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Business portrait: what is it and why is it needed


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A professional photographer who offers his services to the public has a real opportunity to make money on his skills. A business plan for a photographer involves risk assessment and profit calculation, organizing an advertising campaign and promoting a business in the services market.

The transition from film to digital has allowed many creative people to discover photography from a completely different perspective. The ability to see and evaluate the frame on the camera screen at the time of shooting significantly changed the approach and prospects for the development of photography, and the various effects of editing programs allow you to make a photo a masterpiece if you want and certain skills.

However, it is not enough just to purchase a professional camera to be called a photographer. The growing competition every day requires a person offering his services in this field, skills, mastery and high performance. What do you need to consider for a beginner career as a photographer in order not to be disappointed in business and in yourself?

Market and competitor analysis

It is no secret that the competition in the photo business is high. But the presence of a huge number of proposals does not mean at all that behind each of them is a high-quality photography workshop.

Affordable marketing research will help assess the state of the service market. Since the tools of advertising are, as a rule, the Internet and local media, it is worth paying close attention to them:

  • the material of two dozen sites will give an approximate idea of ​​the list of services provided, shooting conditions and prices,
  • advertisements in newspapers and on local television will tell you which of the photographers is most popular,
  • groups in social networks will allow you to evaluate not only offers, but also to work with feedback, analyze customer reviews, their requests and suggestions.

Portfolio Creation

After evaluating the advertising of competitors, you can proceed to create your own portfolio: without a demonstration of work, finding customers will be very problematic.

In addition to photographs on paper, it is worth making a selection and posting it on the Internet: create a thematic group on social networks, offer material on specialized sites. Later, when the number of custom-made works increases, the photographs “will go to the people” and potential customers will see them. At first, questions about where and how to view photos will arise constantly.

  1. The photos in the portfolio should be of high quality, without flaw. Here you need to strictly follow the rule "better, less is better."
  2. Photos should be sorted into albums in accordance with the subject (wedding, children’s, romantic, stage, landscape).
  3. The portfolio should provide the client with a certain amount of personal information about the photographer, it is necessary to indicate the presence of special education (if any), participation in exhibitions and competitions.
  4. The client should clearly see the prices of the services offered, this will save time on both sides.
  5. Contact information - phones, e-mail, vibe must be valid.

In the online portfolio it is worth placing links to sites on the Internet, social groups, and provide for the possibility of feedback. An additional bonus to the piggy bank - reviews of satisfied customers.

Risk assessment

A competent risk assessment and taking measures in advance will help to minimize the occurrence of unpleasant situations.

  • low-quality photos and, as a result, dissatisfied customers. There is only one solution - to work on ourselves and technology, for a long time and painstakingly, to undergo training
  • failure of the equipment is insured by the presence of duplicate,
  • against high competition, you can put the work in its original manner, excellent photo quality or attractive prices,
  • the decrease (absence) in demand is offset by the search for new solutions and offers.

Choosing a photo business direction

Without trying to grasp the immensity, most professional photographers choose for themselves a priority in photography and improve in it. You can combine 2-3 related topics.

Among the most common and sought after:

  • Wedding photography
  • family and children's photo shoots,
  • shooting at holidays and corporate parties, public events,
  • Photoshoots during pregnancy
  • studio, portrait shooting,
  • romantic stories, photographs in nature.

Nobody forbids to come up with a fundamentally new direction, on the contrary, such a step will help attract and interest customers.

Activity Registration

For work, it is necessary to register with the tax authority, obtain a TIN and register with the local administration as an individual entrepreneur.

Codes for (OKVED 2) 74 - other professional, scientific and technical activities, 74.2 - activities in the field of photography.

To register an IP, you must write an application in the established form, attach a copy of your passport and a receipt for the payment of state duty.

Taxation system - STS 6%, the choice is registered by an additional application to the tax authorities.

Studio rental

As a rule, a beginner photographer does not need studio equipment. The only strict exception is made when studio shooting is chosen as the priority. But even then you can find a way out and save money, at least initially. There are probably many well-equipped photo studios in the city for rent at an affordable amount. In some cases, the master negotiates a rental with the client and includes it in the cost of services, in others - the client pays for the room, but photos, respectively, are cheaper. Famous photographers allow themselves to combine 2 options. Choosing a thematically designed studio is easier and cheaper than doing your own.

In some cases, customers prefer to be photographed at home, it is worthwhile to evaluate the interior in advance, to think over the composition, costumes, technical details.

In rare cases, a novice photographer invites staff to work together, as a rule, he cope with the search for customers, and with the shooting, and with the subsequent processing of the photo. If the flow of customers is very large and there is not enough physical capacity to deliver orders on time, you can hire an assistant (what he will do is to process the photo or look for customers, deliver the orders to the employer).

Photographer advertising

Before you start a professional activity, you should take care of compiling a portfolio and selecting photos that can show the product in person. It can be shooting relatives, acquaintances, friends, random people. It is important to understand that these particular photos will serve as an advertisement for a new business.

