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How to Dry Bananas at Home


Bananas, like apples, are not an inaccessible delicacy. You can buy them at any grocery store, regardless of seasonality. But why then "bother" and engage in their drying? Yes, just dried bananas are a tasty and healthy snack that can be prepared for future use to pamper children with them or to feast on oneself.

The whole process of preliminary preparation of the fruit is not complicated and includes the following steps:

  1. Washing the fruit. Despite the fact that the peel will be removed during cooking, the bananas with it must be washed in warm water and dried.
  2. Slicing. Bananas can be dried and whole, but most recipes require their preliminary shredding. Slices should be the same for uniform drying. Often you can meet the advice that for uniform slicing, it is better to chop the fruit with the peel, and only then remove it.
  3. Soaking in an acidic solution. To prevent the attractive appearance of fruit slices from evaporating with moisture, they are soaked for 30 seconds in a solution of 100 ml of lemon juice and 200 ml of water. Then moisture from the fruits is allowed to drain in a colander, after which they are dried.

During the drying process, fresh fruits lose about a fifth of the water that they contain, so the calorie content of dried bananas is (already!) 345 kcal / 100 g versus 89 kcal in 100 g of fresh tropical fruits.

Oven Dried Bananas

Not every housewife has a special electric dryer for vegetables and fruits, but in every kitchen there is an oven in which you can easily prepare healthy and crunchy banana chips.

Step-by-step cooking algorithm:

  1. Peel tropical fruits and chop diagonally with oval platinum of 3-5 mm.
  2. Cover the oven grill with parchment. For better air circulation, baking paper can often be pierced with a thick needle.
  3. Spread banana slices on a prepared grid at a short distance from each other.
  4. Mix a little cinnamon with powdered sugar and sprinkle the chopped banana through the strainer with this mixture. Sugar will help to draw moisture out of the fruit faster.
  5. Place the grate with banana slices in an oven preheated to 50 - 70 degrees and dry for 2-3 hours, leaving the door ajar. If the device has a convection function, then the banana drying will be ready sooner.

Cooking in an electric dryer

A special dryer helps to process a large number of fresh fruits in one go, so you can cook dried or dried bananas in it much faster and with less energy.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Slice bananas in round slices and place on the pallets of the electric dryer so that they do not touch each other. Otherwise, the slices may stick together into an unappetizing shapeless mass. Sprinkle bananas on top with powdered sugar.
  2. Place the fruit trays on the dryer, close the lid and set the temperature to 65 degrees. The duration of dehydration will be 10 to 14 hours, depending on the desired result.

During the drying process, pallets can be rearranged in order to more evenly evaporate moisture.

Whole Banana Drying Recipe

The taste of dried bananas is affected not only by the amount of evaporated moisture, but also by the way the fruit is sliced. Slices cut along the fibers dry faster, and across - a little longer, acquiring, in the end, a rich, sour-sweet taste. And the fruits, dried whole, by their consistency resemble marshmallows.

Working process:

  1. Large peeled bananas cut across into 2 - 3 pieces, small ("baby") fruits to cook whole.
  2. Then lay them on a grid and dry in an oven or electric dryer at 60 - 65 degrees 10 - 12 hours.
  3. Melt the chocolate to a liquid in any way possible. Heat the peanut butter a little in the microwave to make it more fluid.
  4. Dried bananas are planted, like cakepots, on bamboo sticks. Then, one at a time, dip them first in the nut paste, then in the melted chocolate, and finally dump them in the nut crumbs. Quickly put in the freezer.

After the chocolate has hardened, dessert can be served. The bananas inside are as elastic as before the nut-chocolate baths.

In the microwave

In the microwave, banana chips can be cooked in just five minutes. This is much faster than in an oven or dryer, but literally every minute the participation of the hostess will be required in the drying process. The finished treat can be sprinkled with a mixture of icing sugar and cocoa powder.

Benefit and harm

Fresh banana pulp is considered a natural source of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B and C. These elements are useful for the normal functioning of the heart muscle and nervous system. They increase stress resistance, contribute to improving mood and reduce anxiety.

Due to moisture loss, dried fruits contain more fructose than fresh fruits. Diabetics enjoy eating them as a healthy dessert. With proper drying, beneficial elements are not destroyed - that is, dried bananas also contain a portion of vitamins.

Sweet treats are harmful for those who follow the figure. As moisture evaporates from the pulp, its caloric content increases. 100 g of fresh bananas contain 85–90 calories, 100 g of dried banana contains 345 calories.

How to make dried bananas in the microwave:

  1. We prepare the fruits in the same way as the previous recipes, and then we lay out the neat banana circles of the same thickness on a greased microwave plate.
  2. We put the plate in the microwave and turn on the device for 1 minute at a power of 750 watts. After the beep, we take out the plate, turn the slices over and cook again for 1 minute. So repeat a total of five times.
  3. Put almost ready-made bananas from a plate onto a wire rack and leave them overnight, so that they dry out a little more at room temperature. Then pour them with cocoa powder and you can eat.

