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A bright and attractive signature is one of the sides of the expression of our personality. A signature can tell a lot about it to an experienced graphologist, according to our signature, others make up their minds about us, and painting can emphasize certain traits of a person’s character. If you still do not have your own painting, or its current quality does not suit you, then I recommend using network signature generators, which will not only help in compiling an attractive monogram, but also make it possible to download the latter as a graphic file to your PC. In this article I will tell you which online signature generator will help us with this, and how to work with it.

We consider tools for creating murals

How do services for creating murals work?

All the services for creating an online signature, which I will describe below, are free in nature and have a fairly simple interface. In most cases, after switching to such a generator, you must enter the words that will be used for painting (usually the classic name and surname), then the resource will create various options for signatures, and prompt the user to choose one from the list created.

The generators that I will describe below have a free character and a fairly simple interface. In most cases, after switching to such a constructor, you must enter the words that will be used for painting (usually the classic name and surname), then the resource will create various options for signatures in the passport, and prompt the user to select the one they like from the created list.

Create a beautiful signature for yourself using network services

After choosing the signature you like, the resource will offer to save it to your computer (usually in graphic formats “png” or “gif”). After saving, you can use this painting in various forums, in electronic correspondence, and other possible applications.

How to use

To generate a signature:

1) Enter Name, Surname, Patronymic (optional)

2) Click the "Select Signature" button. After this, the generation of signatures will begin, you need to wait a bit.

3) Choose your signature. If you click on the right arrow, then a few more signatures will be generated.

After generating the signature, if you click on the wrench icon, the settings menu becomes available. It allows you to:

1) Start the animation of the signature and loop it to train in writing

2) Control the width and color of the line

3) Choose one of the available backgrounds. Including available transparent background.

When you click on the icon with a heart, the signature will be loaded into the "Gallery" section. And also, a menu will appear above the signature in which you can share it on social networks.

By clicking on the "Save Animation" button, a file with the animation will be created. To save it, you must enable pop-ups in your browser.

In order to save your favorite signature on the computer, you must use the context menu.

How to come up with a beautiful signature

In the process of drawing a signature, I recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Analyze your current signature. Understand that you are not happy with it, what details you would like to change, what to remove or add,
  • Think about what exactly you want to invest in your painting. Will it be just your initials, first name and surname, or the signature should also emphasize your status, talk about your goals, achievements and so on,
  • Experiment with possible stroke options. Try different examples and combinations of graphemes, add some kind of graphic shapes, shuffle the variations until the resulting combination suits you,
  • Look at other people's signatures, pay attention to the most successful of them, copy and use the best touches in your monogram,
  • Use underscore. A good option to give the signature an additional charm is to use the underscore in the signature (usually it is derived from the last letter),
  • Use sweeping signatures (they look more stylish).

Take a look at the signatures of famous people - you may be able to borrow something

The constructor is the most popular service for generating a signature on RuNet online. Ease of use, free character, the ability to save the result in the form of an animated gif-clip make this resource a rather convenient tool for creating a painting.

To work with the Podpis-online resource, do the following:

  1. Go to the resource,
  2. In the appropriate fields, enter your name, surname and patronymic (last if desired), or other words that you want to use in your signature,
  3. Click on the “Select Signature” button to generate a signature,
  4. You will receive a variety of signature options. By clicking on the “Settings” button on the right, you can select the settings for the animation of the signature, decide on its background and the color of the lines,
  5. When any of the signatures suits you, click on the “Save Animation” button (a new page will open where your signature will be shown),
  6. To save the signature, hover over it and click on the button “Save Image As”.

Another Russian-language service for creating signatures that I want to talk about is the service. Working with it is simpler than with the site I already mentioned, and will consist of the following:

  1. Go to,
  2. Enter your name and surname in the corresponding fields (they will be used to create the signature), then click on the "Generate" button,
  3. View the received signatures. If their quality didn’t suit you, then click on “Generate” again and explore other options,
  4. When you find the signature option you like, hover over it, right-click, and select "Save Image As" to save it to your PC.

