. Or show your portfolio or services by making a different design on each business card.

    10. Be brave

    A black calligraphic font on a white background may look impressive to you, but will not stand out from among ten other identical business cards.
    Font, color and images can help express brand identity so that customers remember you.

    Be risky: professionally doesn't mean boring.

    11. Choose paper carefully

    When people turn over a business card, they also notice the quality of the paper, so you need to make sure your material is special. Try very thick paper (approximately 600 GSM) with bright colors around the edges of the business card.
    Think about the look of the paper. A glossy business card will catch your eye, but on a matte card it will be much easier to add something if necessary.

    12. Follow the etiquette

    Do not try to give someone a business card without saying hello at first, because even the best design will not save you from a bad first impression. Do not leave business cards on the windshield and rugs in front of the door. It is better to give it in your hands and smile sweetly at the person.

    13. Remember the cost

    It is very important to remember your budget. Many companies spend a large amount of money on designing business cards because they want them to stand out. Due to the high cost, they produce only a limited edition. It must be remembered that business cards are distributed free of charge to all people who may be your customers. This means that they must be manufactured in large quantities and at affordable prices.

    Making a business card in CorelDRAW: massage therapist template

    We create a new document - the menu “File” - “Create”. In the settings window that opens, specify the width and height of 96 and 56 mm, respectively. Select the landscape orientation of the document. The number of pages is 1. The primary color mode is CMYK. Display resolution - 300. Click OK.

    The settings are clearly shown in the following figure.

    We create guides for the created document - the “View” menu - “Settings” - “Guides settings”.

    1. Horizontal: 0, 3, 8, 48, 53, 56.
    2. Vertical: 0, 3, 8, 88, 93, 96.

    The following template with guides turned out.

    Add a logo, text with a description of the services, address and contacts. Below is a sample of a massage therapist’s business card obtained from us.

    What information to use on a business card?

    On the business card you need to display the most significant data, for example:

    • Name, surname, position,
    • Contacts - work and home: address, phone, e-mail, skype login, page addresses in social networks, website address,
    • Company name,
    • What does the company do
    • Enumeration of services and products. Here you need to be careful and not write the entire list, but only the most important services and products,
    • Company tagline
    • Map, office location map,
    • Image of products, services, type of activity,
    • Facts about the company. Examples: “5 years in the oil production market”, “free delivery of oil rigs”, etc.

    So, we talked about the basic principles that you should rely on when creating a business card, it's time to generalize knowledge and create a universal toolkit. The most important components of creative work we have collected in infographics, which will help to develop a unique business card design in 7 steps.

    How to make a business card online for free

    You can create a business card online and save it to your computer for free without special programs. It is enough to have access to the Internet. The Web is full of sites - designers for the production of business cards. One of them is

    The main page is designed as a program interface. You will only have to choose a suitable sample and enter contact details. Then you need to save the template to a file and print it or send it by e-mail.

    This is the interface of the site mentioned above. The working window shows a sample business card photographer.

    You can make a business card in anything: in a program or online designer. There would be a desire, and tools and samples will always be found.

    Business Card Designers

    Creating online business cards using services greatly simplifies the task for those who do this for the first time. Many services offer ready-made beautiful templates, convenient functionality and file downloading with the endurance of all printing requirements. Below we have collected the most useful business card designers.

    An English-language service with dozens of interesting and modern templates. You can add the desired text in just a couple of minutes and download business card layouts for free in PDF and JPEG formats. The minus of the service is not rich enough functionality for working with text, pictures.

    One of the advantages of the popular Logaster service is the ability to quickly create a logo, choosing a field of activity, and then work on the design of a business card. The user has many templates that can be edited by changing colors.

    Well-known English-language service for creating various products, including business cards. The undoubted advantage of the service is a large selection of templates and editing capabilities. Many designs can be downloaded for free in PDF, PNG, JPEG.

