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How to connect a PS3 gamepad to a computer


Despite the fact that personal computers are more popular with gamers, many use game consoles. Manufacturers are trying to make the controllers ergonomic, functional and durable. However, sometimes the gamepad crashes and there is a need to purchase and connect a new device. Also, this need may arise if the Play Station is used by several players at the same time.

How to connect the new DualShok 3 joystick to PS3

The Sony Play Station 3 game console is very common. At the same time, the prefix is ​​no longer a novelty. Despite this, the prices of the new controllers are quite high. Therefore, many owners are looking for alternative gamepads. Some acquire Chinese counterparts that are not of high quality or try to find and connect a controller from earlier versions of the Sony console.

The most common options used by owners of consoles are:

  • Connecting the new DualShok 3 controller.
  • Acquisition of a gamepad for a more recent version of the DualShok 4 console.
  • The use of similar products from another manufacturer. The most suitable option in this situation is a manipulator from Microsoft.

REFERENCE. If the use of DualShok 4 with Play Station 3 is allowed, then DualShok 3 will not work with the PS4.

Using the new DualShok 3 with the Sony PS3 is the easiest solution to the problem. Of course, in this case, you have to spend a fairly large amount of money.

Connecting a new controller is as follows:

  • The PS3 must be connected to the TV.
  • Using the USB cable that comes with the gamepad, connect it to the appropriate connector on the Play Station 3 chassis.
  • The prefix must be turned on by pressing the button located on the front of the PS3. It is worth adding that the game console should not be in the "Standby" mode.
  • The console will start the boot process and at the very end of the process will begin to recognize connected external devices. Then immediately get to work.
  • Next, you need to turn on the controller by pressing the corresponding key on it.
  • As soon as the product boots up and synchronizes with the game console, the indicator lights on it will light up.

In addition to connecting using a wire, the PS3 can also be connected wirelessly. Usually, the gameplay is carried out without the use of wires.

REFERENCE. The very first connection of a new controller should only be done with a cable! Before starting the device connection procedure, you must fully charge the joystick.

To connect the pointing device to the Play Station 3 wirelessly, you will need:

  • Play Station 3
  • Pluggable controller.
  • USB wire and Bluetooth adapter.

The connection procedure is as follows:

  • The PS3 must be connected to the TV and turned on. It should not be in the "Standby" mode.
  • The prefix should install Wireless - the receiver.
  • The manipulator is powered.
  • After the product turns on, you must press the PS button, which is located on its body.
  • The game console will begin searching and recognizing external devices. If the manipulator is suitable, the synchronization process will start.
  • Check if the gamepad is connected by running any game.

If necessary, an additional joystick can be attached to the console:

  • The device must be turned on, and the joystick attached is fully charged.
  • On the manipulator, press the button labeled PS.
  • On the TV or monitor screen, select “New device”.
  • In game mode, select “Guest”.
  • When a window appears with a warning sign "Network Login", click - "No".
  • You can start the gameplay.

Why does the joystick not connect to the PS3?

When connecting a new controller, the owners may have not only the question “How to turn on the joystick on the PS3?”, But also “Why does the joystick not connect?” The most common reason why the connection cannot be completed is that the controller is completely discharged. In this case, you need to fully charge the device.

Also, one of the reasons may be - the purchase of a non-original product. In this case, the user is not safe from the fact that the joystick may or may not be fully operational, or the console will not be able to recognize the gamepad. In addition, non-original joysticks have very limited functionality, which affects the quality of the gameplay. Experts advise you to purchase only original products in order to avoid possible problems when connecting or causing difficulties when using the product. Joining the same new original joystick does not pose great difficulties.

Method 1: MotioninJoy

If the game does not support DInput, then for normal operation it is necessary to download and install a special emulator on the PC. For a dual shock, it is best to use MotioninJoy.

  1. Run the MotioninJoy distribution on your computer. If necessary, change the path for unpacking files, enable or disable the creation of shortcuts for quick access.

  • Run the program and use the USB cable to connect the controller to the computer.
  • Go to tab "Driver Manager"so that Windows downloads all the drivers necessary for the correct operation of the device.
  • A new joystick will appear in the list of devices. Open again "Driver manager" and click on the button "Install all"to complete the driver installation. Confirm actions and wait for the inscription "Install completed".

    Go to tab "Profiles" and in paragraph "Select one mode" select the desired operating mode for the controller. To run old games (with DInput support), leave "Custom-Default"for modern publications - "XInput-Default" (emulation of the Xbox 360 controller). After that, click on the button "Enable".

    To check the operation of the gamepad, click Vibration Testing. To disable the gamepad, on the tab "Profiles" press the button Disconnect.

