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What and how to forge swords


To make a real sword, you need to devote many years to training. The best blacksmiths of swords in the world will not give their secrets easily, and even high-quality wooden swords for practice, such as “bokken” (wooden swords for aikido training) and “Sinai” (bamboo sword for kendo training), require a lot of patience and professionalism, to create them. Nevertheless, anyone who has some free time and some necessary tools on hand can make a toy sword, for sparring with friends, or to embark on an adventure with his son or daughter. Read the steps below to learn how to make a sword yourself.

What to forge a sword from

The first swords were tried to be forged of bronze, but their quality was, to put it mildly, not very, too soft material was used. The first iron and steel samples were also of poor quality, they had to be leveled after several impacts. That is why at first the main weapon was a spear with an ax.

Everything changed with the invention of several new technologies, for example, layer-by-layer welding and forging, which gave a strong and, most importantly, a plastic strip of steel (cold steel), from which swords were forged. Later, phosphorite grades of metal appeared, the production of this type of weapon began to become cheaper, and the methods for their manufacture were simplified.

Why can I forge a sword today? Many experts recommend the use of steel grade 65G. This is a spring-spring grade of metal used in the manufacture of springs, shock absorber springs, bearing housings. The brand has a low percentage of carbon and is supplemented with alloying elements such as nickel, chromium, phosphorus. Such steel has excellent strength indicators, and, most importantly, it is springy, which will not allow the sword to bend under load.

Choosing the material for making the sword, you must first decide how it will be used. If just as a decorative decoration of the interior, then the quality of the metal is not so important. Reconstruction battles will require good steel, which will need to be additionally hardened.

You can also search for elements of springs from cars or tractors that are made from steel grades 55ХГР, 55С2ГФ and other similar analogues.

For decorative swords, you can simply purchase a rental in the form of a bar or strip at the nearest metal depot. However, choosing material, it is worth considering that when forging a part of the volume will be lost, which means that the dimensions of the workpiece must be larger.

After acquiring steel, you need to take care of the availability of equipment for its processing.

What you need for forging a sword

The main problem in processing the workpiece during the forging of the sword is the availability of appropriate equipment for the size. Samples of such weapons have a length of 1000-1200 millimeters. Therefore, you need to have a hearth that will allow you to heat the metal completely for the entire length.

The blacksmith forge with the necessary parameters can be folded with your own hands using refractory bricks. To do this, lay out the oven, for example, with an open top and a long hearth of 1.2-1.4 meters.

You will also need a standard Kuznetsk set: anvil, ticks, loot. Necessarily need a hammer handbrake, which do all the blacksmithing. Metal cutting and grinding can be done with a grinder.

Significantly simplifies and speeds up forging the presence of a mechanical forging hammer.

Another important point is the hardening of the sword. Especially if you need to get a durable product. To do this, you will have to look for some dishes along the length of the blade, pour oil or water into it.

When all the necessary equipment is assembled, it will be necessary to produce at least the simplest drawing, according to which further forging and assembling of the sword will be carried out.

When everything is ready, proceed directly to the forging.

How to forge a sword

Regardless of what serves as the initial blank for the future sword (bar or strip from the spring), it must be heated. The main thing is to observe the temperature limits of steel heating.

The lower malleability limit of low carbon steels is 800-850 degrees. Without instruments, there are two ways to determine the heating of a material.

  • The first is that at a certain glow temperature the steel acquires the appropriate color. At 800-830 degrees - light red and light cherry tones.
  • The second is the magnetic properties of the material. They are checked with an ordinary magnet. When steel is heated to an indicator of 768 degrees or more, it loses its magnetic properties. After cooling, they are restored.

So, the workpiece is heated, how to form it by forging?

  • If this is a bar, then it needs to be forged along the length, making it a strip of the desired section.

During forging, a scale layer will form on the metal surface. Part of it itself will fall off, but the entire surface must be periodically cleaned using a brush for metal.

