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How to draw a person’s eyes easily and beautifully


Eye. Without a doubt, this is a favorite object of many artists! The human eye is undoubtedly a window into the human soul. But how to portray it?

To learn to draw eyesFirst I will ask you to take a small mirror. I want you to keep this mirror next to you while you draw. I want you to have the opportunity to look at your own eyes at any time while you complete this lesson.

Mark Kistler learned this technique from a visit with some graduates to DreamWorks several years ago. The animators worked on “Shrek”, at their workplaces there were several computers, monitors, drawing tablets and, interestingly, two mirrors on the sides of their tables. While the animators worked on various parts of Shrek, he could watch them frown in the mirrors as they painted Shrek's gloomy face. Mark saw them holding their hands in different positions when they were drawing Shrek's hands. It was very interesting to see how world-class artists brought Shrek to life. Now let's add life to our album - let's draw an eye.

1. Sitting at the table, look in the mirror. Hold for a few minutes ... You are just a miracle. Just take a look! These eyes! These lips, nose, ears, hair, are just a great model for drawing. You redrawn da Vinci in lesson 28, and now you will redraw from the most ideal model of eyes on the planet - from yourself! Lightly sweep the shape of the eye. In this lesson we will draw an eye that resembles the shape of a lemon with a small tear duct. When you draw a lot of eyes (and you undoubtedly draw more than a hundred, because it is so great to draw from), you will notice how many different shapes of eyes people have on the planet. In this tutorial, we use a simple lemon shape.

2. Take a look in the mirror and examine your upper left eyelid. Notice how the folds follow the shape of the eye. Draw the upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye.

3. We draw a perfectly round circle of the iris, bending slightly under the upper eyelid. We use the law of overlap. Remember that the iris is a perfect circle, not an oval. Look in the mirror. Look closely at the thickness of the edge along the upper part of the lower eyelid. The interesting thing is that the smallest details, like this one, are what you are looking for and drawing. These details really give a “wow” effect. Without them, your drawing will look unrealistic.

4. Take a look in the mirror. Look closer at the pupil in the center of the iris. Notice the perfect circle circumference. Notice the tiny flare spots inside the black circle. Draw the perfect round pupil in the middle of the iris. Inside, draw a small circle designed for highlight.

5. Take a look in the mirror. Take a closer look at your pupil again. Look at the black pupil and the bright highlight. Draw this dark black pupil with a bright highlight.

6. Take a look in the mirror. Take a closer look at the surface of the iris around the pupil. Take a closer look. And further. Just an amazing play of light, color, humidity, shape, such details! When you paint over the iris, draw radial strokes with a pencil coming from the pupil, and use lines of different lengths: some short, some long. When you experiment with colored pencils, I would recommend you start with this tutorial.

7. Draw your gorgeous eyebrow. Make each hair separately, starting from the nose and moving along the forehead. Moving away from the nose, draw with more horizontal waving lines. Start shading your eyes on the inside of the eyelids.

8. Take a look in the mirror. Look carefully at the eyelashes. Notice how your eyelashes are collected in small groups of two or three, and not from one cilia. Notice how the groups of eyelashes originate from the nearest edge of the upper eyelid. Notice how your eyelashes curl from the eyelid, following the contour of the eye. Pay attention also to the location. Make sure you draw them at the very edge of the century. Pay attention to the direction of bending of the eyelashes. Be careful not to draw too many eyelashes, and do not draw them too vertically (otherwise you may get a web effect).

Next step - shading. This step makes the eye really appear on the page! There are five specific areas for shading. The first is right above your upper eyelid, the entire length of the eyeball. The next area is along the lower eyelid, above the water line, directly on the eyeball. First, shade it a bit, then you can create a darker effect (if you shade it too much, it will look like a very heavy Gothic make-up, but maybe this is what you are achieving?). The third area is a small fold at the top of your eyelids, a line that separates your movable eyelid from the upper still. The fourth region is the lower part of the orbit, which is darker in the central corner near the nose and lacrimal duct. This shadow shades and falls on the cheek.

