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How to make stubble grow on your face: the most effective ways


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Many dream of growing a luxurious bushy beard or a stylish mustache. Unfortunately, growing facial hair is not so simple. Much depends on genetics. Some men who want to have a chic, thick beard can only grow a few rare sites. We are not able to change genetics, but there are a number of ways that stimulate the growth of denser facial hair. For better hair growth, you can also make changes to your lifestyle. However, remember that hair will not grow in one night. To achieve this goal you will need considerable patience.

Why is the stubble not growing?

When the time of sexual development comes in the life of a young man, stubble growth is observed. This happens as a result of the active production of testosterone - the male sex hormone. Further thin pricklyness is formed by the growth of voluminous. Then they begin to shave smoothly. But some people prefer to better perform an attractive beard hairstyle.

Sometimes the hairline grows late or unevenly. This can testify to failures in the production of testosterone. The causes of the situation are:

  1. An unbalanced diet.
  2. Fatigue of a chronic level.
  3. Alcohol abuse.
  4. Stress, disturbance of the emotional background.
  5. Lack of sleep.

If a man’s hair is completely absent, endocrine functions of the body may be impaired. Then the situation requires an early visit to the doctor.

What to do to make the bristles grow faster?

Smoothness is now losing ground. Now, powerful representatives of this world are creating a slightly daring, brutal appearance, which is prickly inherent. It is important for a successful, solid appearance to have such an image not only to acquire, but also to skillfully maintain it. First, we’ll look at how to make the appearance of hair grow faster.

For this we use the following requirements:

  1. Eating. A balanced diet is the easiest, easiest way. Eat more vegetables, fruits. They will give the body vitamin C, saturating it with pectin. It is recommended to consume foods with protein content more often, to drink enough water. But the consumption of sweet, semi-finished products is better to exclude. Learn more about nutrition for beard growth.
  2. Stress free. Case-debilitating cases inhibit normal hair growth, making them brittle, brittle. Temper the spirit with sports load, breathing exercises. Get enough sleep. Sleep preferably for eight hours. Then the body will have time to regain strength, relax.
  1. Throwing bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol are undeniably harmful to health. Nicotine does not affect the hair follicles, but impairs the functioning of the blood. This negatively affects the hair follicles, which do not eat fully. Alcohol reduces the recovery of strands, they fall from its consumption. Having a beautiful beard to drink, smoking is unacceptable.
  2. Good cover care. Depends on the condition of the skin, with what speed, density curls will increase. If you have reddened or exfoliated epidermis, the build-up is slow. The skin needs regular hydration and vitamins. It is advised to go to the beautician or make a cosmetic mask yourself. With growth, the skin is cleaned with steam. Visit the sauna more often.
  3. Hormone balance. Lack of testosterone is a problem in which hair often grows poorly. A qualified specialist will help deal with hormonal disorders. You can increase the level of the hormone at home with the help of intensive exercises, regular sex.

What are the means to increase facial hair growth?

How to grow a lush, voluminous mane? For this you need auxiliary methods, which include pharmacy, folk. Shampoos, ointments, creams - an abundance of drugs activate hair growth:

  1. Minoxidil A specially designed product that increases the vegetation of the head. Today it is popular as a beard curl activator. Similar drugs are Regein, Rogan, which dilate blood vessels and speed up blood circulation. Possible side effects may include shortness of breath, an increase in other areas. Using this method, strictly follow the instructions, do not exceed the prescribed dose. Before application, in order to exclude allergic reactions, a consultation of a trichologist is mandatory.
  2. Herbs. A budget but natural option that does not have any harmful elements. Taking dry herbs, we prepare a decoction from them. Apply a mask, rinse. Often, to strengthen, stimulate the growth of curl, use chamomile, nettle, calendula. Also used burdock, hops. Getting ready is simple. For example: 1 tbsp. burdock is poured in a glass of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes, then cool. Apply before washing the beard, after - rinse with a decoction. You can create a variety of "green" recipes for growing strands.

