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Icy coffee on a hot day: recipes and rules for serving


For a thorough facial treatment, cosmetologists often use ice from wrinkles around the eyes. To date, there are many cosmetic products based on ice on sale. Cooking is easy on your own from home remedies, especially since they are always at hand. An undeniable advantage is the cheapness of the product, as well as the ability to change the composition.

About the beneficial properties of face ice

Scientific studies have established that water after melting has many useful properties and is much more useful than ordinary. Cosmetic ice with the addition of natural juices, decoctions of herbs and oils is of great value. Traditional healers recommended regularly saturating the epidermis with such water, this contributes to tone.

How does this happen:

  • deep-seated vessels expand
  • pores on the face narrow, contributing to a rush of blood,
  • there is a process of cell regeneration,
  • the face looks healthy and rosy.

Attention! The process is especially noticeable when the skin is dry. To improve its structure, it is recommended to saturate the dermis with cold moisture, while the oval of the face will tighten.

How to make cosmetic ice

The cooking process itself does not take much time, and the effect on the skin of the face is tremendous. If you include different components in the composition, then the cells are not only enriched with oxygen, problems with sagging face are solved

A few recommendations for cooking:

  1. If you use a decoction of herbs, then the liquid should be thoroughly filtered to prevent the ingress of small particles.
  2. Stir the ingredients thoroughly before dispensing them in tins.
  3. Plastic or silicone containers are convenient for forming cubes.

Attention! Storage for more than two weeks is not allowed.

Guided by simple rules, you can achieve a perfect result.

How to carry out the procedure

Crystal water is an ideal face care product. The aging process slows down, and injections are not necessary to maintain youthfulness. But during the application of ice on the skin should be guided by several recommendations to extract the maximum benefit of a simple tool.

The list of rules:

  1. The neck is previously recommended to be tested for sensitivity.
  2. The face must be cleaned before applying ice.
  3. The movements should be light and smooth. Moreover, in one place you do not need to delay the cold, otherwise you can subcool the base.
  4. Before applying, follow the massage lines so that the direction is from the forehead to the temples, from the nose to the earlobes, starting from the chin to the cheekbones. Circles should be drawn counterclockwise on the eyelids.
  5. After the procedure, the excess liquid is removed with a napkin, and a nourishing cream is applied. The latter should also be suitable for the type of skin.
  6. Face wiping is carried out in the morning and evening. Twice a week, applying is enough. Passed courses of ten sessions three times a year will be enough to improve the condition of the skin of the face and neck.

Face wrinkles with ice wrinkles

If the skin type is dry, wrinkles may form. The following plants can be used for care:

  • Oregano. It has a calming effect, and also kills harmful microorganisms.
  • Calendula or marigolds. The development of inflammatory processes is reduced, ideal for those who are prone to the development of allergic manifestations.
  • Thyme. Saturates the skin with vitamins, nourishes oxygen, tightens pores and reduces the formation of wrinkles.
  • Lavender. It has an anti-inflammatory effect for particularly sensitive epidermis.
  • Yarrow. Helps relieve itching and irritation.

When the skin is oily, the following plants are great for healing:

  • Aloe. Prevents the appearance of acne and various kinds of redness.
  • Nettle. Perfectly removes redness.
  • Burdock (root). Ideally establishes the process of oxygen metabolism in cells.
  • Mint. Provides tone to the base.
  • Horsetail. Heals the developing inflammatory processes and dries the cover.
  • St. John's wort Ideal for fighting acne. It is important to treat the face as often as possible.

Ice coffee cubes

Brew coffee, observing the proportions, at the rate of half a tablespoon per 200 ml of water. Then pass the liquid through a sieve and pour into molds. Face lifting and cleansing will be provided.

In 200 ml of coffee add 50 ml cream. This tool is preferable for dry skin type.

Cleaning. In the prepared coffee you need to dissolve a small spoonful of salt, it does not matter table or sea. The product is designed to tone and relieve puffiness.

A tablespoon of honey is dissolved in a glass of coffee, after the mixture should be cooled and frozen. The cells of the epidermis are well saturated with vitamins.