  • The descents of the future sword can be formed after forging using an emery wheel, or forged them, forming approximate forms of the blade.
  • At the end of the strip where the handle will be assembled, you need to make a shank. To do this, part of the strip is forged from the ends and planes, forming a cone.
  • In the place where the shank connects to the blade, the shoulders of the sword are forged.
  • Along the planes of the blade you need to forge valleys. They are formed using looters or templates.
  • The guard is usually made separately and is not forged with the sword blade.
  • After finishing work, the product is cleaned of scale and stabilized (released). To do this, in the furnace, the blade is heated to red and left to cool with the hearth.
  • Hardening is done after cooling with metal stabilization. The sword must be heated evenly over the entire length, making sure that the supplied air does not fall on the blade. When the metal becomes barely red, it is quickly lowered into the water completely. Then you need to release the material again. To do this, it is pre-cleaned and heated to a golden color. Cooling is carried out already in the open air.

This is the simplest technology of how to forge a sword at home. Having trained, it will be possible to make an excellent blade.

It is important to observe the heating temperature, as well as to properly harden the blade. Having heated metal, it will turn out to be a very fragile product, and poorly hardened material will be too soft.

Having finished the forging processes, they make a hail, a hilt and a top.

Of course, it is possible to make swords without blacksmithing technology, using locksmith's techniques. However, it is the forged product that will be durable and natural.

In primitive conditions, it is very difficult to follow the right technology for making a forged sword of good quality. Especially without the experience of blacksmithing. It is best to practice initially, forging, for example, short knives or other similar products.

A huge advantage is the availability of mechanized equipment. As an example of manufacturing a sword by the forging method using a mechanical hammer, you can see the video below:

Do you have any experience in making long items, and especially swords? Share the methods and techniques of metal processing, take part in the discussion in the comments section.

Wooden sword

How to make a sword from a tree? First, find the right material and decide on the shape of your future weapon. After that, you can safely get down to business. Saw the board with a hacksaw, giving the product the required length.

After that, give the workpiece outlines that you like, and round off all the corners. You should get an arc, the size of which will be approximately three to five millimeters.

In the process, pay particular attention to the direction in which you saw the wood. After all, how to make a sword against the fibers of the material? The answer is elementary - no way. Move along them and make sure that the surface is perfectly smooth, with no knots, irregularities or any cracks formed on it. This condition is the key to long product life. If you do not follow it, the blade will break very quickly.

Comfortable and beautiful

When you form the blade, also take care to create the handle. At this stage, it is determined how convenient it will be to hold the sword in battle. Note! Do not under any circumstances give the derrick a rounded shape! Better give preference to oval or rectangular.

This is the key to making the sword comfortable. Indeed, in practice, you will use the gun in two combat planes, and the round handle will create unnecessary discomfort at the same time and may even cause injury. To make the blade even safer, make sure that there are no sharp or protruding fragments on the handle that could damage it when in contact with the palm of your hand.

How to make an original wooden sword? To do this, cut out the desired contours with a hacksaw or an electric jigsaw in advance. Only then can we proceed to surface treatment using a knife or a planer. When you give it the final shape, watch for the correct observance of proportions. Make the center part thicker and the point thinner.

To give the product extra strength, coat it with epoxy. After finishing the grinding and grinding, apply several layers of it to the surface. The final layer can be diluted with paint. She will give the product completeness and make it more beautiful.

The nuances of work

How to make a wooden sword look like a combat one? In this case, the use of guards cut from rubber will help you. If you have little experience in battles, make it large and round to better protect your hand during the fight. This part is fixed at the bottom of the blade in the place where the handle begins. You can fix it using a wire covered with electrical tape.

At this stage of the work, the level of blade balancing is determined. How to make a wooden sword more convenient in this regard? To do this, you will need loads of lead, which must be hidden under a layer of winding. It is made using nylon threads, wet leather cords, or plain fabric. These materials minimize palm sliding over the surface and add ease of use to the gun.