  1. Oils. Useful properties tested on castor, sea buckthorn, peach oils. Almond oils and olives also help. But burdock oil is recognized as the most effective. Its ingredients saturate the hair follicles, strengthening them, stimulating the growth of curl. You can massage massage or make masks with compresses. Before applying, thoroughly clean, steam the skin. Then we moisten the edge of the gauze, wrapping the chin. A bandage is applied on top. So you need to stay 60-90 minutes. Then remove the bandage, gently washing off the remaining oil with soap and warm water.

Proper care

What should be done to properly care for the beard in order to accelerate its growth? Use the following current tips:

  1. Monitor your skin regularly. Peel the top coat every seven days. Make a eucalyptus mask. It is eucalyptus that will add health to your cover, stimulating the growth of curl. When caring for your face, try to use a lotion where vitamin B is present, as well as other useful minerals.
  2. Daily Aspirin. The dose is quite safe - 80 mg. Strengthens the heart due to improved blood flow, activates the circulation of the scalp. Stimulated growth progress curl. Other drugs can also thin the blood. Typically, these are anti-thrombosis agents, of which Cardiomagnyl is popular.

  1. Avoid Conflict. Often, due to nerves, hair growth stops or it falls out. Growing a magnificent image, maximize all the capabilities of the body. We exclude stresses, eat only healthy food, take vitamin B complexes (B5 is great). Also attend yoga classes, play more often in the fresh air, exercise your body physically. Listening to your favorite music or other inspiring activities is suitable.

Decided to grow a beard: expectation and reality

What needs to be done first when the bristles appear? To begin with, to realize that the future volumetric beard has its advantages, bearing health benefits. Its function is to protect against ultraviolet radiation. It also cools the cover when it is hot, absorbing sweat. But itching is more difficult to tolerate.

On a lush hairstyle, the saw particles will linger, which will protect you from getting the microbe, infections in the upper respiratory tract. Also, the hairstyle stands for you in a strong wind, cold weather. Having decided to grow spiky, get ready for real discomfort:

  1. Well-groomed eddies will look very untidy. People around you will constantly repeat this. This is a kind of psychological pressure that tests your stamina.
  2. At first, the appearance, unaccustomed to large vegetation, will be very itchy. Get rid of such lotions, easy massage.
  3. With severe inflammation of the skin, the use of cosmetics, facial massage is recommended.

It must always be remembered that the waking situation is different than expectations. Only carefully weighing all the pros and cons, boldly make a decision, making a bristle worthy of a successful man.

Success is just around the corner

Dear representative of the strong half of humanity! If you read this material to the end, it means that sooner or later you will definitely get a chic, attractive bristle. After all, now you have all the trump cards in your hands: you know why hair may not grow properly, how to avoid long growth, and with what means of care to increase facial hair. Go ahead, the future bearded man!

First step

So the guy wants him to have a beard. How to grow if it does not grow? Note that the process of growing is a very long and requiring special attention. Therefore, you need to be patient.
If a young man has firmly decided on this matter, then the question immediately arises: "How much to grow a beard?" Wait at least a month without shaving and trimming the bristles. Even if it seems that the face began to look terrible with fragile weak hairs, do not touch them. Despite the condemnation of loved ones, persuading to shave everything, ridicule of others that you do not face, you should not pay attention to it. Since after all that remains to be done, men and young men with a smooth-shaven chin will envy your new look.

Second Stage - Trimming

After successfully waiting for time, you can already see a small result: a natural hairline appears. Feel free to start trimming. The first time to do this is desirable in a hairdressing salon. Since if you do it yourself, there is a risk of shaving something wrong and wrong. Subsequent beard trimming can already be done at home with a trimmer.
But often the facial hair stops growing or begins to grow unevenly.

Special products and scrubs

So how to grow a thick beard? In this case, there are many recommendations. You can find special tools for growing a beard. But do not use helpers such as burdock oil or red pepper. Thus, skin irritation or allergic reactions can be provoked. There are special dye sprays that add visual density to the beard, which can be purchased at cosmetic stores.

