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How to make your life interesting?


I was twenty when on a sunny summer day I went to the balcony, looked at the piercing blue sky, breathed in the warm air and thought: but I live very boring ..

In my life nothing “kind of” happens, which you can, winking cheerfully, tell your grandchildren after forty or fifty years ... What interesting happened to me in two hot months? In addition to several baths in the Gulf of Finland, a trip with friends to a bar and barbecue in the country?

Nothing. But this is a precious time of my youth. Why am I sitting in the evenings in front of the computer? Why don't I live to the fullest? Why the question: “How did you spend the weekend?” I answer, saying, as usual, nothing special ...

Maybe you also had such moments? When you wait all week for the weekend, and then you don’t know what to do. When you write on a question “hobby” in a questionnaire: “books, films, music” ...

Find a new hobby.

In the world there are many interesting activities for every budget. If you do not have the means, then why not do blogging, drawing, yoga, cooking, pylon exercises? After all, engaging in an interesting hobby, you will begin to feel better and more interesting. Thus, you can make new friends with whom you can discuss your common interests.

Take courses online.

You can find many interesting online portals that offer free courses online. You can also visit the website of Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and familiarize yourself with the courses that are in the public domain. You can also subscribe to interesting groups in a contact or instagram, where you can learn English, Czech or another language.

The more fulfilled desires - the more interesting life

Then there were paragliding, flying at the helm of a sports plane, diving, water skiing, acting classes, photo players, walking along the beautiful roofs of St. Petersburg and little frenzy.

For example, penetration to the top of one of the pylons of the Cable-stayed Bridge in Obukhovo in St. Petersburg, to a height of 126 meters! Luck? Well, maybe. But I always found myself in the “right place at the right time.” I got into the composition of a small group of four people unfamiliar to me who had planned a sortie on the Cable-stayed Bridge by a miracle - a casual acquaintance called.

It was unforgettable! We climbed into the "inside" of the bridge at the very beginning and crawled for forty minutes in the darkness along the internal structures, lighting the way with headlamps, to the roar of passing cars. Then for another half an hour they climbed a steep staircase inside the pylon. And they almost got blinded by the bright sun when they got out onto the platform at the very top!

Cars rushed beneath us - completely toy cars from that height. Gusts of wind raised his hair on end. Tiny boats scurried along the smooth surface of the Neva. A little at a distance the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral sparkled in the sun ...

And for a trip abroad, money was suddenly found. True, thanks for this to my mom! I was still studying and was just starting to look for work. In addition, at that time I did not know how to save money and travel independently, so I obediently carried the money to travel agencies.

When I finally started working, everything spun even faster and brighter:

"Black slopes" in the ski resorts of Norway,

Barcelona mountains, sea and night clubs,

crazy bike rides in Denmark

nettle beer and horror museums in Prague,

Thai boxing classes in Crete,

living with couchsurfing locals in Hungary,

walks in the snowy taiga in Siberia,

walks with a wind of 26 m / s in the Far North,

and meeting with seals in the wild in Kamchatka ...

At home - training in Thai boxing, fencing, participation in amateur tournaments, yoga and aero yoga exercises, meditation, work on a book, garbage collection on the Vuoksa Islands in the format of competitions, military sports team race “Race of Heroes” ...

What difficulties may arise?

1. Of course fear. At least that was the case with me.

I'm afraid too much. What an ordinary person does calmly without hesitation. For example:

post your articles on the Internet,

fly on airplanes (not always, however, every other time),

to come alone to unfamiliar places

ride extreme rides ...

I am terribly afraid of a lot of things, I just like this feeling - when you step over your fear. Immediately you start terribly proud of yourself ... Until the next fear :)

2. In addition to fear, the fulfillment of desires can be prevented by external factors - lack of money, lack of time.

Yes, on the one hand, if you really really want something, it seems that the whole world is helping you ... And you find the means to fulfill your dreams.

On the other hand, it’s easy to tell me, not burdened with anything: as long as there are no children, nor anyone to look after, who would depend on me ...

So I will not say categorically - everyone has different situations.

But still, if I have an opportunity choose ... For example:

Between regular barbecue in nature and a visit to the rope park.

Between buying a new handbag and trial water skiing ...

Between kitchen repairs and travel.

Better to choose the second.