What bananas are dried at home

Bananas can be dried at home and a tasty treat can be obtained if suitable fruits are used.

Suitable for drying:

  • ripe fruits with uniformly yellow peel (without signs of brown spots, immature green patches),
  • large varieties (Gros Michel, Giant Cavendish, Rajapuri),
  • small varieties (Baby Banana, Dwarf Cavendish).

Size is not as important as the degree of ripeness. Slightly greenish fruits are not so sweet, do not acquire a characteristic rich aroma. The ripened ones do not keep their shape, after drying they acquire an unaesthetic appearance.

Preparatory stage

Bananas are dried in whole or in pieces, depending on size. Before proceeding to drying, they must be properly prepared:

  • rinse under running water,
  • to peel,
  • large fruits are cut in half across and along so that 4 parts are formed, small ones are enough to cut in half,
  • put the cut into a sieve and dip in acidified water for 30 seconds to prevent darkening of the pulp,
  • Remove from water and allow moisture to drain on a paper towel.

Sugar and lemon juice are used to prepare acidified water. A glass of pure cold water takes a tablespoon of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.

How to Dry Bananas in the Sun

This method of drying fruits has several advantages: it does not require the purchase of an expensive dryer, and the cost of electricity is zero. However, it is available in our latitudes only in the hot season. But if in a hot heat knitting of bananas turned out to be at hand, why not make delicious exotic drying from them?

At what temperature should I dry in the oven

The most simple and affordable way of drying is in the oven. It resembles the technology for the production of large batches of dried and dried sweets on charcoal. You can dry in a gas or electric oven at the lowest temperature that is available (preferably not higher than 70 degrees).

  • bananas - 2 kg
  • parchment paper
  • metal pan
  • oven.

  • the oven is preheated to the indicated temperature,
  • cover the baking sheet with high-quality parchment paper, to which the products do not stick in the cooking process,
  • the pieces are laid out in random order so that their edges do not touch,
  • the pan is placed in the center of the oven for 3 hours,
  • the door is left slightly ajar so that moisture evaporates,
  • finished sweets with paper are dragged onto a wire rack and allowed to cool.

Prepare dried bananas in the sun as follows:

  1. Prepare a honey solution, which during dehydration will prevent darkening of the fruit. For him, simply dissolve sugar and honey in hot water.
  2. Dip the bananas, sliced ​​into thin slices, for five minutes in syrup, then drain the excess liquid on a sieve or wire rack.
  3. Cover the tray for drying fruits with parchment, put prepared bananas on it. From above, tighten the tray with gauze so that insects do not sit on the fruits and install glass to enhance the action of sunlight, but leaving a gap for air circulation.
  4. Dry the bananas outdoors for two to four days, depending on solar activity. At night, it is better to clean the pallet in the room so that an unexpected night rain does not spoil all the work. White sugar crust on the surface of the slices will testify to the readiness of drying.

Finished Product Storage

Dried bananas - a product that requires special storage conditions.

They should be stored in airtight containers made of glass or plastic in a dark place (for example, in a cabinet) at room temperature in well-ventilated rooms.

Such storage will not allow the product to moisten and absorb foreign odors. If the bananas are not dried to the state of chips, but remain a little soft and slightly sticky, then so that they do not stick together during storage, they should be sprinkled with powdered sugar or small sugar.

Depending on the degree of dehydration, bananas can be stored from one month to a year. If the dried slices are soft, but when they are bent, moisture is not released, then such fruits can be stored for several months. If, when trying to bend a dried banana slice, it breaks with a characteristic crunch, then even after a year it will not lose its taste.


Before you cut the fruit, decide what result you want to get: a dried product or dry banana chips.

  • For the first option, prepare large pieces. Large bananas first cut in half, and then divide each half into another 2 parts. Dry whole fruits.
  • If you decide to make chips, cut them into circles 0.3-0.8 cm thick.

In the next step, hold the workpieces in acidified water. So you will save the fruits from darkening during drying.

  1. Pour 200 ml of water into a small container and squeeze juice from a small lemon into it or add 1 tsp. citric acid.
  2. Place banana slices in the prepared solution for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Then throw it in a colander, let it drain and start drying.

Drying in the sun is the easiest way to harvest bananas.

  1. Cover the baking sheet or tray with wax paper and evenly distribute the prepared fruits on it.
  2. To protect against dust and insects, cover the cut with a clean cloth and place the container in the sun. Optimum conditions for drying fruits in air are temperatures around +25 ... +30 ° C and humidity not more than 65%.
  3. On the first day, be sure to turn over the dried product every 1.5–2 hours. The rest of the time, carry out this procedure at least 3-4 times a day.

Depending on weather conditions and the size of the pieces, drying may take from 2 to 4 days. Do not forget to bring the baking sheet into the house at night or in the rain. Otherwise, the product will get wet and deteriorate.