Beard: how to grow if it does not grow?

And for those who do not want to visually, but really decorate their faces with dense and tough vegetation, the following tips will help.
How to grow a beard at home? First you need to remember to cleanse the skin on the face, you need to wash yourself often, use various scrubs, mousses to prevent hair from growing into the skin and redness. Then the hairs themselves will grow faster. From growing in, it will not be superfluous to steam out the area on which the hair has grown. You also need to drink at least 6 glasses of water per day. The liquid improves the general condition of the skin and the natural course of life processes, a healthy sleep will also improve the well-being and growth of the desired hair. Sleep should be 6-8 hours. It is also advisable to give up bad habits.

How to grow a beard at home? It is worth starting to play sports. Since physical activity activates male hormones, which are also responsible for the vegetation on the man’s body.

Nutrition and Vitamins for Men

How to grow a beard? If you want a greater effect, you need to take a vitamin complex, perfectly suitable for vitamin B, A and E. They contribute to the growth and density of hair. Avoid stressful situations and do not overwork, meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress. You should also eat fully: less harmful snacks, more protein. This will help eggs, white poultry, fish, dairy products. Such food helps strengthen building tissues and is the basis for muscle and hair growth.

Why do some people have a beard, while others do not?

There is simply no exact answer to this question, but there are several suggestions on this subject:

1. Heredity and genetics. Perhaps this is the most obvious factor why some have abundant facial hair growth, while others do not. But some may exclaim: “After all, my father has thick stubble, but I do not!” The presence of vegetation on the face of the father does not mean that it should appear in you. Since genes are transmitted non-linearly, and you are not a complete copy of your father, it means that the gene responsible for facial hair growth may contain other information. But, nevertheless, the presence of thick stubble in your father is a good predisposing factor for the growth of your beard in you.

2. Your beard growth time has not come yet. If you are under 18 years old, then it is too early to judge what facial facial hair will be in the future. Yes, many peers may already have thick bristles, but this should not be an indicator. Each has its own puberty time and perhaps it has not yet come for you!

3. Your body does not have enough strength to form a new hairline. The reason for this may be:

  • chronic diseases, weakening the body,
  • improper and unbalanced nutrition,
  • bad habits,
  • stress, depression,
  • constant state of overtraining,
  • and other.

Analyze your state of health - if it is unsatisfactory, this may be the reason for the lack of facial hair growth.

4. Low levels of sex hormones. Since a beard is a male sign, testosterone, the main sex hormone of a man, is responsible for its appearance. Insufficient testosterone levels can be the reason for the lack of vegetation on the face and body. But, having a normal testosterone level does not guarantee a bushy beard, as the effects of sex hormones may differ for two different individuals. For example, with the same level of testosterone in men, absolutely different intensity and density of growth of the beard can be observed. This depends on the sensitivity of the receptors to testosterone and other genetic characteristics.

How to stimulate beard growth?

These recommendations are equally effective both for stimulating the growth of existing hair and for activating the growth of new ones. To achieve tangible results, an integrated approach is required, which implies:

  1. Natural methods of internal stimulation.
  2. Hygienic and cosmetic procedures for external stimulation.
  3. The use of special tools.

Give up the razor

It is also recommended to permanently abandon the razor. Do not believe the rumors. Shaving only slows down hair growth.

Now you know how popular a beard is, how to grow it if it does not grow.

Testosterone boost

Indeed, low levels of male sex hormones (androgens) can cause weak vegetation on the body and face. However, first you need to make sure that the problem is really in hormones. The most reliable way to find out your testosterone level is to take a blood test. This can be done on a paid basis in any of the clinics that provide these services.

If the analysis for total testosterone showed poor results (see norms of testosterone levels), you need to visit an endocrinologist and understand the causes of the decrease in androgens. The doctor will prescribe the necessary course of treatment to restore normal levels of hormones. After that, you can count on an increase in hair growth on the body and face.

