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10 tips for dealing with boys


Want to chat more with girls? Do not worry - talking with a girl does not have to be complicated! Just don’t worry about how to start a conversation, and keep the girl on the hook, showing your interest in her and captivating her as much as you can. If you want to learn how a teenage boy learns how to communicate with girls, just follow our instructions. :)

  1. Be confident and balanced. If you want to start a killer conversation with a girl, then you need to come up with an interesting beginning for your conversation. If you see the girl you want to talk with, be it the girl you like for a long time, or the cutie you just noticed at the party, you need to make sure that she draws attention to you. Then, when you attracted her gaze, confidently approach her. Keep your head high and look straight. If you do not know it, then introduce yourself. Just say, “Hi, my name is Misha. How about you? ”It's very simple, but effective. If you already know, just say,“ How are you? ”Or“ What's new? ”You don’t need to think long - just go to her, as if it’s not big for you pretend until you develop confidence in yourself - even if you’re afraid to talk to girls, pretend it's easy for you.
  2. Start a conversation with an unobtrusive topic. No need to come up with a sophisticated joke or do somersaults to get her attention. Just say something that will make her continue the conversation with you and find out more. Now you can’t talk about your grandmother’s funeral or your plans for the future. Just mention some show or last tricks of your dog, or what you did on the weekend. Do not overwork and start a light conversation. Here are examples of the first phrases:

“I had a crazy weekend. I helped dad with an extension to our house and I can’t move my hands. What did you do? I hope you did something interesting? ”

“Look at these scratches on my hands. My cat goes crazy if she is not fed on time. Do you have any pets? ”

“The final math test was so complicated. It seems to me that I have not decided anything at all. And how are you?"

3. Find out her character. When you start talking with a girl, you will understand what she wants from you. All the girls are different. If she is shy, you will have to be a leader, ask her questions and generally speak more than she does. But if she likes to talk, give her this opportunity and do not worry about what impression you will make, but do not interrupt her. Once you know what type of girls she is, you can understand how to talk to her. Don’t worry if she is shy. She may be one of the girls who are modest at first, but then quickly open, as soon as they feel comfortable. Although it’s very important to always be yourself, you should stay safe when you first talk to the girl, until you know yet she has a sense of humor or is easy to offend with jokes and comments. The more you talk to her, the more you will open up for conversation. Even if a girl likes to talk, you should also participate in the conversation. Let her know what interests you.

4.Start with chatter about anything. You need to be able to chat too. If you are talking with a girl, you cannot start right away with your deepest, most important desires, otherwise you will scare her and she will run away from you. A simple, unobtrusive conversation is an art, and you can master it by starting with ordinary, everyday topics and gradually moving on to more intimate and exciting topics. You should start with a simple one, in order to grow up to serious conversations, so don't be afraid to seem boring when talking about the most ordinary things, even the weather or tomorrow’s chemistry test. Here are some examples of how you can turn a conversation from idle talk into something serious:

  • “This week it is constantly raining. I wanted to go cycling with my dad, but in the end we sat at home all weekend. Did you do something interesting or did you miss home too? ”
  • “I was supposed to prepare for the chemistry test yesterday, but my little sister got sick and had to help my mother look after her. Do you have brothers or sisters? ”
  • “I watched The Avengers yesterday. It's not bad, but not my favorite movie for sure. What's your favorite movie? ”

5.Let her know that you enjoyed talking to her. No need to say that this was the best conversation in your life - even if it's true! One short sentence will let her know that she is special and she will want to talk to you again. Here's how to do it:

  • “It was nice to chat. I still can't believe your sister’s case. ”
  • “I like talking to you about music. You always advise me something new. ”
  • “It seems I did not follow the time, so I liked talking about films with you.”

6. Leave with dignity. As soon as you finished the conversation, he made the girl understand that you like talking to her and mentioned the time when you can talk again, you have no choice but to smile, wave your hand, say: "See you" and go to sunset. Go away confidently and quickly, instead of spinning around her until you run out of topics for communication.

  • Do not overdo it at the end of the conversation. A simple “Let's talk later” will let her know what’s what.
  • If you have a place to go, for example, to an English lesson or soccer training, tell her so that she knows that you are busy and you have something to do.
  • Smile broadly to make her feel comfortable. A smile should not be strained. Just show her that you had a good time.

1. Respect is the basis of communication

Respect is the basis of any communication from an early age. In adolescence, boys are usually quick-tempered and cocky, like fighting males, and often turns to nuts not only to their friends, but also to girls from the class, mug or company. Showing off in front of each other, boys can allow themselves stupid, sometimes even rude jokes, familiarity. You should not react to jokes, but excessively cheeky behavior should be suppressed. It’s best to do it calmly, not to let yourself get out of balance - because this is what they are achieving. Confident calm girl pin up uninteresting, so nitpicking will end soon.