Making ice cubes with parsley for the eyes

The cosmetic product consists of 0.5 liters of water and 50 grams of parsley. Cut the parsley very finely. Boil water and put grass in the pan. Continue languishing over low heat for 5 minutes. Cool, strain, pour into forms. Freeze and use as directed.

Prepare a few bunches of parsley. Squeeze the juice with a blender or juicer. Put the gruel on gauze and squeeze the juice. Pour the product obtained from plant materials into molds and put in the freezer for a while.

Ice tea made from green tea to clean the neck and face

Take two tablespoons of dry tea leaves in half a glass of mineralized water. Pour the leaves with boiling water, leave for five minutes, filter and cool. Pour into molds and put in the freezer. The resulting product is ideal for eliminating circles under the eyes.

In a freshly prepared tea leaves add a few drops of lemon juice, cool, strain and freeze. The resulting cubes can be used to lighten the skin of the face.

Ice wrinkle lemon

Take lemon juice and 200 ml of water and the same amount of juice from the cucumber. Stir everything thoroughly and freeze in special molds. This tool will help moisturize the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

In a glass of water, drip seven drops of lemon juice, then pour into molds and put in the freezer. Wipe your face until the cube completely melts. The face will acquire a fresh shade, and the number of wrinkles will decrease.

Ice cubes with aloe

Aloe is not watered for about two weeks, as vitamins will accumulate more in its composition. Cut a leaf of a plant, wrap in a napkin and put in the refrigerator. After two weeks, remove and scroll through a meat grinder, squeeze the juice. Pour into molds. Wipe your face in the mornings and evenings. The product perfectly tones and tightens the skin.

About a teaspoon of sage is poured with 200 ml of boiling water, it is cooled and aloe juice is added. The resulting preparation is poured in molds and frozen.

The best result is achieved using aloe vera.

Ice with essential oils

Making ice cubes with essential oils:

  1. To prepare use: 200 ml of water, four drops of pine and sandalwood oil, 3 drops of myrrh and 5 drops of peppermint oil, honey (cream) 1 teaspoon. Make a solution of essential oils, dissolve honey or cream in them, add water, then pour into molds and freeze.
  2. In a glass of water, just add three drops of any of the oils. Mix the composition thoroughly and pour into molds, put in the freezer until completely solidified. The effect of each of the oils is different, for example, sandalwood or lavender is used to calm the dermis. Orange eliminates puffiness, and basil oil improves the elasticity of the epidermis.

How to massage the face

Rubbing the face is necessary exactly along the lines. The movements of the fingers should be fast, and in the areas of the epidermis do not need to be delayed for long. The cosmetic product must be used correctly so that it really benefits.

What rules should be observed:

  1. Treat each section of the base with the prepared cube 5 times. After about 14 days, the duration of the procedure increases over time, and the amount of treatment reaches up to 20 times. It is important to consider that it is not necessary to supercool areas of the face. In time, the duration of the procedure is no more than five minutes.
  2. Wipe your face better after taking a bath or visiting a bath.
  3. At the end of the treatment, the face should be wet with a napkin.

How to apply ice cubes:

  • from the middle of the chin to the earlobes,
  • from the corners of the lips to the ear
  • from the middle of the lip to the corner of the eye,
  • from the lower eyelid towards the nose,
  • from the forehead to the temples,
  • along the nasal septum,
  • from the nasal septum on the sides.

Attention! Massage the face with cubes of frozen water must be done correctly, following the recommendations listed. Only in this way can the desired effect be achieved.


Along with the advantages of using cubes, contraindications for the use of cosmetics are also noted:

  1. The skin is sensitive and reacts to any of the components present in the composition of the product.
  2. When pain arises from use and a burning sensation.
  3. The face or neck is sore or there are wounds.
  4. The pores are enlarged.
  5. Manifestation of small spider veins on the face.

If at least one of the listed disadvantages is noted, you need to get rid of it, and then start the procedure. Tips will help rejuvenate if you follow them.