For those who have independently decided to increase their testosterone, we recommend reading:

- And other articles from the section "Testosterone and hormones"

Healthy eating

In the concept of “healthy nutrition” we will include not only food that is good for our body, but also products containing the necessary substances for health and hair growth. For the formation of hair, proteins, amino acids, certain vitamins and minerals are needed. Replenishment of these substances can significantly improve hair growth and formation.

Vitamin A, C, E - these vitamins are needed in any case to maintain the normal function of all body systems:

  • Vitamin A - necessary for the growth of the body, strengthens the hair, preventing their loss and fragility. Contained in carrots, broccoli, butter, cheese, seaweed.
  • Vitamin C - responsible for the immune system, improves hair nutrition. Contained in citrus fruits (orange, lemon), pepper, kiwi, cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage).
  • Vitamin E - improves blood circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles. Contained in nuts, dried apricots, prunes, oatmeal.

Vitamins of group B - a very important group of vitamins for healthy hair. Especially necessary of them:

  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin, Vitamin H) is perhaps the most important vitamin for healthy hair. Biotin is synthesized in our intestines in quantities sufficient for the body (under the conditions of normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract), and is also found in many food products. Most biotin is in chicken egg, oatmeal, peas, nuts.
  • Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid). Like biotin, folic acid can be synthesized by intestinal microflora.It is useful not only for healthy hair, but also for improving reproductive function - there is evidence of a positive effect of vitamin B9 on sperm count in men. A lot of folic acid is found in nuts (peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts), spinach, lettuce, legumes, and liver.

Minerals are an auxiliary building material for hair, so you can’t do without them if you want to grow a lush beard. The most useful of them are:

  • Zinc is the most important trace element for the male body. Really! A sufficient amount of zinc in the diet can solve most problems with men's health (read more about the role of zinc here).
  • Calcium - necessary to maintain bone density and hair structure. A lot of calcium is found in dairy products (cheese, feta cheese, milk, cottage cheese), nuts, sesame, peas, oatmeal.
  • Iron - necessary for blood formation and hair strengthening. Contained in nuts, liver, buckwheat.

Based on all of the above, we will make a list of products that are useful for growing a beard:

  • Fruits and vegetables (cabbage of all sorts, peppers, carrots, beets, orange, kiwi),
  • Nuts
  • Fish and seafood,
  • Greens and leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, dill, parsley, garlic),
  • Meat (chicken breast - a source of easily digestible protein, B vitamins, beef - a source of zinc, B vitamins),
  • The liver (chicken, beef, pork) is a source of zinc, and other vitamins,
  • Eggs
  • Legumes (beans, peas),
  • Porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat),
  • Dairy products (cheese, feta cheese, cottage cheese) - a source of calcium, protein.

Which products should be discarded:

Weight Training

Many men say that after they started going to the gym, facial hair growth accelerated. For many, this contributed to the launch of new hair growth. This is not surprising, since resistance training increases testosterone levels. And in order to achieve the maximum increase in sex hormones from training, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. Be sure to perform exercises such as squatting, deadlift, bench press, since it is the basic exercises that contribute to the maximum production of testosterone. By doing isolated exercises on small muscle groups, it is impossible to achieve a significant increase in androgen levels.
  2. The weight of the burden should be selected so that a maximum of 8-10 repetitions can be performed per approach. The last repetition should cause maximum effort.
  3. The duration of the training should not exceed an hour. Weight training increases the level of anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth hormone), responsible for muscle growth. After an hour of training, the situation changes to the opposite and catabolic hormones (cortisol) responsible for muscle breakdown begin to be synthesized in the blood.
  4. Avoid overtraining. The state of overtraining reduces the level of sex hormones. It is important to remember that muscles grow during rest, so the recovery process is just as important as the training process. Train no more than 2-3 times a week, cycling loads on different muscle groups (the so-called split training).