Just as Leonardo da Vinci used feathering when designating Mon Lisa's eyes without hard dark lines, you should also make feathering very soft when you shade your 3D eyes. Be sure to shade and blend the fifth shading zone — tiny “secret” shadows in the corners of the eye socket and eyelids.

I would also like to share with you an amazing video tutorial on drawing eyes from Art Shima.


I like draw eyes. The more you draw them, the more you enjoy them. Eyes are the most important element in drawing the face of a person, animal or magical creature. Draw a few more eyes in your album, a few looking at yourself in the mirror, a few looking at YouTube lessons. There are incredible amateur lessons that you can enjoy.

You can share your work in the VKontakte group in this album!

So, we have drawn an eye, now we will try a hand!) The last lesson is waiting for you here!

How to draw a person’s eyes easily and beautifully

People claim that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, which is able to show a wide variety of emotions and feelings. For this reason, some want to learn how to draw eyes on paper, but in a way that conveys these qualities in their gaze. In our article, you can gain knowledge on how to draw a person’s eyes easily and beautifully.

General principles of drawing eyes

Immediately, we note that if you do not know how to draw individual parts of the face, then you can not portray a portrait or draw a girl correctly. Therefore, let's find out how to draw eyes with a pencil in stages, or rather, study the general principles of drawing.

Before starting the creative process, prepare:

  • hardness pencils: B, 3B and 8B,
  • thick paper or a thick sheet album
  • fabric and eraser in the form of a pen.

  1. To make the eye shape plausible, you need to look in the mirror and transfer the sketch of your eye to the paper. To do this, it is better to use a thin pencil and perform actions without pressing.
  2. With the softest pencil we draw a pupil. After that, we shade the iris of the eye with the thickest and softest pencil. The hatching should be darker along the inner contour, and soft on the top.
  3. Now, you need to get a spectacular look of the iris. Using a soft cloth, rub the strokes. After these steps, we draw another hatch with a 3B pencil. Gently wipe the base. Then, on the iris, add radial strokes in the form of wavy lines.
  4. Gently shade the edges of the eye. Approaching the outside, the darkness of the strokes needs to be strengthened. How to draw the main part of the eye with a pencil figured out step by step.
  5. We add the outline of the lacrimal canal to the picture. For its depth, we shade almost the entire contour of the channel with a soft pencil and give this part of the eye moisture. Draw a pencil outline of the lower and upper eyelids. By shading, we give these sections volume. Using an eraser, we highlight the light areas on the lower eyelid.
  6. We draw the long upper and lower short eyelashes to the picture. To get more realistic eyelashes, you need to start the image from the lower side of the upper eyelid, and end the lines preferably above the crease on the eyelid. Lower eyelashes are drawn in the same way, but a little smaller.
  7. Finish the picture. If you want your eyes to be natural, you need to draw a reflection of the eyelashes in the eye itself.

At this point, the eye pattern is completed. In a similar way, another human eye is drawn.

Easy way to draw

Now let's learn how to draw eyes in a simple way. For this work, you only need one pencil and an eraser:

  1. In the album, we outline the approximate contour of the human head. In the middle of the figure, draw a vertical and horizontal line. But the horizontal segment should not be even, but bend a little to make it easier to measure the proportions and draw the same eyes.
  2. We divide the horizontal sketch into three equal parts. Starting from the first mark on the right side, we draw the upper contour of the right eyelid. According to this sketch on a vertical line, put a mark and depict a similar sketch on the left side.
  3. We finish the lower eyelid and erase the marks. In the middle of the eyes we display the iris of the eyes. We outline the outline with a thick line to highlight the picture.
  4. We finish eyelashes on the lower eyelid. Then, without clicking on the pencil, shade the irises of the eyes. On the upper eyelids add some shadows. Exactly in the center of the iris, we draw round pupils. Shade them in dark color. Darken the upper eye area.
  5. Eraser erase a small area on the iris to get a highlight in the eyes. Above the eyes we draw the silhouette of the eyebrows and shade the eyebrows.