What is the name of cold coffee

Initially, ice coffee was prepared from the most chilled water, strong coffee and sugar. The Greeks gave the drink the name "frappe," and the Americans called it "frappuccino." In composition, they are almost identical:

But in frappa recipes, imagination is allowed, while frappuccino is prepared according to a strict patented recipe in portions of 460 milliliters.

Iced Coffee Recipes

Coffee ice was so loved by people all over the world that a great many variants were invented for its preparation. Every nation boasts the secret of mixing this original cocktail.

Vietnamese iced coffee is different in that it is brewed like a regular classic drink, and then it is cooled, turning into a frosty version in combination with condensed milk.

According to the first to try this wonderful potion, they fall in love with him once and for all.

To learn how to make this magic elixir is not difficult: to prepare one serving, fill a high glass with ice, which is poured into two-thirds of the brewed and chilled black coffee and add a couple of tablespoons of condensed milk. Stir thoroughly and serve the resulting drink with a straw.

American style cooking

This option is not only ordered in coffee houses and restaurants, it is not shameful to make it at home and serve it to guests. The recipe is simple: coffee is brewed and cooled indoors. Filling a glass with a certain number of compact-sized frozen ice cubes, half pour cold coffee, cooled milk, add sugar or syrup (maple) to taste, mix. It’s nice to slowly pull the drink through a straw.

Another Americano option: 60 milliliters of espresso are brewed from ground beans and purified water in a coffee machine, whipped by adding 35 milliliters of water, 10 milliliters of sugar cane syrup and 5 ice cubes. In a cocktail glass, put 2-3 ice cubes and pour in a mixture from a blender. The resulting balm has an intense velvety taste and sophisticated aroma.

Peppermint Chocolate

You will need:

  • 300-350 ml strong freshly brewed coffee
  • 30-50 g of dark chocolate
  • 2–4 tbsp. l peppermint syrup or liquor
  • 100 g cream ice cream
  • ice


Brew coffee, dissolve chocolate in still hot coffee. Cool slightly, add half the ice cream, peppermint syrup or liquor, a few ice cubes and beat in a blender. When serving, sprinkle with ice crumb, add the remaining ice cream, if desired, garnish with mint and grated chocolate.

Golden drink with ice

Its color is achieved thanks to turmeric, which is added to the recipe. It is prepared from soy or coconut milk (100 milliliters), which is heated, but not boiled, add a third of a teaspoon of turmeric and a couple of vanilla seeds. Cool to room temperature, pour into a glass filled to half with ice cubes, add a cup of brewed coffee, honey or syrup.

A variation of the Vietnamese drink is a recipe for ice with tapioca, which turns out to be golden in color. You can’t get the components for sale, you should look for them in online stores: tapioca balls and Asian starch (sago), as well as cane sugar.

Thais' favorite ice coffee, which also uses condensed milk and cream in the recipe, so the dish has a delicate creamy consistency. To cook it for four people, 4 cups of strong black coffee are brewed and cooled. Heated over medium heat a couple of glasses of cream, not bringing to a boil, put 3 full tablespoons of granulated sugar and 2 small cardamom. After a quarter of an hour, add a third of a spoonful of chopped almonds to the cream. In pre-cooled high glasses pour crushed ice (half), mix with condensed milk (2 tablespoons per serving), coffee and flavored cream.

Coffee Smoothie

You will need:

  • 250 ml freshly brewed and chilled espresso
  • small banana
  • 250 ml plain nonfat yogurt
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tbsp. l natural unsweetened cocoa powder


Puree banana, add yogurt and beat. Add freshly brewed coffee and whisk again. Add cocoa and cinnamon to taste.

Ice cold coffee

For such a cocktail, the main ingredient is not brewed, but filled with cold water (two tablespoons per 150 ml) and kept in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours. Then they shake it, filter it and put sugar to taste, pour in chilled milk and fill the glass to the top with ice. Iced iced coffee perfectly quenches thirst and tones.

You can pre-prepare coffee ice by freezing it in molds. It is used as the basis of ice coffee in various recipes.

