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How to make black margarita


More than sixty years have passed since Margarita cocktail appeared in Mexico. Now it is being prepared in all corners of the Earth. Due to its simple composition and excellent taste, this cocktail is considered one of the most popular in the world. I will teach you how to make Margarita at home.

History reference. It is believed that the Margarita alcoholic cocktail appeared in 1936-1948. in one of the bars in South America. Set the exact location and the author of the recipe failed. The version of the Mexican origin of the drink is based only on the fact that tequila, which is part of Margarita, is most common in Mexico.

Historians are unanimous in one thing - the cocktail is named after a woman named Margarita. But here is who she was: a local celebrity or a beloved woman of the author of the drink, remains unknown. I did not publish other versions of the origin (there are more than ten), since not one of them is supported by facts.

Composition and proportions:

  • silver tequila - 40 ml,
  • orange liquor - 20 ml,
  • lime juice - 40 ml,
  • ice - 150 grams.

The International Barmen Association (IBA) proposes mixing the ingredients in a 7: 4: 3 ratio (seven parts tequila, four orange liquors and three parts lime juice). But historically correct is the proportion 2: 1: 2.

Recently, some bartenders began to add salt to the cocktail, because it is customary to drink tequila in its pure form. Personally, I am a supporter of the classic recipe, proven over the years. Salt is best used only to decorate the edges of the glass.

Basic drink recipe

There are many unconfirmed guesses about the origin of this alcohol and they all agree on one thing: the name arose thanks to the female name. But who she still was, a celebrity or the author’s favorite girl and muse, remains a mystery to this day.

A delicious Margarita alcoholic cocktail will be especially useful in hot summer days while relaxing on the beach or on a picnic. It just perfectly refreshes and invigorates. Also, he can become the "highlight" of the program of any celebration or simple friendly gatherings.

  • Orange liqueur (the best option is Cointreau) - 20 ml,
  • Tequila silver - 40 ml,
  • Lime juice (can be replaced with lemon) - 40 ml,
  • Ice cubes - 150 g,
  • Salt for decoration.

The classic Margarita cocktail recipe at home:

  1. Pour ice into the shaker, then pour in the remaining liquid ingredients, mix thoroughly,
  2. Rinse the edges of the glass with water, then gently immerse in a plate with coarse salt, then shake off excess so that a small amount of granules remain on the rim. How to do it right, you can see in the photo below,
  3. Open the shaker and gently pour its contents into the glass, insert a straw. As a decoration, attach a slice of lemon or lime on the edge.

Drink alcohol in small sips and hold for a couple of seconds in the mouth before swallowing. At the same time, a long pleasant aftertaste remains.

Strawberry version

Strawberry Margarita is one of the varieties that is especially loved among women. It can be a decoration for any club party or a bachelorette party.

  • Tequila silver - 50 ml,
  • Crushed ice - 150 g
  • Juice from half a lime (40 ml),
  • Strawberry - 100 g
  • Orange liquor - 300 ml,
  • A bit of granulated sugar.

  1. On a glass, make a rim of sugar in the same way as in the previous instruction with salt,
  2. Place all the ingredients in a blender and beat until smooth,
  3. Pour the mixture into a prepared glass with sugar edging and decorate with a berry on top.

Blue margarita

This original drink will surprise guests with its amazing combination of taste and unusual color.

  • Lemon juice - 30 ml,
  • Tequila silver - 50 ml,
  • Liquor Blue Curacao - 15 ml,
  • Crushed ice - 200 g.

Making Margarita cocktail in such an unusual variation is quite simple:

  1. Cool the glass well. Optionally make a salt edging on it,
  2. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a blender or shaker,
  3. Pour the contents into a glass and attach a lemon slice as a decoration.

On this beautiful “liquid dish” is ready.

Ginger apple

This recipe will appeal to lovers of fruit drinks, because here an amazing combination of alcohol, syrup and apple is formed.

  • Lime and apple juice - 20 and 25 ml, respectively,
  • Tequila silver - 50 ml,
  • Ginger Syrup - 15 ml,
  • Ice cubes - 200 g
  • A slice of apple for decoration.