Eye drawing is ready. If you follow our step by step instructions, you can draw beautiful eyes in the portrait.

Male eyes drawing

You can’t draw a person’s face without the ability to draw nose and lips. We offer you to consider detailed instructions on how to draw men's eyes. After this lesson, let's move on to the girls.

  1. On the sheet, we outline the location of the eyebrow and eyes. At the mark under the eye, we draw a circle. Exactly in the middle of the circle we share this figure. We outline the upper eyelid, which slightly covers the eye.
  2. On the left side of the end of the sketch, we draw the silhouette of the tear duct. We sketch the perimeter of the lower eyelid. In the middle of the circle, strictly in the center of the mark, we draw another circle, it will be the pupil of the eye.
  3. We darken the pupil a little. A softer pencil stroke the pupil. We clarify the perimeter of the eye iris and with light strokes close this area. Bring the boundaries of the eyeball and tint the upper side of the iris.
  4. Next, stroke the tear duct. Draw a little iris and stroke the base of the eyeball. On the eye we whiten the pattern and shade the area with the skin around the eye. Bring the silhouette of the upper eyelid over the eye.
  5. With a soft pencil, we shade the eyelid and the area above the eye. The lines depict an eyebrow, blend the perimeter. Derived on the lower and upper eyelids, eyelashes. We cover the upper perimeter of the iris with white gouache and display the reflection of the eyelashes in the eye itself.

Done! Now, you know how to draw a man’s eye, which was depicted with the website.

Eyes of the girl in a foreshortening

As promised, having drawn the eyes of a man, we proceed to the female eyes. The work, of course, is not easy, but if you want to paint portraits, then you need to be able to draw the eyes of girls.

How to draw a girl’s eyes beautifully:

  1. In the album, we depict an inclined segment. The second line marks the width of the eyes. Approximately mark the distance between the left and right eye and mark the center of the pupils. Having made the marks, we outline the contour of the upper eyelids.
  2. Then, we draw the inner contours of the eyelids in two eyes. At the mark in the middle of the eye, the pupils are drawn. We sketch the irises and draw the folds of the eyelids. Erase all unnecessary touches.
  3. Now, with a soft pencil, shade the pupils and point the perimeter of the eyeballs. Having hatched the pupils, we proceed to the hatching with many lines of the iris. We wipe the area on the iris, making in this way glare in the eyes.
  4. We detail the eyes with tear channels. Bold shadow line on the upper eyelids. With light movements, shade the perimeters of the eyeballs. By hatching we show the volume of the eyelids.
  5. Next, we show the skin around with strokes, we tint the lower eyelid. We aim the second border of the upper eyelids. Having caught the character, adhesion and bending of the eyelashes, we draw them on the upper eyelids.
  6. On the lower eyelids, we show eyelashes in a similar way, but they are much shorter compared to the upper ones.
  7. Above the eyes, we hint at the location of the eyebrows. We detail the picture.

So, you have learned how to draw a girl’s eyes from a certain angle. You see, the work is simple, but having the practice of drawing eyes, you will greatly facilitate the task while creating a portrait of a girl.

Girl eyes closed

Now let's learn how to draw eyes in a closed position. The drawing is quite simple, but you need to be able to portray the closed eyes of a person, especially if you like to draw portraits of different people with a variety of emotions.