Coffee Ice Milk

You will need:

  • instant coffee 5 tsp
  • sugar 5 tsp
  • vanillin pinch
  • boiling water 250 ml
  • milk 250 ml


Pour sugar and coffee with boiling water, mix. Allow to cool slightly, add vanillin and pour into ice molds. Put in the freezer to freeze the ice. Pour coffee ice into glasses, pour cold milk. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes so that the ice melts slightly and mixes with milk.

Ice Vietnamese coffee with tapioca

All you need for a cup of Vietnamese ice coffee:

  • 25 balls of sago,
  • 10 grams of coffee powder,
  • 150 milliliters of water
  • half a glass of milk (cream),
  • on a teaspoon of cane sugar and condensed milk.

Tapioca is boiled in boiling water for a quarter of an hour, dipped in cold water to prevent the balls from sticking together.

Coffee is brewed over low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring so that it does not run away and does not burn; sugar and condensed milk are added to it. Tapioca is put at the bottom of the cup, crushed ice is thrown and the coffee-milk mixture is poured.

Cold Lavender Raffa Coffee

You will need:

  • 100 ml cream 11% fat
  • 1.5 tsp ground coffee
  • 100 ml of water
  • 1 tsp Sahara
  • 0.5 tsp dry lavender flowers
  • crushed ice


Pour coffee in cold water, bring to a boil and remove from heat.
Mix sugar with lavender in a coffee grinder. Pour this mixture into coffee and mix. Pour the cream into the coffee. Heat to a boil. Beat with a mixer until lush foam. Add crushed ice. You can decorate with a dried sprig of lavender.

Cold cappuccino

It’s easy to cook, the main thing is to have a shaker on hand. You should brew a coffee portion to your liking, pour it into a bowl, add 6 ice cubes, a couple cups of milk, 6 large tablespoons of cream and half a glass of sugar. Beat in a shaker before crushing the ice. Pouring the finished drink into glasses, sprinkle with grated chocolate on top. Alternatively, you can pour maple or cherry syrup, garnish with whipped cream.

Coffee milkshake

You will need:

  • 1 cup iced coffee
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 cups coffee ice cream
  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream
  • 1-2 donuts
  • 4 ice cubes
  • cinnamon, sugar - optional


Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Before serving, slightly moisten the edges of the glasses with water and sprinkle them with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Gently pour the coffee cocktail into glasses and serve.

Orange drink

The refined taste and aroma of the vitality elixir will gain if you add citrus fruits to it. First of all, boil the syrup from the zest of two oranges, a cup of granulated sugar and a cup of water. Pieces of zest are taken out and cooled syrup. Freshly squeezed juice pairs of oranges are mixed with 4 cups of chilled espresso, prepared from 6 tablespoons of ground powder and water, and cooled syrup.

Filling tall glasses with orange balsam, do not forget to pour crushed ice to the top and decorate everything with a circle of orange.

How and what to serve ice coffee

Coffeemans, who know a lot about invigorating nectar, are well versed in the types of dishes used for its beautiful presentation. Typically, cold drinks are poured into tall narrow glasses or glasses that keep the cold temperature longer in the cooked dish:

  1. Elegant Hurricanes on thin low legs used to serve exotic cocktails whipped with ice.
  2. Into a cylindrical highball with a standard volume of 270 ml it is customary to pour alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This is the most popular glass, indispensable in the bar - cocktails based on mineral and sparkling water have even been called highballs.
  3. A bit like a highball collins glass (named after the famous Tom Collins cocktail), but, unlike the first, it is narrower and taller, with a volume of up to 340 ml.
  4. The narrow elongated shape is different capacity of zombiesin which the cocktail of the same name was originally served. He is taller than collins and more highball. A tube must be relied on him. Ice drinks made from multi-colored ingredients laid in layers look especially refined in zombies.

Vietnamese ice coffee can be served in a tall glass with the addition of liquor, rum, cloves, cinnamon. They certainly drink it through a straw, enjoying the taste.

Ice is decorated with cream, mint leaves, grated chocolate, ice cream, ground cinnamon, frozen fruits and berries.