    This resource also specializes in various types of printing products, and there was a place for business cards. Psprint has its pros and cons. On the one hand, more than 200 templates are available, which are divided into categories depending on your field of activity. There are plenty of editing options, but, on the other hand, you can save only in PDF format, other methods are not available.

    A fairly simple service with which you can quickly create a business card. You must enter your details and upload the logo, after which a link to the finished work is sent to the email. There is little room for creativity, the resource is suitable for those who appreciate simplicity and speed.

    A convenient designer that allows you to create a business card manually, choosing the right colors, adding text and images. You can save the project only in PDF format.

    A simple and convenient service with excellent functionality, with which you can create a stylish business card.

    Russian-language site that allows you to create a business card from scratch. There are several options for placing text, you can choose colors, download a background or logo. PNG file save available

    The designer of business cards, which allows you to edit ready-made templates and create a card yourself. The set of functions here is small, the templates are quite simple, the work is saved in PDF.

    How to create a business card online

    Graphic editors are universal design tools, but they are not accessible to everyone. In such cases, online services come to the rescue, we have already talked about some of them. Let's dwell on two resources and talk in more detail about how to use them to develop a business card design.

    Logaster is primarily a logo generator, but you can also create a business card here.

    In order to get started, click "Create a business card."

    To begin with, it is proposed to develop a logo, which will appear on your business card. Therefore, you must immediately enter the company name and select the logo.

    After you have created the logo, it is proposed to choose the most suitable one from the available business card templates, the choice of various concepts is quite large. Having chosen the necessary concept, click "Next".

    The selected concept can be edited by changing the background color and logo, as well as the input data. As soon as the final version of the business card is ready, click "Save."

    After you save the layout, you will be prompted to create an account. If you are already registered on the site, the "My Designs" section will open, in which you can select the desired work and download it.

    The cost of downloading is not so small, but at Logaster you can create a quality business card that will be worth the money spent. The business card is available in PNG, PDF.

    Онлайн-редактор от Printdesign прост и удобен в использовании, с помощью него можно за два шага создать свою визитную карточку.

    Для начала необходимо выбрать один из трех доступных размеров визитки либо задать свои параметры.

    При этом можно начать создание визитной карточки с нуля либо воспользовавшись готовыми примерами, кликнув на «Шаблоны евровизиток».

    Если вы все же решили воспользоваться шаблонами, то все они разделены на категории, поэтому вы можете выбрать соответствующую сферу деятельности.

    Начать редактировать понравившийся шаблон можно, нажав кнопку «Открыть в редакторе».

    If you decide to create your own business card from scratch, then all the most necessary tools are available to you:
    - adding text, lines, icons, banners,
    - change the background color and download the image.

    Using the Options menu, the grid, ruler, and text blocks are displayed. A business card can be made both double-sided or one-sided (by removing the back side of the layout).

    Downloading the layout with Printdesign is paid, you can save a PDF file with watermarks for free.

    Create a business card in Photoshop CS6

    Photoshop is a universal program, it fits perfectly for creating business cards. Unlike online services, this graphic editor has a much more extensive set of tools that give even more scope for creativity. The more creativity, the higher the likelihood that your business card will stand out from the rest.

    Of course, to create business cards you need a special toolbox that can be formed through training and constant practice. In this regard, training videos will be especially useful, so we selected a few videos, thanks to which you yourself can make a business card in Photoshop.

    So, some techniques for working with fonts, background images, lines and frames in Photoshop can be learned thanks to the following video.

    Other videos on creating a business card in Photoshop:

    A short video, thanks to which you can independently draw a simple and stylish business card in Photoshop.

    A detailed video on how to draw a vector business card in Photoshop. Also in the video you can learn about some of the intricacies of prepress.

    Free business card templates

    Well, in the end, we have compiled a list of creative business card templates to give you a little push in the right direction. You can use templates as a source of inspiration or as a basis for future design. All of them are available for free download.