3. Stylish outfit

To attract the attention of boys, it is worth revising your wardrobe and dressing stylishly, not like the other girls around. This does not mean that you need to go in some kind of too bright clothes. It is best to choose things that emphasize the advantages - hair color, thin waist, long legs. And this does not mean at all that these parts of the body should be too open! A well-dressed girl always looks much more attractive and mysterious than a girl in too open clothes.

5. Common interests

Common interests are the key to excellent communication in any company. To better understand the people around you and try to please them, find out what your friends and friends are addicted to. And if with girls everything is much simpler, then not every girl will be able to understand and support boyish interests and hobbies. In no case do you need to redraw yourself to become a football fan or a collector of badges to please the boy you like. Instead, you can try to delve into their favorite music, try carting and computer games - some of these activities will surely be to your taste!

Boys do not like gossip. If with friends you can share your observations and news from someone else's personal life, then in a boyish company you should not do this.

8. Humiliation

In adolescence, boys are very sensitive to approval from other people, especially their boy friends, as well as the girls they like. In no case should you humiliate the guys, mock their failures, especially those associated with physical strength.

9. Bad habits

No bad habits! Even if some boys smoke or drink beer in the company, in no case do they need to become like them in order to gain universal respect. Much more respect is given to principled girls who think with their own heads. If the company does not understand this, another company would be a good option.

10. Ignoring and coquetry

In communicating with boys, you should not use girlish tricks that were previously considered a lifesaver to win their sympathy. Excessive coquetry, obsession, or, on the contrary, deliberate neglect, will not lead to anything good, ruining even friendship.

Following any advice, experimenting and making friendships, the most important thing is to always be yourself!

How to communicate with a teenager

The first thing to understand and accept: the child has grown. He no longer needs the adult as clearly as a baby, but is still dependent on his elders. This annoys him. As well as changes in the body, natural signs of growing up, social relations with classmates and many other problems.

The adult's task at this stage is to help, not aggravate.

And for this you need to understand how to communicate with a child as a teenager!

Rule number 3. Adopt a teenager as he is

Or she. It does not matter.

Advice on how to communicate with a teenage girl and a young man is not very different.

But to accept the growing miracle is the direct responsibility of any parent. To anyone.

Yes, scratchy. Yes, sharp. Yes, he wants dreadlocks and a tattoo. But this is its formation and development. And the brightness of life is now felt especially strongly - even without any areas of life balance.

Therefore, just accept and support - "both in grief and in joy."

Rule number 4. Agree with desires

A teenager wants to see an adult partner. Which accepts, understands and approves of it. And most importantly, that will always help. It can be expressed in any little things. For example, a child comes home and asks: "Mom, pour me some tea, please." He can do it himself, but it’s important for him to be the mother’s participation even in this small moment of life.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to break down and run to the teenager on demand. But to fulfill some of his desires is possible and necessary.

A nice bonus: if there is support in the details, the child may not go down to the categorical search for attention. And this means there’s a chance to avoid the requirements “I want a piercing on my face”, “a hole in my ear”, “green hair all over my body”.

Rule number 5. Love is simple and unconditional

The fact that this is a beloved child, your child, you need to remind yourself constantly. Especially when problems begin and the teenager does not want to communicate with parents. He does not want to communicate not because his parents are bad or not needed. No.

It’s just that at this moment in time another thing is more important for him: a new film, a statement of a classmate, the need for solitude or creativity.

Why do you need to remember exactly love? Because we are ready to forgive much to the beloved, even idleness and lack of initiative. So it is here. Just love, understand, and forgive, whenever possible, petty transgressions.

Rule number 6. Tell about yourself

Adolescence is good because you can discuss everything. His boss and romance subordinates at work. Financial relations with banks and funny events on the street. Why do adults need to do this? To keep in touch with the child.

To your question “how was your day”, the answer will be “normal” at best. Because your teenager has already expressed his opinion on the events where he wanted, and to those whom he wanted. He has no desire to repeat himself. And do not wait here for a magic recipe on how to communicate with a son or daughter as a teenager.

Better tell us about your day and your events. This will make it clear to the growing child that they are welcome in the house for any discussion. And they will hear him as soon as he wants to.

Bonus: indirectly through stories you can gently form the opinion of a teenager on various topics, express negative and positive reactions to various events. That is to educate.

Rule number 7. Master new horizons

This is the coolest and most interesting item.

Its essence is this: the child studied the interests of parents until his age of 10-12. Now he is forming his own. And parents themselves do it.

Let your daughter or son talk about music trends and teach you how to play the guitar on your parents. Or carry away hockey. Or maybe you will start playing a computer game together.

A new growing and developing personality is so great! So look for common ground, and there will be no discord in the family.

A nice bonus: you can really discover something cool and amazing.

Rule number 9. Independence +

Always give a little more independence than necessary. This will help to avoid forcibly expanding horizons and a host of problems.

Let mom / dad offer to make a mohawk for the summer, drive to a grandmother on your own in another city, or repair complicated equipment. The more opportunities a teenager is given, the less he demands and rallies.

How to communicate with a teenager? Complicated? No. If you do everything consciously, thoughtfully and understand: this harmful and difficult age will ever end!