    With the MotioninJoy program, you can use the dualshock to launch modern games, as after connecting it to a computer, the system will recognize it as a device from Xbox.

    Method 2: SCP Toolkit

    SCP Toolkit is a program for emulating a joystick from a PS3 on a PC. Available for free download from GitHub, along with source code. Allows you to use the dualshock as a gamepad from the Xbox 360 and is capable of working via USB and Bluetooth.

      Download the program distribution kit from GitHub. He will have a name. "ScpToolkit_Setup.exe".

    Run the file and specify the location where all files will be unpacked.

    Wait until the unpacking is completed and click on the inscription "Run Driver Installer"to additionally install the original drivers for the Xbox 360, or download them from the official Microsoft website.

    Connect the DualShock from the PS3 to the computer and wait until the controller appears in the list of available devices. After that click "Next".

    Confirm all necessary actions and wait until the installation is completed.

    After that, the system will see the dualshock as an Xbox controller. However, using it as a DInput device will fail. If you plan to launch not only modern, but also old games with gamepad support, then it is better to use MotionJoy.

    The PS3 gamepad can be connected to the computer via USB or Bluetooth, but only to run older games (which support DirectInput). To use the dualshock in more modern editions, you need to download and install special software to emulate the Xbox 360 gamepad.

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    Your circuits do not work.

    You are right, Dmitry.

    Very informative comments. These are work programs, what exactly are you having difficulties with?

    in that 1 method does not issue on Windows 10 what is on the screenshots

    At first, it didn’t work for me either, when I just clicked, there’s still need to click on the left part of the virtual gamepad installation

    Everything is super. The program works

    do not believe it, at home I was able to put SCP on 10 Windows and play 10 microns, both options do not work on 7 Windows

    I had the same window as you did when I launched the MotioninJoy program on a laptop with Windows 7. I could not use this program.

    did not help when connecting these methods. Plus SCP disconnected logitech M90 from the PC, it just stopped transmitting signals. The gamepad blinked with all 4 beacons, and remained blinking. Windows 10 system

    If you have a mouse via Bluetooth, then it will not work.

    P.S. It was necessary to read ...

    look on the Internet logitech m90, the most unkillable pebble, wired

    Thank you very much Anastasia!
    I tried a week ago and failed.
    He killed a lot of time.
    As it worked now ... I can’t imagine the mind.
    The second way is working. Windows 7 64. Joy from Sonya 3.
    I just started the program, connected the controller through my native cable and everything works.
    ... I'm shocked 🙂

    SCP Toolkit An ugly program that did something with firewood on a mouse and keyboard.
    Aliens to demolish Windows. You are the coasters.
    Dogs: the first program is not working at all.
    I would have met in real life the one who wrote this guide, would have filled my face with all my heart.

    The funny thing is that SCP ToolKit is working properly and does not touch the drivers of other devices, while MotioninJoy is garbage.
    Maybe the author of the article is not to blame for the fact that something happened to you?)

    Having launched the MotioninJoy program, I never saw the green window, which is presented in the screenshots of this program. Spat - and deleted this program. Means no luck. Having launched another program, namely “SCP Toolkit”, I saw a different result with everything. This program works great.

    Since I have Windows 7, I first installed the “Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller driver” (from the official Microsoft website). And then everything else, following the steps of the program installer.

    Fortunately for me, now on my laptop I can play “Pro Evolution Soccer 6” using the DualShock 3 joystick.

    Thank you, Anastasia Viktorovna, for a great article!

    After installing the “SCP Toolkit” in the “Device Manager”, a new device appears called “Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit)”. This device replaces the main (system) bluetooth device (in my system the main bluetooth device is called “BT-270”), installing its driver.

    Having installed a new device, which I wrote above, my PlayStation 3 joystick from Bluetooth worked very well for me. However, the system stopped seeing those devices that I had previously seen. None of the devices except the joystick from the PlayStation 3, the system does not see.

    Fortunately, there is one healing remedy called "Device Manager." If I need bluetooth, I go to the “Device Manager”, then to “Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit)”, and roll back the new driver to the main (system) driver, namely “BT-270”. And the bluetooth starts working as it did before, before installing the “Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit)” device.

    Most likely, those citizens with bluetooth keyboards and mice will not be able to use their devices after installing the SCP Toolkit application. They will have to roll back the new driver to the previous one.

    I have a laptop. It has a 64-bit version of Windows 7. I use a touchpad on my laptop. Now I need bluetooth for the joystick from the PlayStation 3 and for the old Nokia phone. If I want to use the bluetooth on my Nokia phone, I roll back the Bluetooth Host (ScpToolkit) device driver to the previous one.