How to make Margarita cocktail:

  1. Make a fringing of sugar or salt on the glass, if desired
  2. Pour all liquid ingredients into the shaker, fill the ice to the top and beat well,
  3. Pour the mixture into a pre-chilled glass and garnish with an apple slice. So that it does not darken, it is better to drink alcohol immediately after preparation.

This is not a complete list of the variety of this alcohol. There are still a huge number of them. Among them are many original versions with an unusual taste and color. Components and their proportions can be varied at your own discretion, coming up with new interesting recipes. But it is worth remembering that the basis should be the classical composition of the ingredients, and they can be supplemented, but not completely replaced with others, otherwise it will turn out to be a completely different “swill”.

Margarita Cocktail Recipe

1. Fill the shaker with ice, add tequila, orange liquor (I recommend Cointreau), lime juice (can be replaced with lemon). Shake.

2. Moisten the edges of the glass in water and dip in a plate with coarse salt. Remove excess salt so that only a thin bezel remains on the glass (see picture).

3. Pour the contents of the shaker into the glass through the strainer (strainer). Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime.

“Margarita” is drunk in small sips, after holding the drink in your mouth for a couple of seconds, so that a long aftertaste remains. Women are served a cocktail with a straw. Calorie content per serving - 280 calories. Fortress - 24-25%.

Classic cocktail Margarita recipe

As already mentioned above, no one knows exactly who and when the recipe for this drink was developed, in connection with which there are many versions. The creation of the mix dates back to the period from 1929 to 1948, and this is how the period of occurrence of Margarita is determined with a run of 19 years. The exact location also could not be determined, it is only known that this happened in Mexico.

According to one version, Tommy Hilton, who introduced the drink to the menu of his restaurants, played a direct part in the history of the cocktail. After that, the cocktail began to spread around the world. According to its classification, Margarita is a female drink that, with its gentle and refreshing taste, is designed to relax, cheer up and enhance a romantic mood. The classic recipe involves the use of alcohol of exceptionally high quality, and the juices included in the composition should only be freshly squeezed. Only if these conditions are met, will the real legendary Margarita be obtained.

  • silver tequila (preferably Sauza) - 50 ml,
  • Triple Sec liqueur (dry citrus liqueur of high strength) - 25 ml,
  • cane cocktail sugar syrup (Monin) - 10 ml (optional)
  • freshly squeezed lime juice - 30 ml (about 1 lime weighing 70 g),
  • a slice of lime (to decorate a glass) - 10 g,
  • salt (for the border around the edge of the glass) - 10 g,
  • ice cubes - 200 gr.

Margarita cocktail recipe involves the use of the following tools and utensils: a Margarita glass, a shaker for mixing ingredients, a strainer to filter out excess contents, a jigger to make the right proportions, a lime juice squeezer. After preparing all the tools, you can go directly to cooking.

  • The first thing to do is prepare a glass. To do this, they make a salty border on it: moisten the edges of the glass with juice and dip it into a dish with salt.
  • The next step is to mix the ingredients. To do this, pour the necessary amount of lime juice, syrup, liquor and tequila into the shaker using a jigger. Then add ice to the shaker and beat the mixture.
  • Pour the resulting cocktail through the strainer into a glass and decorate it with a slice of lime.

The Margarita cocktail in its classic version is ready, you can enjoy its delicate sweet and sour taste in contrasting combination with a salt border. Today in bars it is customary to decorate a glass with a salt edge only halfway, since not everyone likes the taste of the drink “through salt”. In this case, the client independently decides how to drink Margarita.

Varieties of Margarita cocktail

In addition to the classic drink recipe, over time, many variations appeared, the main essence of which was the replacement of one ingredient with another similar one. So, for example, distinguish between "silver" and "golden Margarita", which includes tequila of different varieties in accordance with the name. Consider the most popular recipes for similar drinks.