Information about the services should be placed on the thematic city portals, submit a questionnaire for advertising catalogs (for example, wedding ones), show your work on social networks and on sites that are suitable for your profile. An excellent advertising tool is participation and victories in competitions and exhibitions. Gradually, the rumor will spread the glory of a good photographer, and customers will seek meetings themselves. But negative reviews spread just as fast, so it is very important not to harm the reputation of poor-quality work, failure to meet deadlines.

Startup Investments

  • purchase of professional equipment - 150-300 thousand rubles,
  • advertising - 20 thousand rubles.

It can be seen that the initial investment depends on the equipment purchased. Someone prefers to be satisfied with only the most necessary, someone acquires a complete set, including various types of lenses, lenses, reflector and more. One needs a used camera, since it will cost an order of magnitude cheaper, another will buy a new one from the latest model. If a photographer starting a professional business already has his own equipment, then the cost of the business will be only paperwork, about 1 thousand rubles, and advertising.

Current expenses

Monthly expenses include taxes, replacement of consumables (printer cartridges, photo paper), purchase of additional equipment, transportation costs. In addition, you will need packaging for ready-made orders - ordinary envelopes of the appropriate format or boxes, bags with an individual design, a logo and contact details.

If the photographer does without an assistant and does not seek to buy new photographic equipment, the costs will be minimal.

Studio revenue

The prices for services depend on the average bar in the city; for a beginner, they are a priori lower, but on average, you can take as a basis:

  • wedding photography (100 processed photos) - 10-20 thousand rubles,
  • holiday shooting (30 photos) -4-6 thousand rubles,
  • family photo shoot (30 photos) - 5 thousand rubles,
  • children's shooting (20 photos) -3-4 thousand rubles,
  • waiting for the baby (20 photos) - 3-4 thousand rubles,
  • individual shooting in nature, in the studio (30 photos) - 4-5 thousand rubles.

We are talking only about processed and printed photos, the client receives the rest of the photos on a flash drive for free.

Profit calculation and photo business profitability

Net profit will be from 40 thousand rubles per month, with the growth of popularity and demand, this figure will grow steadily. The profitability of the business is extremely high - 170-180%, the business pays off during the first year of intensive quality work.

Photo business is one of those areas in which you can earn on your favorite business, constantly improving your skills. The first year requires full commitment, you need to become noticeable, make yourself known, be able to donate money for the sake of promoting the name. Investments will quickly pay off and begin to make a profit, even if the competition is high, in the case when the master is not sitting idly by, but looking for new tricks, studying literature and the experience of foreign colleagues, driving, looking, looking and seeing something that others do not see . Templates quickly become obsolete and go out of fashion, the ability to surprise is the first step to success.

What is a business portrait

Behind the success of a business enterprise of any scale is always people. And high-quality portrait images allow you to show their faces, emphasize openness and focus on work. Potential partners and consumers in the photo make a visual acquaintance and get a first impression. Therefore, it is important not just to take a picture, but to demonstrate the personality that stands behind it. A person should understand at first glance that he is a professional in his field.

To create an attractive business portrait at a professional photo shoot is a difficult and at the same time interesting task. The purpose of the specialist: in a limited space, to reveal a business image and capture a personality in the frame.

Successful shots are obtained as a result of the addition of many factors:

  • perfectly fitting suit
  • confident pose
  • proper lighting
  • suitable background
  • perfect angle.

But most importantly, the master must capture the emotion that creates the atmosphere in the frame.

The exact opposite effect can be achieved if the image and interior are not thought out, there is no proper lighting. Low-quality photographs cause distrust and a feeling of unprofessionalism.

Business portrait - a necessary reality

The demonstration of the image of a specific person is aimed at forming the opinion of a specific target audience. Take advantage of photography to create a business portrait:

  • top officials of the company
  • individual specialists
  • officials
  • politicians,
  • job seekers when applying for a job, etc.

A quality business portrait can be posted on a corporate website, in an interview or resume. Promotional materials or election leaflets with the image of a confident person will certainly achieve the goal. A charismatic business portrait from a professional photographer helps to solve the following problems:

  • create an image of a successful company,
  • promote brand awareness,
  • build trust in a company, its products or services.

The main types of business portraits

The shooting location determines the type of image. As a location, a photo studio, an interior of an office or office, and a professional environment can be chosen. Often, several options are chosen at once to create a portfolio. Clients order both male and female shooting close-up, waist-high and full-length.

The most successful business portrait in the studio turns out on a light background. This allows you not to be distracted by the details, but to concentrate on the person. Frames with interior elements demonstrate confidence and success. Posing on the background of production facilities, while communicating with the team conveys a working atmosphere. Here, every detail is able to influence the subconscious.

Features of shooting

The RHINODESIGN company has all the necessary equipment for carrying out business portraits. Our experts will shoot all the presentation material directly in the interior of the customer if he is not comfortable going to the studio. Business people, as a rule, do not have enough free time, therefore we are ready to promptly arrive with the necessary background and equipment to the specified address. Our specialist will do everything to remove decent material in a short time.