This tonic and invigorating drink in various variations is served in the best restaurants and small coffee houses around the world. But anyone can cook it in their own kitchen, enjoying great taste.

Jamaican iced coffee

You will need:

  • 30 g dark rum
  • 30 g coffee liqueur
  • 3 tbsp. l whipped cream
  • 120 g of black coffee
  • ice and mint sprigs for serving


Mix liquor, coffee, rum and whipped cream in a shaker. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Garnish with sprigs of mint.

Homemade Cold Cappuccino

You will need:

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tbsp. l chocolate syrup
  • 1 tsp instant coffee (powder)
  • 2 ice cubes
  • sugar
  • cinnamon


In a blender we combine milk, chocolate syrup, coffee and ice. Beat until foam. Then add sugar to taste. Pour the drink into glasses, decorate with cinnamon (optional). We serve immediately.

Holguin (Thai iced coffee)

You will need:

  • 4 cups brewed strong coffee
  • 2 cups cream
  • 3/4 cup condensed milk
  • 3 tbsp. l Sahara
  • 2 tsp ground cardamom
  • 1/4 tsp finely ground almonds
  • crushed ice or frozen in small cubes


We put the pan on medium heat, pour cream into it, add sugar and cardamom. We wait until the cream begins to boil, and immediately turn off the fire.
Let it brew for 15 minutes under the lid. Then add ground almonds.
Before serving, fill 4 cups with ice, add equally flavored cream. Gently pour the top into glasses of coffee.

Iced orange coffee

You will need:

  • freshly squeezed juice of 2 oranges
  • zest (slices) 2 squeezed oranges
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 cup (or slightly less) sugar
  • 4 cups of cold coffee (6 tsp. Instant coffee in 4 cups of water)


We lay the pieces of orange zest in a pan with water and sugar. Boil everything for 5 minutes. Remove the zest and cool the syrup. Then mix the orange juice with coffee and the resulting syrup. Pour orange coffee into tall glasses and lay crushed ice on top. We decorate everything with an orange slice.

"Yin-Yang" - iced coffee tea

You will need:

  • 3 grades of black tea (1/2 tsp each)
  • black coffee for filter
  • 1 jar of concentrated milk
  • sugar to taste
  • ice for serving


First we make tea. Take a small saucepan with 1/2 liter of water. Throw 3 grades of tea and let it boil for about 5 minutes. At the same time, we make weak coffee. Then filter the tea, add sugar to taste and concentrated milk. Tea strength can be adjusted by adding water as desired. Finally, pour milk tea (7 parts) into the glass, pour coffee (3 parts) on top, add ice.

Ice for the face from wrinkles: youth recipes

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Those who wish to use ice for wrinkle face recipes of this product will surely like it. After all, the method is used by Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss, who are available even for expensive salon procedures! But beauties prefer natural methods, so hurry to follow their example.

  1. Benefits of Using Wrinkle Ice
  2. Contraindications
  3. Basic recipe: how to make a cold cure for wrinkles
  4. Simple recipes: cosmetic ice without hassle
  5. Additional ways: use the gifts of nature
  6. How to wipe the skin with ice
  7. How to handle the face
  8. Conclusion

Benefits of Using Wrinkle Ice

Looking for a way to get rid of age-related changes, prevent rashes and forget about eye circles? Cryotherapy in the salon will give the desired effect, but the cost of the course will be high. Cosmetic ice is useful to you, the benefit of its use will please the following advantages:

  1. A regular cube of frozen liquid will be an alternative to tonics offered by famous brands. The cold will narrow the pores and make the skin softer, but the main result will be elasticity to the skin. You will avoid the formation of crow's feet and the loss of a clear facial contour.
  2. You will get rid of circles under the eyes, because their formation is often caused by circulatory problems. The causes of occurrence also include a lack of rest and the use of inappropriate cosmetic products. In any case, you will reduce the manifestations with frozen water.
  3. Low temperature stops inflammatory processes and minimizes the effect of free radicals on tissues. You will eliminate one of the main causes of aging without incurring extra costs.
  4. Lack of activity of the sebaceous glands leads to drying of the integument. This is fraught with the formation of wrinkles, but the problem can be solved by cryotherapy, as the effect of cold is also called. Rubbing your face with frozen cubes, you give it moisture and stimulate cell renewal - it is necessary to normalize skin functions.
  5. Owners of oily integuments will notice that it is worth using ice from wrinkles, and in the middle of the day you will not have to complain about oily sheen.
  6. Age brings not only wrinkles, but also changes in hormonal levels that cause acne. Since the procedure normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, you will reduce the rashes.