    Do I need adapters or other hardware?

    If we are considering the standard bundled joystick DualShock from PS3, then it supports two connection types: wired (via USB) and wireless (Bluetooth).

    The second for many reasons is more convenient, but at the same time the gamepad must be constantly charged. Therefore, a wired connection is also worth considering. Especially based on the fact that the player is not going to move away from the computer.

    Fortunately, Sony developers decided to use the port not only to charge the device, but also to transfer data. This gives us a choice of two ways to connect the joystick to a PC:

    • By wire. To do this, we need a Mini USB cable (not a new-fangled Micro and especially not a Type C!) Surely such a cable remained with you from a camera or MP3 player you bought ten years ago, unless it came with a gamepad.

    • Via bluetooth. Sony standard gamepads are equipped with a wireless module, and for many users it is convenient. A Bluetooth adapter is inexpensive, it’s easy to install, and in most laptops it is already present by default. However, we still need a Mini USB cable - for charging.

    As you can see, in neither the second nor the second case do you need to dig out any secret warehouses in order to find the necessary equipment. The main thing is that the cable is working.

    However, in the question of how to connect the joystick from the PS3 to the PC, there is another snag, perhaps the key one is the driver.

    How to set up a connected joystick

    According to the logic of updates, if you connect a new device to a computer with relatively fresh Windows on board, the system will turn to network databases, recognize the device and automatically download its driver. After that, you can use it as conveniently and without limiting functions.

    However, in the case of game controllers, the situation is somewhat different. Before connecting the joystick from the PS3 to the PC directly, you will need to install a specialized utility called MotionInJoy. which can be downloaded at

    Proceed as follows:

    1. Download and install MotionInJoy.
    2. Connect your gamepad with a cable to the computer. Select the port to which you will connect it constantly. When changing the port, you will have to repeat the procedure from the beginning.
    3. Launch MotionInJoy and go to the Driver Manager menu.
    4. In the list of USB ports, select the one to which the game controller is connected, and tick it.
    5. Click the Load Driver button.
    6. Wait until the installation is complete.
    7. If the controller is not immediately recognized, restart the computer.

    The wired connection should now work.

    Before connecting the joystick to the computer via Bluetooth, make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is connected and working correctly. To do this, check how any other device is connected (smartphone, tablet, mouse, etc.). The driver installation procedure for working via Bluetooth looks like this:

    1. Download and install MotionInJoy.
    2. Turn on your gamepad wirelessly and pair it with your computer.
    3. Launch MotionInJoy and open the BluetoothPair tab
    4. Find your joystick in the list
    5. Click PairNow
    6. Wait for the controller to vibrate. It will mean readiness.

    It is worth noting that in the old gamepads, which the PS3 was equipped with in the first year of release, there was no vibration motor. If your controller is of these parties, then of course there will be no vibration. You just need to wait for the end of the installation and check it in a real game.

    How to connect DualShock 3

    This modification of the Sony gamepad has some differences from the “classic” DualShock. Therefore, the algorithm for its connection will be significantly different. Before connecting the joystick to the PC from the PS3 (if it is DualShock 3), you need to download not MotionInJoy, but the driver package for Sixaxis (this is the name of this family of controllers). When searching for a driver, be sure to consider the bit depth of your system: for Windows x64, only the 64-bit version of the driver is suitable.

    1. Download the driver archive, unzip and install it. In the process, applications that usually go in the same archive as PPJOY and LibUSB will be initialized.
    2. Find the attached BtSix archive file in the same archive and unzip it to a place convenient for you (the easiest way to the desktop)
    3. Connect the Bluetooth adapter (unless it is built-in) and update the driver for it if necessary.
    4. Run the program
    5. From PPJOY run Config Joysticks
    6. Add a new object and create a name for it - for example, Sixaxis or Joystick PS3
    7. Close Config Joysticks
    8. Turn on your gamepad and pair your computer with it via Bluetooth
    9. Check the performance of the game

    However, after installation, additional synchronization may be needed, which will save you from incorrect recognition of actions and communication disconnections. It is done like this:

    1. Connect your controller to the PC using the USB cable and wait until the drivers are updated
    2. Run the BtSix you have already unpacked
    3. Click Address

    After this synchronization, it is necessary to ensure its operation in Bluetooth mode. For this:

    1. Make sure the Bluetooth adapter is connected to the computer
    2. Run BtSix again
    3. Press the center button on the controller
    4. Check his behavior in games

    All! Now your joystick from Sony PlayStation is able to work with your computer. After the above procedures, all gestures and clicks should be recognized correctly. We recommend that you compare the sensations of a wired and wireless connection and use the one you like best.