Now you know how to make a sword from a tree, and you can treat yourself to a new toy at any time. Such a blade is more suitable for adults, and less weighty weapons can bring a lot of joy to children. The process of its creation will be considered further.

Ball blade

How to make a sword from a ball? To do this, you need only two things: the material itself and a hand pump for pumping it.

Before starting work, you should know that to do it you need to have sleight of hand and patience. Therefore, if you plan, for example, to make a lot of such tools for a children's holiday, practice twisting them in advance. Also, be prepared for unpleasant incidents when inflatable sticks burst in your hands, because not all of them have a sufficient level of strength and ductility.

Basic rules

How to make a sword from a ball? Remember the basic requirements for a workflow.

  1. In order to inflate a large number of oblong products, it is better to use a special pump. It can be either manual or electric. Naturally, you can do this with your mouth, but this way you will spend a lot of time and energy, and additional equipment can significantly speed up and facilitate the work process.
  2. When filling the toy with air, leave an empty area three to five centimeters long. During twisting, excess gas will flow into it, otherwise the craft will simply burst.
  3. All twisting actions must be carried out with one hand. Another simply holds the first and penultimate bubbles.
  4. When you work on creating different types of swords from balls, the work always consists in dividing the material into separate zones and twisting them. After each revolution, do not forget to press the blank a little so that the air in it moves into a free chamber near the tail.

Step-by-step instruction

How to make a sword at home using balls? This is not at all difficult. You will spend about ten minutes to make it. Follow the instructions - and you will surely succeed.

  1. Inflate the ball with the pump. At the same time, it must be held with the thumb and forefinger. Tie it and bend it about 20 centimeters from the tip.
  2. Roll up the blank again so that you have a figure that looks like a snake.
  3. Find the center of the tube and gently, but firmly, press on all its parts.
  4. Twist the toy a few more times and carefully spread it. So you will make a convenient handle of the future blade. The long part of the tube will serve as the tip of the sword.

This completes the work on the craft. You can make as many such toys as you like and have a beautiful pirate or knight's party for your baby. Children are guaranteed to be delighted with your crafts.

DIY lightsaber

In childhood, every one of us remembers the phrase that a real Jedi sword must be made with its own hands. Indeed, why don’t you feel like a real Jedi holding your hands on the legendary weapon.

The duel tool of the Jedi consists of the handle of a shining blade. The basis of such a sword is a transparent tube (PVC or polycarbonate). An LED strip is inserted inside, which is fixed on a special rod. It creates an illusory glow characteristic of a weapon of this kind. In order for the blade to glow, the LEDs are connected with a power supply — it can be done on its own or “borrowed” from an unusual flashlight. When choosing such a block, consider its size — it should fit in hand.

If you want to have a weapon with a difficult light, but with a characteristic sound, try to make it on Arduino (special board, batteries, mini-processor imr3 player). This is a fairly high-tech filling that will give your product maximum similarity with the original diy. Particular attention should also be paid to indoctrination of the sword - it is the visiting card of each hero of the star saga. For example, it’s a special crescent moon, for Dooku. Avot the weapon of the main villain Darth Vader is not distinguished by anything special - the usual straight line, with horizontal notches for easy rotation (this is the story of more than twenty years of the sword). Avot garda weapons Kyle Ren at the same time served as a decoration of the sword, ventilation.

When arranging a light weapon, make sure that it not only matches the chosen hero of Star Wars, but has strong and strong connections. To do this, drown the polycarbonate tube by hand for 5-10 cm.

Turning into a Jedi

The iconic film Star Wars has been thrilling the minds of its fans around the world with the question of how to make a laser sword. To make the fantasy a reality and you feel in your hands the power of a radiant Jedi blade, you need to do a fairly simple job.