To maintain youth, resort to cryotherapy at home. You will notice the first results in a month, and over time, progress will be even more noticeable.

How it works? Under the influence of cold, the surface capillaries narrow, and the deeper vessels expand. As a result, increased blood circulation supplies the cells with oxygen, and the early signs of aging recede. It is cryotherapy that allows Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and other "stars" to always remain young.

Basic recipe: how to make a cold cure for wrinkles

With the onset of summer heat, ice cubes for the face from wrinkles will at the same time give the desired coolness. To prepare them, follow the following procedure:

  1. Mash 2 medium-sized cucumbers. Mix with 2 lemons juice.
  2. Add 1 cup chilled green tea and ¼ cup honey.
  3. Pour the mix into a mold and send it to the refrigerator.

When the liquid hardens, wipe the covers and allow the face to dry. After 10 minutes, rinse your skin with clean water. To keep the liquid in deep layers for a long time, use your favorite moisturizer.

Do not want to mix the ingredients? Use frozen green tea: the combination of cold and caffeine present in the liquid will give beauty.

Simple recipes: cosmetic ice without hassle

The following recipes are suitable for home cooking:

  1. Aloe will give the skin the necessary vitamins and relieve inflammation. You are free to cut the sheet into pieces and send them to the freezer or squeeze the juice.
  2. Enrich boiled water with lavender essential oil at the rate of 2 drops per cube. The substance contains anti-aging organic acids.
  3. Chamomile broth, useful for skin elasticity, will also save you from rashes and soothe sensitive integuments.
  4. Hamamelis extract will help mature beauties, who are also upset by the activity of the sebaceous glands and stretched pores. Mix it with water in equal parts so that the action is not too aggressive. During use, make sure that the product does not get into the eyes.
  5. Milk is useful for women with dry skin, especially when the sebaceous glands were disrupted by too much degreasing. For freezing, use a homemade product, rubbing the skin in cubes for 3-4 minutes. Then wash with cool water. Perform the procedure in the evenings, and defeat age-related changes and circles under the eyes.
  6. Fresh mint will need to be crushed in a blender, and then add a small amount of liquid to give a pasty texture. In summer, the tool is indispensable, the benefit will soothe the integument after the aggressive exposure to rays.
  7. To use the anti-aging properties of turmeric, take 1 tsp. powder and ¼ cup of water. Wipe the covers for 2 minutes, finish the procedure by washing.
  8. Orange juice will also benefit, because the face will shine with youth. It is enough to freeze fresh, and then wipe the skin for 5 minutes, so that vitamin C promotes tissue detoxification. The antioxidant will also remove acne and lighten scars.

Making cosmetic ice is effortless. If after work you feel too tired to mix numerous ingredients, you will like these recipes.

Additional ways: use the gifts of nature

In addition to well-known methods, take into service the following options:

  1. Basil is effective in normalizing sebaceous glands and treating acne. But it is also rich in antioxidants, so pour a handful of fresh leaves ½ cup of water, mix in a blender. Add 2 tsp. aloe juice.
  2. Pineapple juice contains hydroxy acids, which not only helps to wrinkle around the eyes, but also evens out the complexion. Combine the application with the use of lemon peel, because the latter will act as a soft exfoliant. You will need 4 tsp. zest and 1 cup pineapple juice to give the skin beneficial substances, including antioxidants and vitamin C.
  3. The use of watermelon stimulates the production of collagen, necessary for the elasticity of the integument. You also nourish them with vitamins A, B and C, and when adding mint, you normalize the release of sebum: the components must be mixed in a blender. If you wish, you simply cut the watermelon into cubes and send them to the freezer.
  4. Enrich the chamomile broth with rose water (2: 1) or simply add dry petals, not allowing the liquid to cool. You combine deep hydration with a regenerative effect, which will restore youth. Fresh petals are also suitable, which you need to fill in with a chilled decoction of chamomile and let it brew for 30 minutes.
  5. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that smooth wrinkles. It will also provide long-lasting hydration and help cope with peeling. To achieve the result, take 1 tsp. grated component and pour ¼ cup of water, mix thoroughly.
  6. To combine cryotherapy with exfoliation, add 2 slices of ginger and 3 cups of table salt to 1 cup of ground coffee. Dilute the mixture with 3 cups of water, mix the ingredients and pour the liquid into the molds. When the mix freezes, you get a rejuvenating scrub.

Cosmetic ice prepared according to the above recipes can be stored for a week. Combine the beneficial effects of cold with the properties of natural ingredients!

How to wipe the skin with ice

Want to get rid of wrinkles around your eyes? In addition to choosing a recipe, the method of application will also play a role. Do cryotherapy only on clean skin, choosing morning or evening time. If you perform the procedure before bedtime, wash yourself with a soft foam or wipe your face with a mixture of oils, mixing castor, hemp and jojoba adjusted to your skin type:

  • for oily: 30% castor and jojoba, 40% hemp,
  • for normal or combination: 20% castor, 80% jojoba,
  • for dry: 10% castor, 70% jojoba, 20% hemp.

When carrying out morning cryotherapy, it is permissible to do without washing, except when you are sweating in a dream.

Cosmetic ice - mini cryotherapy for the face

Regular procedures with the help of small cubes of frozen water, natural juice, herbal infusion have a beneficial effect on the skin. Cold leads to a decrease in swelling of the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes, smoothing wrinkles. Using ice at home will not cause much trouble, it is well combined with facial treatment with oils and creams.

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French cosmetic brand Anne Semonin, promoting beauty through skin healing, releases ice from wrinkles for freshness and facial rejuvenation. The use of cubes for freezing also helps to reduce age spots. This Anne Semonin product contains sea water, azelaic acid, plant extracts, trace elements.

Products created by cosmetic brands are distinguished by a high price, due to the need for years of expensive research, clinical trials, advertising costs, and market promotion. Various rejuvenating preparations are used in cosmetology clinics. Professional anti-aging procedures and concentrated products enhance each other's action. Frozen cubes prepared at home are not considered anti-aging cosmetics. However, ice based on infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants can slow down the growth of wrinkles.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging freezer

Among the variety of cosmetics, handmade ice for wiping the face occupies a special place. Almost everything that can turn into useful ice is frozen in molds. Among the “favorites” are green tea, mineral water, lemon juice, herbal infusion. Such anti-aging care brings many benefits to the skin, accessible to any person. It is recommended to use ice cubes in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed.

The benefits of frozen herbal infusions, fruit and vegetable juices for face care

  • anti-inflammatory effect with irritation and redness of the skin,
  • preventing the formation of a mesh from small vessels,
  • reduction of dark circles under the eyes,
  • improvement of blood supply to tissues,
  • narrowing of blood vessels
  • purification from pollution,
  • tonic effect.

Cosmetic ice solves some skin problems, but is not considered a panacea, like other means. Together with frozen cubes, cosmetics suitable for the type of skin (oils, creams, thermal water) should be used. A cosmetologist will help you choose such products intended for men or women.

In which cases ice cubes can not be used for the face

  • Just before going outside on cold days.
  • Sensitive skin prone to redness.
  • Inflamed acne elements.
  • Open wounds.
  • Rosacea

Water is the foundation of any cosmetic ice. “Main fluid” makes up a significant part of the contents of plant cells, dissolves many nutrients and phytonutrients. If you regularly perform simple procedures with frozen juices and infusions, then the skin for many years will maintain a young and healthy appearance.