Enter the first and last name in

The third Russian-language service with similar functionality as already described is the generator. Working with it is similar to services of such a plan:

  1. Go to,
  2. Enter your name and surname in the special fields, and click on “Generate”,
  3. View the options. If you liked any image, click on the “Generate PNG” button on it (the selected image will be displayed in the center at the top),
  4. Click on this center image and download it to your PC in PNG format.

Fill in the fields to help

The utility allows you to create a beautiful online Latin signature. The site has an English-language interface, and the signature creation algorithm itself consists of a dozen consecutive steps.

To create a painting using the Mylivesignature service, do the following:

  1. Go to,
  2. Enter your first and last name in Latin letters (or any other text that should be displayed in your signature), then click on the “Next step” button (next step),
  3. Select a font style and click on the “Next step” button,
  4. Select the signature size (signature size), then again click on “Next step”,
  5. Select the signature slop, then again “Next step”,
  6. Then select the background color (background color) and the font color (text color), again on "Next step"
  7. Click on "Click here to download your signature", select the directory to save, and save the received signature on your PC.

Squiggle Options at

And the last service for writing an autograph online that I want to talk about is the generator. The site also has an English-language interface, allows you to select a number of settings for your signature (including adding graphic objects to the signature), create a signature online, and then save it to your PC.

To use the Coolonlinetools website, do the following:

  1. Go to,
  2. In the field "signature text" enter your name (or other words that will be used in the signature),
  3. Choose the desired font (desired font), font size (font size), color (font color), the need to include signature borders (include border), the ability to add some kind of signature to the signature (add an image),
  4. When all settings are complete, click on “Generate Signature”,
  5. To save the result, hover over the received signature, press the right mouse button, and select "Save Image As".

We choose the option of the compiled mural


In this material, I examined various generators that allow you to select a signature online, and also describes the algorithm for working with them. To come up with a painting with their help is quite easy, and the result can be easily downloaded to your PC in a PNG or GIF file format. Try the capabilities of these services - the result will definitely not disappoint you.

Why do I need a personal signature

It may seem that complex personal painting is needed only by managers or famous people from whom fans take autographs. Indeed, for persons who regularly endorse important papers, financial documents, an original signature is necessary. It reduces the risk of fakes. It is worth working on your painting and artists, actors, writers, musicians, whose autographs are carefully stored, collected.

But not only the leaders and the greats of this world will come in handy an exclusive, unique option. To come up with a signature that will accurately reflect the characteristics of the owner is worth every person. Leaving it on documents of various types, you can talk about your merits, arouse interest in yourself. Beautiful painting invariably makes an impression, is evidence of good taste, creativity, creativity.

Use your initials

First name, middle name and last name in this process are the main guidelines. It is necessary to determine how complete the information contained in the autograph should be. Often people use the first few letters of a surname. But from these elements to create a beautiful option is difficult. You can develop a signature with letters from the name, middle name, if their combination looks harmonious. Decorative elements can be a great addition.

Which signatures are the most reliable

An important advantage of a unique autograph is its reliability. It is necessary to provide him with such a quality in order to exclude the risk of fake, which can create many problems for any person. The reliability of the painting largely depends on its complexity. To complicate the task of fraudsters, you can add small strokes, squiggles that may go unnoticed. It is difficult to fake legible signatures, since each has a personal style.

How to learn to beautifully sign

There are several ways to decorate the mural. It is believed that the ornate options are preferred by the fair sex. But a man’s original signature with additional elements may be the pride of the owner.

The choice of add-ons depends on the basic elements, personal preferences. Laconic straight lines on the letters "P", "T", "G", underlines, strokes can transform the painting. You can use curls, wavy lines that reflect the creative nature. Autographs enclosed in a circle look spectacular. For decoration, decorative elements are also used in the form of stars, flowers, snowflakes. But in this case, the painting itself should be concise.