First, collect the materials needed to create the weapon. You will need:

- polycarbonate transparent or matte tube on the edge of the sword,

- rolled up polyethylene to diffuse light,

- "Oracal" to reflect the radiance,

- nickel-plated furniture leg to make the handle,

- strong color diode (about three watts of power),

- holder for three batteries,

Types of swords and the features of their manufacture with their own hands: a brief overview of the sword of the heroes and other heroes

Each blade has its own characteristics that make it part of the image of the hero. The upirate sword has a wide blade, honed from one side (falsion or flamberg), which is convenient to apply lacerated and chopped wounds when boarding. In addition, waspaga was a pirate weapon — it was used during close combat.

Strange, but a weapon can sometimes heal. An example is the so-called Kolesov sword, which is intended for planting a forest. However, his "weapon" can be called a big stretch.

Let's look at the Quid swords, which are widely represented in popular games. Minecraft most often uses a double-edged blade with a guard. Similar forms of weapons are in The Witcher, however you can still find Ielphic models that have one-sided sharpening and a forbidden sword with a specially shaped blade.

Gladius, a short Roman sword, whose center of gravity is offset by the counterweight of the wrist, has earned honor among connoisseurs of weapons from time immemorial. He was also recreated by the wiggs along with a titanium weapon (a blade with a very wide blade).

If you want to recreate the Slavic swords that were used by the epic heroes — be prepared for the fact that weapons forged from iron with a heavy double-edged blade will not be so easy to even shift the shift — with an average length of 80 cm, it can weigh up to 10 kg. To the word, the Spartans' weapons were up to 60cm and weighed 1.5kg, which can be considered a very revealing example.

Also, if you have the knack, you can try to build a Corvo sword, which even consists of thin metal plates, but has a great property to form.

DIY katana sword

Самурайский меч катана, отличается длинным, тонким, чуть изогнутым клинком. Его лезвие заточено лишь содной стороны, что однако неуменьшает его смертоносности (что весьма полезно для самурая). Изготовить его выможете изтонкой стальной пластины, заточив иотполировавее. It’s not worthwhile to think that it will be easy — upgrading the katana to perfection will require two to three months of hard work. Further, the blade should be hardened to polish its glare again. Avot with a handle you can not bother - just wrap it with a usual cord or twine.

DIY sword for a child

For a child, you can make a sword from absolutely any material except iron. Even for a teenager, a metal sword is a potentially dangerous toy that can hurt yourself or someone else. For children, lightsabers are perfect, which do not have to be made as close as possible to the coronal. For this type of weapon, it is enough to take two PVC pipes and an LED strip and simply decorate unsightly details. Avot chain a laser sword for a child to do it’s not worth it - you’ll kill a lot of time, you can break all bells and whistles like Arduino twice.

A toy wooden or paper sword will taste good for schoolchildren who like to make comic duels. However, handing the child even a toy blade from time immemorial, do not forget to talk to him about the rules of safe handling.

DIY sheath for a sword

The scabbard is a kind of cover for your weapon, from which the braid of the handle peeps out. Make them worth the wooden plates with the iron mouth and tip, which are fastened with thin leather strips.

In general, creating a sword with your own hands is a rather laborious process, but the result will surely please you.

Work process

How to make a laser sword? To begin, measure the desired length of the tip and saw off the tube. Then decide on the parameters of the handle and use a jigsaw to shorten the furniture leg to the required size.

After that, insert the diode and roll of polyethylene into the blade of the blade. Separately cut a circle from the oilcloth and place it on top of the workpiece. In mastering how to make a Jedi sword, the Oracal material, which will serve as a reflector, will become an indispensable assistant. It needs to be fixed inside the crafts.

Now make a hole in the handle for the power button. A file will help you with this. Next, connect the resistor, battery holder and switch to each other and insert them into the handle. Attach a diode to them.

Final stage

Wrap the tip of the polycarbonate tube with electrical tape (it will take a couple of skeins) to make it barely fit in the handle. Glue a nut between the formed layers, and in the handle make a hole for the bolt, with which the blade will be fixed.

Seal the tube with a lid, screw it to the handle, decorate the latter as your heart desires - and your Jedi blade is ready. Feel free to go with him to the war against Darth Vader.