A professional begins to work, having in his arsenal numerous ideas for creating a portrait shot. It can be a dynamic gesture, a thoughtful look, a slight turn of the head, an open smile. Other nuances are used that are difficult to notice, but they are felt subconsciously. Before shooting, the wizard helps the client to relax and feel at ease.

RHINODESIGN: responsibility and personalized approach

The preparation of a business portrait and its photography is carried out under the guidance of high-class specialists. Our employees inspire confidence and are able to find a common language with customers.

RHINODESIGN professionals will help you in your business promotion. We offer to make a stylish business portrait in the largest studio in Moscow. The experience gained over many years of work allows you to get high-quality personnel. Images are printed on Japanese and German equipment.

The cost of the services of a professional photographer cannot be cheap, but we guarantee that the larger the order, the more substantial the discount. Entrust the creation of the original image to our specialists!

Portrait on a photo to order: inexpensively and efficiently

It is always difficult to start, but you only need to take the first step and there will be more chances for business development. True, first you need to hone your skills and learn how to really professionally draw people. In the first months you will have to devote all your free time to this. If you work hard on the skills, a portrait to order will start to come out more “alive”. Then you can start offering your services.

Customer search

Ordering a portrait on canvas for a gift is a rare case in the life of each and regular customers in such a business, usually a little. To start, to draw a portrait from a photo to order inexpensively or without payment at all, in the form of advertising - this is normal. If the quality of work is decent, then you can ask the customer to post the received portrait on social networks and, perhaps, the clients themselves decide to contact you.

Do not immediately call too high a price - at first you only need to establish yourself as a good master.

Therefore, you do not need to immediately ask for pictures more than 150-250 rubles. The optimal price depends on the materials spent and the complexity of the order. Therefore, a portrait to order, made manually on paper or canvas, is more expensive, and conventional computer processing is much cheaper.

Of course, not everyone has many friends for internships and promotion, and you can’t ask a lot from them, so you will need to post ads on social networks, on various thematic forums, or even in newspapers. It is advisable to attach a link to the portfolio and be sure to indicate the approximate cost of the portrait. So that later the price for a potential customer does not come as a surprise. For calculations, you can use a variety of payment systems.

It will also be nice to have a personal "chip." This can be an unusual style, discounts, gifts, the shortest lead times. After proper preparation, the appearance of customers will not be long in coming. Do not forget to make a schedule and write down when you promised the client to give the finished work, otherwise there is a chance to be considered an irresponsible person, which is inadmissible in any business.

Positive customer reviews are earned by hard work. The artist can make a portrait to order day and night, taking a break only for lunch and sleep.

Popular types of contemporary portraits

The choice of a painting style is one of the most important stages in the formation of an artist-businessman who wants to draw a portrait to order.

What style to work in?

It is necessary to proceed from what you know and with what material you prefer to work. Basic styles:

  1. Pencil portrait - The most, perhaps, the simplest form, which can significantly improve skills. Such work is always worth the price, any poor romantic would not mind giving his girlfriend an inexpensive pencil portrait - a trifle, but nice.
  2. Dry brush - it can be a detailed portrait in oil from a photograph. To order, such work is done the longest. Портрет может быть черно-белым или цветным – это зависит от предпочтений заказчика.
  3. Цифровые арт портреты по фото на заказ стали особенно популярными при появлении компьютерных программ, позволяющих создать из обычной фотографии настоящий портрет, напечатанный на холсте. Then it is placed in a beautiful stretcher, which makes it even more attractive. But for the manufacture of such works you need special equipment and thorough knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. All this requires a lot of effort, time, and, most importantly, investment. The most popular are digital grunge portraits. Their distinctive features are lively rich colors, a blurry background and some irreality of faces. Custom pop art portrait is also popular.
  4. Another kind of digital portrait - imitation of high painting. This is one of the most popular types of processing. You must have seen some friends in the portrait in the costume of a general, socialite, king. This technique usually involves subsequent printing and detailed drawing of the face. At the request of the client imitation of smears of paint is possible.
  5. Portraits on a tree to order - Requires burning and wood skills.

Selection of materials and pricing of work

Most professionals charge a lot of money for their work. This is a portrait in pencil on a photograph to order for 3000 rubles or a portrait in oil on order, the price of which sometimes reaches 4000 rubles. Perhaps it is worth calculating the cost more adequately.

First, you need to include the price of a canvas or whatman paper. Choose only high-quality materials so as not to compromise your reputation. As you know, on the surface of different quality paints fall in different ways. Many artists have a good account of domestic canvas and paper.

Secondly, you need to determine the cost of 1 hour of work, for example, it will be 80-100 rubles (initially 50-70 rubles). Notice the time spent on a specific order and include it in the final price. Typically, an average of 10-15 hours is spent on a portrait. And on a pencil drawing even less. It is very important to be able to plan time and money.


In portraits, you can earn good money, but at first the income will be about 12-15 thousand rubles or even less. But in the future, with the growth of experience, as a rule, it increases several times. With a large number of orders, you can put together a small team of artists and share the profit for everyone.

Nothing is impossible

The main thing in any business is a strong desire. Nothing prevents learning, so masterly to paint portraits that then there will be no end to clients.