Drying bananas in the oven is the most common way that you can use it at any time of the year.

  1. Lay out the fruit on a parchment-covered grid.
  2. Place in the oven warmed up to +60 ... +70 ° С. Leave the door ajar for free air circulation.

Cooking time depends on the size of the pieces: small ones can be removed in 3-4 hours, large ones will reach the condition in 7 hours. Turn the drying product regularly over to dry evenly. As soon as the surface of the workpieces becomes rough, dried fruits can be considered ready.

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In the electric dryer

  1. Lay out the pieces on pallets, set the temperature from +60 to +70 ° C and turn on the device.
  2. To dry the bananas evenly, change the pallets in places approximately every 2 hours.

After 10-12 hours, the delicacy will be ready to eat. Put dried fruits in a shallow cup and cool them at room temperature. Then transfer the workpieces to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Quality dried bananas can be stored for up to 12 months. They are conveniently added to cereals, pastries, granola, sauces or used as a healthy vitamin supplement for breakfast. Thanks to the presence of such exotic stocks, you can diversify the daily menu and give the usual dishes an unusual taste without much hassle.

Selection and preparation of bananas for drying

Only ripe bananas are suitable for drying. Black spots may be present on the peel, but the flesh of the fruit should remain light and dense.

Before drying, rinse the bananas in running water and peel them.

Next, you need to decide what result you want to get as a result - dried bananas or completely dried banana chips. The method of slicing fruits will depend on this.

For a dried product, bananas are best cut into large pieces. Large fruits can be cut first in half, and then each half - even in two. Small mini bananas (Baby Banana) can be dried whole.

For chips, fruits are cut with wheels with a thickness of 5 to 10 millimeters.

So that the fruits do not darken during drying, they must be kept for some time in acidified water. To do this, 200 milliliters of cool water and squeezed juice of one lemon are poured into a bowl. Lemon juice can be replaced with 1 teaspoon of citric acid. Banana slices are placed in the acidified solution for 20 to 30 seconds.

After this procedure, the fruits are laid in a colander and wait until the excess liquid drains as much as possible.

Ways to Dry Bananas

At first glance, the easiest drying method is the use of solar heat, but in practice it turns out to be the most time-consuming.

  • Firstly, changing weather conditions can not always contribute to high-quality drying.
  • Secondly, at night the pallet with bananas should be brought home and taken out into the fresh air only after the morning dew has come off, otherwise the products will get wet.
  • Thirdly, bananas laid out on a pallet must be reliably protected from insects that can transfer pathogens to them.

Drying time in the open sun is from 2 to 4 days. This mainly depends on weather conditions and the size of the sliced ​​fruit.

Prepared, as described above, bananas are laid out on a tray covered with parchment. To improve air exchange, the paper can be pierced in several places with a knife.

Preheat the oven to a temperature of 60 - 70 degrees and place a baking sheet with slices in it. It is very important that you leave the oven door open to allow air to circulate. Small banana slices will be completely ready in 3 hours, and large pieces will need much more time. Do not forget to periodically flip fruit slices to dry more evenly.

Watch the video from the Kitchen Show channel - Banana Chips - Dried Bananas with Cinnamon. How to dry bananas in the oven.

How to store dried bananas

Sun-dried bananas should be stored in the main compartment of the refrigerator in tightly sealed containers. Under such conditions, dried fruits can be stored for up to 1 year.

Fully dried product can be stored at room temperature in a container or plastic bag. If the room has normal humidity, dry banana slices can also be stored in paper bags.

How much to dry in the microwave

A microwave oven is the fastest way to get hot slightly dried bananas. The express option resembles Vietnamese delicacies only remotely, but it only takes 15 minutes to cook it.

  • 2 large bananas
  • 1 teaspoon of refined oil,
  • 1 teaspoon icing sugar
  • flat plate.

  • The cooking container is lubricated with oil (odorless).
  • Bananas are cut in a special way - thin rings or obliquely to make pieces in the shape of an oval.
  • Pieces are laid out on a greased surface so that they do not touch, and sprinkled with powder.
  • The plate is placed in the microwave at the highest power for 1 minute.
  • After the bananas are turned over and re-cooked in the microwave for no more than a minute.
  • Until ready, the procedure will need to be repeated about 5 times.
  • Cool the dessert on the wire rack.

How much to dry in an electric dryer

In a dehydrator (electric dryer), sliced ​​pieces of fruit are dried for about 12 hours. At the same time, no more than 20% of moisture remains in them.

  • 2 to 7 kg of bananas,
  • electric dryer.

  • Sliced ​​bananas are laid out on a wire rack.
  • Set the temperature to 70 degrees and turn on the device.
  • Раз в 2–3 часа решетки меняют местами, чтобы обеспечить равномерный обдув.

Высушенные бананы подходят для украшения десертов, дополнения выпечки, добавления в мюсли или кашу. By choosing the appropriate drying method, you can easily cook a treat with a great aroma at home.