    Why do you need a boring and unforgettable business card? Let your name be imprinted on everyone’s memory with this surprisingly bright and colorful design, which is suitable for both personal and commercial use.

    Let everyone know who you are and what you do with this modern and vibrant business card template aimed at creative professionals. 300 DPI CMYK PSD format, layered and fully editable, so you can add your own touches.

    This beautifully designed retro business card with a beautiful vintage design will help you make an impression. The template developed in Photoshop (in PSD format) is free for personal and commercial use. Perfect if you like the vintage look!

    A zigzag pattern underlies this business card template. The combination of black, white and bright yellow really emphasizes the best qualities of this design, making it especially exquisite.

    Anyway, flat design is currently the most fashionable trend. Business Card Journal - a flat business card template complete with a Zeitgeist design, with a long shadow. Although this template looks like a personal business card, it can also be used for business in any industry.

    These double-sided horizontal business cards can be with rounded and square corners. Design created in CMYK color mode with a high resolution of 300dpi, it is easy to personalize by changing the color and text. In addition, there are six colors to choose from!

    Pixeden, an American designer, has created a wide range of free business card templates, and Horster is just one of many brilliant designs. Here you will find ready-made layout and templates for graphic design - ready to print CMYK at 300dpi.

    A different, fun approach to showing yourself. The rich color and set of icons will allow you to quickly and efficiently display all the most important information.

    And this one is for lovers of antiques! A business card template in the form of playing cards comes in three colors and will certainly attract the attention of any client. Clean, crisp and sharp performance - you can download these templates today and print them instantly.

    A unique template in the form of playing cards will be your trump card in the sleeve. One of the most unusual business card templates we have ever seen. It comes complete with two PSD files (front and back), with dieline and path. Measurements of design - 3.5 × 2 inches (0.25 inches crop).

    In the vector file format (.ai and .eps), this template is fully customizable, allowing you to change the color, font, and layout to suit your individual style. This old school of design will surely appeal to many.

    One of the best business card templates that are suitable for advertising your photography skills. Downloading from Pretty Preset includes two different designs, in both of which you can add your own images using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

    Want a modern and stylish business card design? Then this template is what you are looking for. Photoshop layout 3.75 × 2.25 inches, with a resolution of 300dpi - a worthy addition to our list of free business templates.

    If you want something simple, but interspersed with color, you can try these templates. You can choose one of two different design options, add more or less text. Its parameters are as follows: size 3.5 × 2 inches (excluding the cropping area), resolution 400 dpi, PSD format.

    These are ideal business card templates if you work as an illustrator. Cartoon design 3.5 × 2 inches (excluding the cropping area) with a resolution of 300 dpi. Great font on the card is Impact.

    We love the style and shape of these fancy business card templates. Placing your logo in a speech bubble will instantly highlight it and draw attention to the most important thing - your work. To open this file, you need a vector editing program (such as Adobe Illustrator).

    Here we have a sleek and sophisticated business card template. An elegant color scheme is the perfect solution for any designer who wants a business card to be simple and impressive at the same time. Contains two PSD files: front and back.

    Some of you probably prefer minimalism, and this Karmicfix design at DeviantArt is a great example. The file is in Adobe Photoshop PSD format, where you can choose one of two patterns.

    It's no secret that cats are the kings of the Internet, and we are sure that there are some cat lovers among you. Show your love for your pet with these cat business cards. The size of business cards is 3.5 × 2 inches, a resolution of 300 dpi.

    Show your love for comic book heroes using a Batman business card template. Elegant and professional, cartoon style business cards have a size of 90 × 50 mm and are created in vector format: this means that they are also fully editable according to your style.

    Creating a business card is not an easy process, but in this case the result is worth the effort. The more knowledge and skills, the higher the quality, and, accordingly, the more potential customers. We hope that our tips were useful and simplified the process of developing a business card. I wish you creative success, friends!