A cocktail of Hispanic origin, the appearance dates from approximately the period 1936-1948. There are many versions of his appearance, almost all feature a woman named Margarita. One of the most popular versions calls the creator of the cocktail Margarita Simes, who mixed a cocktail of tequila, French Cointreau orange liqueur and lime juice in Acapulco at a reception in 1948, where Tommy Hilton, the owner of the Hilton hotel chain, liked the cocktail and distributed this recipe to bars and restaurants of their hotels.

In some areas of Mexico, a cocktail is considered traditional, which includes not Cointreau liqueur, but herbal liqueur "Damiana", the main component of which is a Turner plant spreading (Damiana, Turnera diffusa) - an aphrodisiac, which is often used by the Maya Indians.

Cooking [edit |

Strawberry Margarita

This is the same familiar Margarita cocktail, the recipe of which contains fresh strawberries, so this drink belongs to the seasonal category.

  • tequila - 50 ml
  • citrus liquor - 25 ml,
  • lime juice - 50 ml,
  • fresh medium-sized strawberries - 4-6 berries,
  • sugar syrup can optionally be replaced with strawberry - 10 ml,
  • ice - 150 gr
  • sugar for the rim of the glass.

As you can see, in this case the border on the glass is made of sugar, and as part of the recipe, strawberry syrup or liquor can be used instead of simple sugar syrup. The cooking process is still the same, you need to mix all the components. Strawberries need to be pre-chopped in a blender.

“Strawberry Margarita” has a soft pink tint and not so sour taste. Perfect for girls who prefer sweet cocktails. Strawberries can be replaced with cherries and cherry syrup, peach, tangerine and so on for every taste.

Advice! If Margarita is cooked at home, then instead of a shaker, you can mix the ingredients in a blender, and any light tequila is suitable as an alcohol base, the main thing is that it be of high quality.

Blue margarita

This is a cocktail that differs from its counterparts in a rich blue tint. It will appeal to those who are tired of the classic and want variety.

  • tequila, preferably silver, but any light fit - 30 ml,
  • Blue Curaçao - blue citrus liquor - 15 ml,
  • orange liquor (optional) - 10 ml,
  • lime juice (can be replaced with lemon) -20 ml about half of fresh lime,
  • ice cubes - 5-6 pieces,
  • sugar for rim on a glass.

The cooking process does not differ from the previous ones, just mix all the ingredients in a blender or shaker and pour into a pre-decorated glass. Orange liqueur in the composition is used at will, many prefer not to use it, as it depends on the individual taste. If instead of “Blue Curacao” to use “Grenadine” and raspberry liqueur, you get a similar cocktail of pink color.

Margarita Hypnotic

This drink also has a blue color, but at the same time has a bright tropical refreshing taste. The composition of the cocktail has more differences from previous variations.

  • "Blue Dragon" tequila - 45 ml,
  • Hypnotiq liquor - 30 ml,
  • Blue Curaçao liquor - 15 ml,
  • pineapple juice - 30 ml,
  • sweet and sour syrup (prepared separately) - 50 ml,
  • ice,
  • sugar for a glass.

The essence of the preparation does not change, we combine and mix all the components. But what sweet and sour syrup is used in the recipe? This mix should be prepared separately from the cocktail itself, for this you need to mix sugar water in equal proportions, and lime and lemon juices. To obtain the desired mixture, it is enough to deplete 50 ml of each ingredient and wait for the sugar to dissolve.

Margarita Flirt

Another original cocktail “Margarita, the recipe of which is different from the classic. In addition to the recipe itself, it is customary to use a Rox whiskey glass, which is filled with ice cubes and a cocktail is already pouring into them.

  • tequila, preferably golden - 30 ml,
  • "Campari" - 15 ml,
  • Passion Fruit Syrup - 15 ml,
  • Lime or lemon juice, optional - 15 ml,
  • Sprite -100 ml
  • ice,
  • sugar for a glass.

All ingredients, except the sprite, are mixed in a shaker and poured into a glass, only after that "Sprite" is added there. Such a drink is usually decorated with sugar and a slice of orange instead of lime.

As you can see, the options for making the Margarita cocktail are not so few. If you are tired of a classic recipe, then you can always experiment with its taste and color and prepare a completely different cocktail based on your favorite drink.