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Is it mandatory to clean up after a dog on the street?


Dogs pee on poles, trees and bushes to mark their territory. This means that the smell of their urine is very strong. For most dogs, the smell of urine on some subject means that you can write back and forth. That's why you should be very careful and completely get rid of stains and smell in the place where your dog pee. Each new pet inevitably pees in the house at least once, so here are the instructions for you on how to remove the inevitable puddles and spots.

Do I need to clean up after the dog on the street?

As mentioned above, you must tidy up your dog! In addition, the law requires you to do this, otherwise you, as the owner of the dog, will face an administrative penalty in the form of a fine. So, if you do not want to have problems with the law, it is better to ensure that the feces of the pet do not remain on the street.

Dog feces trash bags

You can use regular trash bags, but those sold at pet stores will be much more convenient. They are an order of magnitude smaller, not transparent, and some options also have a pleasant aroma (to interrupt the smell). Cleaning dog feces with such a device becomes easier, does not cause severe disgust.

The cleaning process is as follows:

  1. Unscrew the bag and put it on your hand like a glove.
  2. Raise the feces with your protected hand. Since the hand is protected by the bag, you do not have to touch the dog's stool. Try to lift them carefully without smearing them on the road surface.
  3. Carefully pull your hand out of the bag, simultaneously turn it into its original position with the second hand.
  4. Tie a bag. We recommend holding your breath at the time of tying, the smell is not the most pleasant. Tighten the knot harder, otherwise the feces may fall out of the bag during disposal.

For cleaning dog excrement on the street, we recommend buying a set of Trixie bags. The package comes with 8 durable rolls of 20 multi-colored bags in each. Such a set will be enough for several months, and their bright appearance will attract unscrupulous dog breeders who will once again think about the need to clean up their animals.

Solid excrement is much easier to remove than liquid. In the latter case, you will have to immediately remove part of the earth and grass. Forgot to take the package? Go to the nearest store and ask for a regular T-shirt bag. In most cases, they will not refuse you, especially when they find out why it is needed. We recommend taking a couple of bags with you at once, it happens that the dog “walks in a big way” more than once per walk. In the process of cleaning it is necessary to keep the animal on a leash.

Dog excrement scoop

If a plastic bag does not help to overcome squeamishness, a scoop for cleaning dog feces will help clean up after the pet. Such a device is available in almost every pet store. Some models require a change of nozzles:

  1. Shovel for cleaning on hard surfaces,
  2. Rake for use on the grass,
  3. Clamp with a clamp for the selection of solid excrement.

You can hold the scoop without problems in one hand (as well as use it), and hold the dog on a leash with the other. At the end of the scoop, you can attach a plastic bag. When buying, choose the model that can handle the cleaning of soft feces. Consult the seller which model is better, which has advantages.

You need to wash the scoop after each walk (if used). If this is not done, the remains of excrement will accumulate, as a result of which flies will appear in the house, not to mention the unpleasant odor. You can wash it either just under the tap or in a bucket with a disinfectant detergent.

Where to throw dog feces?

Dog waste can be thrown into any urn. In this case, excrement should be packed in a tightly tied plastic bag. Even if you clean with a dustpan before throwing it into the bin, its contents must be placed in a garbage bag.

If you live in a private house, and the dog shit in the yard, the best option would be to first collect the feces in a bag, and then throw them out of it into the toilet. But not everyone does this, and this is natural, because the procedure is not the most pleasant. We recommend that you install a special urn on the street for stool.

After cleaning, be sure to wash your hands with soap. And finally, some useful tips:

  • In order not to forget the packages at home, store them next to the leash.
  • If you have a puppy creeping at home, do not waste plastic bags, it is better to clean the stool with toilet paper and thoroughly wash the floor with detergent.
  • Does the dog defecate in the yard, causing an unpleasant odor? Specializing agents are sold in pet stores in the form of powder scattered around the yard.
  • Instead of bags, you can use a newspaper. It is much cheaper, and a discarded newspaper will not harm the environment.