Gradually, a whole mosaic of bright and interesting life will form from the pieces.

What is this all for? Side effects of vibrant life

You begin to feel truly happy.

A good mood becomes a habit and becomes the norm.

Past lethargy and apathy dissolve.

There are forces on daily affairs.

You always have something to tell.

To summarize

If it seems to you that your life has become too boring and mundane, add bright colors to it.

1. Make a wish list - something that you had wanted to do for a long time, but did not dare or there was simply no reason.

2. Set aside some money, take some time, aim for fulfillment of desires - and, perhaps, you will notice how successfully circumstances began to take shape in your favor.

3. Start “ticking” opposite the items on the list and carefully “add” new impressions and colorful emotions to your collection.

Live interesting until you play in the box

The concept of the Bucket List became widely known after the release of the eponymous Hollywood comedy with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in 2007. This film tells the story of how two seriously ill pensioners realized that they had not had time to try very, very much in their life, and they had very, very little time left. This sobering thought made them make a wish list and rush to catch up on what was lost in full force.

1. The presence of the goal and its achievement.

Having a goal makes us take many steps to achieve it. We dream, fulfill our desires, look for new ways and means to achieve our goal. And while we are striving for a goal, our life is full of events and impressions.

Set a goal, but not the one that will happen sooner or later (promotion at work, getting a diploma), but the one to which you must strive and make efforts: create your own business, open your own exhibition, create a website, establish a club, conquer Miss Russia title. The grander the goal, the better, the more interesting it will be to achieve the goal. Set a goal - win a beauty contest!
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2. The presence of a hobby, hobbies.

A keen person does not get bored, a hobby takes free time and gives a lot of positive emotions. Hobbies can be active and quite calm, but in any case they add variety to our lives and give pleasure.

Choose a hobby to your taste and be fond of: sports, music, needlework, extreme sports, dancing, yoga, traveling, reading, collecting, creativity, drawing, photography ...

3. Vital activity.

An active and active person is always interesting to live. He wants and does a lot of things, and new projects and unfulfilled dreams are always visible on the horizon. Do not sit idle, do not waste time on TV, and do useful and interesting things. Find a hobby
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4. Change and diversity.

Monotony and monotony can inspire boredom on any person. Change your environment and lifestyle. Constantly look for something new and unusual. Take a creative approach to all things. Do something different than usual. And then you will always be provided with vivid emotions and sensations.

Just do not forget that monotony is not an external state, but an internal one. Do not try to change your life for a long time by changing your hair or furniture. Transform inwardly, changing your life position!

8. Feelings and emotions.

Any activity will be interesting and memorable if done “with soul”, with bright positive emotions and optimism. Do things with full dedication and try to maintain a good mood.

Let your every day be different from the previous one! May every minute make you happy and bring something new and bright to your life!

Make a cultural and entertainment program for yourself

Find out what concerts and events are held in your hometown, find out who sings in your favorite cafe, scroll through announcements and pages where you can find out the announcements of all events. Create your own entertainment program and attend these events. This will allow you to broaden your horizons and make new friends!

Have a party or go to a restaurant with friends

You do not always need to wait for invitations, try to make an acquaintance yourself and try to knock yourself at the door. Offer a drink to the guitarist in the cocktail bar or offer your new friends to go to the restaurant for your new basketball team friends.

Also try to organize a party for your friends and relatives! Perhaps they will offer you some interesting ideas.

Put your order in order.

Throw away things that annoy or dishearten you. Remember that a clean house is the key to your clean thoughts. If order is everywhere, then you will not waste time searching for necessary things, and you will not be ashamed to invite your relatives and friends home. A clean house always brings more joy, light and thought.

Change your diet.

Maintain proper nutrition, because by eating healthy foods enriched with vitamins and minerals, you will improve your immunity and your general condition! Also try new dishes, experiment!

Take time to relax. If you like to meditate or do yoga - set aside time for these classes. If you want to read a book, read it. If you have a busy day, take at least fifteen minutes to relax and not think about anything! And this is already good.

Chat with positive people.

Limit communication with people who complain about life all the time. Positive people will be able to infect you with their bright and sunny thoughts and mood. It’s more interesting to spend time with it. Also, do not miss the opportunity to chat with your relatives! After all, communication with them can also be positive!

Good luck in improving your life! And what life hacks do you have to make your life more interesting?