How to draw closed eyes beautifully:

  1. We are preparing an album and a simple pencil. In the middle of the album, draw a straight horizontal line. She will tell us the level of the eyes. Above this line we find the approximate location of the eyebrows and also mark with a segment. On the lower segment, horizontal segments determine the distance between the left and right eye.
  2. Next, make an outline of the eyes in an arcuate line. Under the sketches, we draw another line in full, repeating the location and shape of the first sketch. In a dark tone we shade the middle of these sketches.
  3. Next, we tint the parts in a darker color. At the top mark, draw the silhouette of the eyebrows. Erase the extra strokes on the whole picture and shade the eyebrows.
  4. Starting from the silhouette of closed eyes in a downward direction, draw a rectangle, it will show the length and the desired number of eyelashes. In this perimeter, add a lot of dashes in a downward direction. Having drawn the dashes, we tint them with a soft pencil.
  5. We highlight the dark areas above the eyes. Feather this area and again stroke the eyebrows.

Eyes Acrylic Paints

If you coped with the previous methods, let's complicate the task and draw a realistic eye with acrylic paints. The work, of course, is difficult, but according to our instructions you can handle it.

How to draw realistic human eyes easily and beautifully:

  1. On the palette we apply natural, red, red English sienna, burnt umber, light yellow, ultramarine, titanium white and gray paint. Now, draw a dark brown paint on a thick brush and draw the upper and lower eyelids, iris and pupil. Add accents in the same color, but already diluted with water.
  2. On the palette, mix the white titanium, beige, brown and red colors. Apply strokes to the upper eyelid. Show bright places. To make the eye look realistic, we add a red shade of the mixture to the corners, to get such a tone, you need to mix brown with red.
  3. Next, we work out the lower part of the upper eyelid with a mixture of red and brown. To work out the upper part of the upper eyelid, mix warm besh with white. Add grassy green paint to the palette, and work on the eye area.
  4. Now, add dark paint to the mixture. And we continue to work on the iris. The pupil is painted over with a dark gray color. Add a blue and olive hue and continue to work on the iris.
  5. We are working on the iris with a lighter color of acrylic. We strengthen the shadow from the upper eyelid using a light brown paint. We mix brown and green paint on the palette, add a little light tone. With this color, we outline the highlight in the eye. We paint eyelashes on the eyelids with black paint. Do not forget that they can have different lengths and widths.

After studying the material and drawing several options, you will understand that it is not difficult to draw an eye on a sheet or in your album, but it is advisable for beginners to follow the instructions exactly.

Steps for creating a pencil sketch

At the beginning of the lesson, let's just try to make a light sketch, step by step. We use a pencil.

Now we will not delve into the nuances and structural features of the eyes.

How to draw eyes with a pencil:

  1. We designate the shape of the eye, enclosing it in the framework of an angular figure. Also show the folds above the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. We make the shape of the line more smooth, smooth the corners. We outline the eyebrow pupil and iris. Slightly denote the thickness of the eyelid and teardrop.
  3. We clarify the thickness of the eyelids, designate the highlight on the iris, obscure the dark pupil, easily show the shadow under the upper eyelid on the sclera. We specify a little eyebrow.
  4. We give the color and pattern to the iris, opposite the flare, a bright spot is formed on the iris. Add shadows on the round shape of the eyeball. With the help of strokes, we shade the upper eyelid, select and refine the fold above it.
  5. We detail, specify shadows and light, add eyelashes.

The eyeball has the shape of a ball, which is attached inside the orbit. We see only a part of this ball, covered for centuries. When drawing an eye in any technique, you need to remember and understand that we show light and shadow on a spherical shape.

Глаза прикрытый веками имеет миндалевидную форму, этот орешек наиболее точно подходит для сравнения. По сути, глаз — это овал внешний уголок которого заострен, внутренний округлый. Этот овал, как и орешек миндаля не симметричен, в этом их главное сходство. Вот посмотрите, если глаз разделить горизонтальной линией, и найти самое широкое место в верхней и нижней части, то мы увидим, что эти точки находятся в разных частях овала.

In the upper part, the highest point will be closer to the lacrimal gland, and in the lower - to the outer corner.

