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Male look: 11 signs of flirting, or Spice up your life!


The word "flirting" comes from the English. flirt - "courtship, coquetry, love game." In English, it came from old-fashioned. fleurette, where the flower originally meant, due to flirting with the flowers. Further, the origin leads to lat. florem - "flower".


According to the cyberpsychologist Monica T. Whitty (English Monica T. Whitty), flirting signals are divided into gestures, eyes, intonation, distance between people and touches, as well as the appearance and smell of a person. In women, flirting gestures include hair correction, in which the face is pointing down and the neck is exposed without protection, licking or pouting of the lips, as well as a smile and laughter. When flirting, people show dilated pupils, a lowered look, short glances at the interlocutor, blinking of eyelashes. People become more lively, with periodic laughter, rare periods of silence, and a greater manifestation of interest in each other. Flirtators bend to each other and copy the position of the body and gestures, as well as cross their legs in the direction of the interlocutor, they can also touch each other.

Other facial features

Raised eyebrows, they say, hint at a remarkable interest in you. Or that she tied a tight little tail in the morning. Or surprise: "And what is this doing here?". But most likely it is flirting.

A sure sign also is biting and licking the lips. In the modern world, a foreign language is not often seen. If you were shown it, you can hope for a lot. Just in case, you can ask if she had recently eaten halva or ice cream.

Dilated pupils and flapping eyelashes up to vertical take-off is purely female. It is almost impossible to make a mistake.

Dilated nostrils. Also such an ancient instinct to sniff a potential prince / peasant woman.

Distance reduction

The interested subject is trying to be closer to you. Looking for literally any innocent reason. Oh, show me the fabric of your costume, here you seem to have a speck of dust, you still have cream on your lips, you need to hold your hands on clay like this, let's go along with your graduate work ... And so on. Flirting, as invisibly as possible, clings, trying to penetrate deeper into what is called personal space. Discounts can be made for the visually impaired and persons with a problem vestibular apparatus. A thing with personal space also works poorly in demonstrations, in queues for currency, in public transport. Sometimes so many people spend a day in your personal space that you even feel indecent somehow.

Fumbling bald head

A man will try to look perfect for a potential darling. Correct the hairstyle (or iron the place where it was once), tighten the tie and socks, often look at your Rolex. If a woman flirts, she will also touch her hair. It’s good if she does it gently: strokes, winds on a finger. Bad if yanking. Even worse if yours.

Secret signs

Further, those who understand the non-verbal components of communication argue that if a woman flirts, she will touch her erogenous zones. I do not believe in this. In my opinion, this only happens in the movies. And this is not flirting at all. Or if a completely dumb subject got caught.

In general, they point out that here it is not so much in the zones as in the fingers. It is likely that the girl will play with improvised items: a glass of wine, a necklace, handcuffs ...

Upper leg

Very good, they say when a woman has her legs crossed. Personally, I, however, was always surprised at this pose at the bus stops. It seems less stable and hard to come up with. It is staggering in the wind. But no, flirts, it turns out! "An especially good sign would be if her upper leg is turned in your direction." Help, who knows what woman’s upper leg is?

Funny laugh

If someone likes you, you will be smiling. It is very simple. A man will meet you with a smile, carefully listen to what you say, try to maintain a conversation. "There was a similar case in our collective farm."

A woman will laugh in response to your jokes. Even the most flat. And in a special way loudly. Sometimes the presence of an interesting man in a room is enough to give her a melodic laugh. But be careful. Perhaps you just have big ears, crooked hairy legs or such a stupid facial expression that it is simply impossible to resist laughing. Then this is not exactly the desired effect.

Measured by pulse

The surefire way to make sure that a person starts up from your presence is to measure his pulse. Well, under some specious excuse. Well, I don’t know, let’s say: “Let’s measure with pulses.” Or come up with something yourself!

If a person likes someone, then he begins to mirror his movements, facial expressions, copy the vocabulary. If a person involuntarily repeats your movements, he definitely flirts. Aerobics instructors do not count.

Bully Syndrome

Yes, about the peasants yet. Our portal is female! Flirting macho will behave provocatively and in every way attract attention to himself. It can be like a fist beating in the chest of a silver gorilla or prancing steps of a rooster with a ritual shock of a chic tail. We try, in short. For you ladies!

Who is the alpha male

And we will rush to competitors. If the man is not alone in the room, then all the others are potential rivals. Therefore, every effort will be made to show their mental and physical failure. Very similar to many workshops, by the way ...

One friend of mine, who, generally speaking, is doing well and her husband makes decent money, admitted somehow that goes to work just for flirting.

This is, firstly, interesting and entertaining, and secondly, it increases self-esteem, and, finally, it is very healthy. People who are inclined towards inviting behavior are more positive, replenish organisms with the right hormones, are well-groomed, fit, attractive, and even seem to live longer.

Flirting, oddly enough, is especially appropriate for those already occupied. Without hesitating to demonstrate the engagement ring, you can, nevertheless, send subtle hints and subtle signals to the air and enjoy feedback - compliments, long looks, unexpected gifts. And it is not at all necessary to bring matters to their logical conclusion. The flirting process is beautiful in itself. How beautiful are its participants - with a gleam in their eyes, pleased and rosy.

So do not be shy friends! Flirt for health!