2. Hygienic procedures for external stimulation of facial hair growth

It is necessary to stimulate the growth of a beard not only by internal factors, but also by external ones. Hair growth depends on the purity and condition of the skin. Here are some tips for future bearded men:

  • Keep your skin clean. To do this, you do not need to use various means for washing. There used to be many bearded men, did they all use tonics? It is hard to imagine a peasant who smears himself with lotion every morning! In their arsenal was only plain cold water. It is cold water, since it additionally stimulates blood circulation. So, to keep your face clean, it is enough to wash your face thoroughly with cold water 2-3 times a day or as it becomes dirty.
  • Use burdock oil. The method of application is simple: you need to take burdock oil (preferably slightly warmed up) and rub it into the skin. Holding it for no more than an hour can be washed off. The best effect is achieved if burdock oil is mixed with red pepper - in addition to nourishing the hair, increased blood circulation to the hair follicles is achieved. However, you need to be careful if you use pepper and do not overdo it with it. Otherwise, you can cause severe redness of the face. This procedure should be performed 2-3 times a week with the addition of pepper or every day only with burdock oil. Burdock oil can be bought at any pharmacy (see Figure 2). Its cost is about 60-80 rubles.
  • Another folk remedy: mix eucalyptus oil with water in a ratio of at least 1: 4 (1 part oil to 4 parts water) and apply to the skin with a cotton swab. After the procedure, rinse off the product well with no residue.

Fig. 2 - Pharmaceutical preparations that stimulate hair growth.

3. The use of special tools

The active substance of drugs to improve hair growth is minoxidil. Traditionally, minoxidil has been used to activate scalp hair growth. A little later it was revealed that the drug also has a significant effect in the activation of facial hair growth.

Fig. 3 - Preparations of minoxidil.

The principle of minoxidil

The principle of work of minoxidil is to expand the blood vessels and increase the microcirculation of blood, which positively affects the development of hair follicles. This contributes not only to the appearance of a new hair, but also to the fact that vellus hair, receiving enhanced nutrition, develops into a thermal one - that is, hard and long.

What can you count on?

Minoxidil is an effective way to accelerate beard growth, but is still not a “magic pill”. The end result of using the drug will depend on your genetic characteristics and the time of therapy. So, for some, a tangible result can be observed already a month after the start of the course, while for others, only after a few months will the first results be visible. Judging by the reports of people who used minoxidil, the effective treatment time is about 1 year.

Fig. 4 - Results of the use of minoxidil for 16 months.

Minoxidil drug selection

The choice of drug is determined primarily by the percentage of minoxidil. There are drugs with 2%, 5%, 10% and a high content of minixidil. We are interested in agents with a 5% content of minoxidil, since 2% preparations are not effective enough, and 10% or more are too aggressive.

The form of release of the funds also matters. The most convenient form of the drug is a liquid spray, since in this case it is easiest to keep the dosage.

Table 1 - Drugs that stimulate hair growth.

Available in pharmacies in Russia
REGAINE (ROGAINE)1600 – 1800
On order from foreign sites (eBay)
Spray foam
On order from foreign sites (eBay)
Pipette lotion
GENEROLON600 – 700+
Available in pharmacies in Russia

* Cost is indicated for a monthly course.

Dosage and administration

Minoxidil is used for external use and is applied to clean, dry skin. It is used 2 times a day, 1 ml (7 zilch spray) per therapy with a break of about 8 hours (optimally in the morning and evening). After applying the spray, evenly distribute the product on problem areas and let it dry.

Side effects

Like any drug, mycoxidil is not without side effects, the most common of which are:

  • Peeling and dryness of the skin at the application site,
  • Burning of the skin in the area of ​​application,
  • Palpitations, tachycardia,
  • High or low pressure,
  • Headache,
  • The appearance of hair in places where the drug was not used,
  • Facial swelling
  • Dyspnea,
  • Allergic reaction.

To reduce the risk of side effects, it is better to start with a lower dosage, gradually bringing to the doses recommended by the manufacturer.