The eyelids are non-planar, they have a quite tangible thickness, enveloping the rounded shape of the eyeball. If you look at the face in profile, then the thickness of the eyelids is clearly visible. The lower eyelid is deeper set than the upper.

thickness indicated in orange

The upper eyelid and eyelashes cast a shadow on the eyeball.

Eyeball without eye shadow and with shadow

The thickness of the lower eyelid is lighter than the upper, because more light enters this part.

Above the upper eyelid there is always a fold of skin that covers part of it. For different people, this fold forms in different ways, sometimes it hangs over the inner or outer part of the eye, and in Asians it completely covers the teardrop and the entire upper eyelid.

The direction and shape of this fold will help you draw your eyes more correctly and accurately.

In the inner corner of the eye is a lacrimal meat - an elongated convex semi-oval. There is no special attention or any nuances in the image of this part of the eye, but without a teardrop your drawing will look implausible. You can mark it with a slight hint, or you can draw it down to details and veins, depending on the task, but in no case forget about this important part of the eyes.

Pupil and iris

The direction of gaze can be determined by the position of the pupil, and with it the iris. The pupil is a perfect dark circle, it is always in the center of the circle of the iris.

In a calm position, the eyelids cover about 30 percent of the iris, sometimes part of the pupil.

  • To show wide-open eyes, open a large part of the iris (more than 30%) or draw it completely.
  • Covered narrowed eyelids open only a small part of the iris and pupil.

If you look closely, look at the eye in profile, we will see that:

The iris has a convex shape, similar to a bowl. The pupil is a completely flat black spot inside; it has no volume.

The illustration shows how the eye looks in profile, the shape of the iris and the pupil. If you wear contact lenses, then you are well aware of what is at stake. Do not draw the pupil on the edge of the iris.

Flare and reflex

The flare will lay down in a rounded shape, in front of the flare a reflex is formed - a spot of scattered light. A glare is formed on the side where the light falls, and the reflex is the opposite.

Green indicates flare, and orange indicates reflex.

A beautiful expressive eye can be depicted without eyelashes, although it will be a little unnatural. Eyelashes are a detail that needs to be added at the very end of the work, when everything is ready and it looks pretty decent without them.

Let's see how it costs, and how you do not need to plan eyelashes.

Eyelashes have a thickness, at the base of the eyelid it is more noticeable than at the tips. The eyelashes have different lengths, and next to the long eyelash are short. Naturally, in different people they come in different lengths and densities, swirling up or directed straight. If you want to highlight eyelashes, do not draw them with the same length and thickness.

Directions and landmarks

The superciliary arches and eyebrows protect our organ of vision from various external stimuli, so they always rise above the eye, which is deep down.

The eyebrow is always located above the eye, moves forward. The lower eyelid is slightly deeper than the upper. These directions must be observed, in the picture they are shown in red lines

Proportions relative to the head

It is important not only to show the eyes beautifully, but also to correctly place them, observing the basic proportions of the human head.

We already learned many rules in the previous lesson: how to draw a face. For example, how to find the line of the eye and determine their size.

How to draw a person’s eyes:

Line of eyes in the middle of the head, wings of the nose on the same vertical axis with teardrops

  • To correctly place the eyes, draw a horizontal axis in the center of the head.
  • The inner corners of the eyes are always on the same vertical line with the wings of the nose, no closer and no further (the second part of the illustration).

  • To correctly place the eyes, but their size did not work out too large or small, you need to divide the central horizontal axis into 8 equal parts. So, we enter each eye in 2/8, and between them we leave a distance equal to the size of one eye (2/8).
  • It is important to correctly show the area around the eyes. The skin here is almost always slightly different in color (darker or redder). Over the eye sockets, very thin skin shines through the capillaries, there are many folds, wrinkles and shaded areas. The area of ​​the eye sockets is oval and starts slightly below the eyebrows, ends on a line that halves the distance between the eyebrow line and the nose line. This is shown in the second half of the illustration.