It’s not enough to come up with a signature that reflects your personality. It is necessary to train a lot, bring the process to automatism. This will accurately reproduce the autograph in any situation.

Is it possible to change the signature

There are no legislative acts regulating the mandatory use of one autograph. You can sign as you wish, change, create a signature more elegant. There is a sample in the passport, but usually no one deals with it.

Problems when changing the list can only occur for people who have to sign financial documents. The card on which the personal signature is reflected is stored in the bank. She is a model, used for comparison. It’s not worth changing your autograph if you wish. If its replacement is associated with a change of surname, upon receipt of a passport in it you will be able to put a new list, which is invented in advance.

Point, point, comma - the painting came out ... Oh, curve!

When choosing a signature, pay attention to the following nuances:

    The signature must necessarily contain the initials or initial letters of the surname, so that it can be connected with you and immediately understand that it belongs to your hand.

Learning how to create a spectacular signature

Write your last name, first name, and patronymic on a piece of paper and carefully look at them - try to see something new in them. Perhaps after sitting on this lesson for two hours, you will come up with an original idea. If the inspiration has left you, we suggest you turn to our tips.

  • One of the most common options is to use the first three letters of the family name or capital letters of the initials. Such a painting is found all the time and is unlikely to claim the title of unique and original.
  • Try writing letters on top of each other. This is not the easiest option, but rather serious and concise. A beautiful signature will be obtained from the owners of the initials starting with the letters "O", "C", "E", "Yu".
  • Experiment with a beautiful combination of letters in the signature so that they smoothly pass one into another - the painting will be dense, incomprehensible and mysterious.
  • You can make two capital letters in the list - first name and middle name, in the event that you do not want to focus on your last name.
  • Another interesting option is the use of the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters and Cyrillic in the signature. For example, half of the facsimile is made in Latin letters, the second in Cyrillic, and everything is supplemented with a hieroglyph. The signature will look luxurious and unique.
  • As for the curlicues with which the signature usually ends, it all depends on your imagination - it can be an ordinary circle, a broken line, a "cardiogram", a sinusoid. The main thing is not to overdo it using curls, otherwise the signature will turn out tinsel and screaming.

If you doubt how beautiful it is to make a signature and whether it will be effective, turn to the help of special programs or graphic studios that will familiarize you with examples of beautiful signatures and help create a similar one.

Passport painting: this is serious

So, the solemn moment has come to receive a passport, and you have not yet figured out how you will sign it. After all, the autograph left in this most important document, you will not be able to change, and, moreover, it is desirable that the signature be beautiful and like you.

When drawing up important documents, for example, a contract of sale, the signature on them must be identical to the signature in the passport. Therefore, it is better to take up the creation of a signature in advance in order to get used to it and learn to reproduce it even with your eyes closed.

In order to get a decent and beautiful passport signature, use the above tips. Remember that the male signature is more serious and concise, unlike the female one, for which frivolous curls and roundings are permissible.

Bar direction

If the end of the signature is directed upwards, its author is an optimist, his soul is filled with surging energy, inner strength, confidence. He easily and simply walks along the path of life, not afraid of difficulties and hardships.

The signature, going down, indicates the opposite temperament. A person is depressed, pessimistic, prone to frequent illnesses, insecure and angry with others.

A direct and even beautiful signature tells about a man of the “golden mean”. He is both a pessimist and an optimist, has a balanced character, is used to doing everything accurately, accurately and correctly

Signature Length

A long signature is created by people who are accustomed to approach everything with seriousness and pedantry.

The short facsimile belongs to people impatient, nimble and a little superficial. They do not like slowness, are inattentive and changeable.

A person’s signature can tell a lot about him, about his values, worldview, character, being a mirror of his inner world. Do not rush when choosing a facsimile, constantly train to remember it and give it individual touches. After all, a beautiful signature is a personal brand that will be a kind of advertisement of your inner self throughout your life.