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How to make the perfect cup of tea


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Pakistani mix tea is an integral part of the national culture and is considered one of the most consumed drinks in this country. Although mix tea is the most popular type of tea in Pakistan, the Masala, Dud Pati and Kashmir varieties are equally good, and you can enjoy their taste at any time of the day. Whether it’s a wedding or just the desire to quickly wake up in the morning, all these teas will give a boost of vigor, as well as coffee.

Rules for brewing delicious tea

Rule 1: Choose High Quality Tea

Of course, the taste of the drink will directly depend on the quality of your tea. Therefore, first of all, it is recommended to buy high-quality teas. In the online store Tea Newty, a real variety of real Chinese teas is presented - both classic, herbal and fruit. Here you can choose your favorite drink and enjoy really tasty and fragrant tea every day.

Rule 2: Choose Tea That Matches Your Mood

If you are tired, a cup of good black tea will give you a boost of energy. If you slightly overeaten, because it was very tasty, peppermint tea will help you quickly get rid of excess satiety. And chamomile tea, for example, will help to relax, if it is already time to go to bed, and you do not want to sleep at all.

Rule 3: Take your favorite mug or teapot

Once you decide which tea you will drink, you need to choose the perfect mug for it. We all have our only favorite mug, in which tea and coffee are always tastier than usual. The mug is really one of the most important components of perfectly prepared tea. If you like the dishes from which you drink, the drink really will seem much tastier. And now, when you have chosen a mug, time to put a teapot.

Rule 4: Always Use Fresh Cold Water

Always use fresh (preferably filtered) cold water to make tea. This drink likes oxygen, as it fully reveals its taste. Many of us sin by repeatedly heating the water to make tea, but try not to, otherwise the taste of the tea will not be so bright and saturated (after all, once boiled water already lacks oxygen). If you boil fresh water for tea, it will be saturated with oxygen and in the best way will reveal all its notes.

Rule 5: Of course, the tea mug and teapot must be clean.

Rule 6: Bring the Water to the Right Temperature

When the kettle boils, let it cool for a couple of minutes. Even if you like the most hot tea, do not make it with boiling water. In these few minutes, the water will not cool so that you can notice the difference, but the tea will be much tastier.

Rule 7: Follow the rules for brewing your tea

When you poured tea with hot water, you need to wait for the recommended time - it is different for each type of tea. On the Internet you can easily find information about how much you need to brew your tea, or this information can be indicated on the package. But, of course, if you like tea stronger or weaker, this time can be adjusted.

Rule 8: Remove the brew immediately as soon as the tea is brewed

Now just sit back and enjoy your favorite and perfectly brewed aromatic drink. You deserve it!

What are the beneficial properties of tea blends

Tea has long been prized for its healing properties. Its use began in China and Ethiopia, and subsequently spread throughout the world.

Many can not imagine their life without this drink. Black or green tea is necessarily included in the daily diet of a person, it is popular in bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and in many other institutions.

It must be said that the main advantage of an aromatic tea mixture is the presence of natural ingredients:
• Apple,
• Citrus,
• Spice,
• Dried berries: cranberries, currants,
• Mint leaves,
• Rosehips.

Tea prepared at home will be useful, because it does not contain dyes or harmful preservatives. Thanks to a large selection of ingredients, you can create your own taste and combine compositions.

Such a tea mixture is of great benefit, because thanks to it:
• It is possible to cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
• Reduce blood sugar,
• To establish the work of the cardiovascular and nervous system,
• Normalize pressure,
• Quench thirst.

Also, such flavored tea has anti-inflammatory, sedative and antibacterial properties. It well strengthens the immune system.

It can be safely included in the diet of those who suffer from insomnia, general malaise and often suffer colds. Tea mixes are especially recommended for people who have depressions and stressful situations in their lives.

Creating a Tea Mix Step-by-Step Recipe

Now tea shops are very popular. They can offer customers a variety of drinks from the most trusted manufacturers. In the modern world, competition in this field is growing rapidly, more and more companies appear on the market ready to entice customers with pleasant aromas and unique tastes.

However, self-preparation of the tea mixture is the best solution. Indeed, we are sure of the quality of the ingredients that we add, and choose them to taste.

The method for preparing an aromatic tea mixture is simple:

1. Choose the ingredients that we want to use: different types of tea, fruits, spices, dried berries.
2. Rinse the fruit and cut into small slices. To taste, use apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruit.
3. Put the slices of citrus on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 1-2 hours. The temperature regime should correspond to 100-120 ° C.
4. Dry mint with berries: raspberries, cranberries, currants, blueberries.
5. Grind cinnamon and cardamom in a mortar.
6. Mix all the ingredients, leave to brew for 7-14 days.
7. We make aromatic tea and enjoy a delicious taste.

Probably, today there is no such person who does not drink tea at least once a day. This aromatic drink is in the home of every inhabitant of the planet.

“In the company of tea” you can spend the evening treating and gladdening guests, warming yourself in cold frosty weather, and at work, he helps to escape from routine affairs, relax as much as possible and restore strength.

Knowing the uncomplicated recipe of the tea mixture, you can surprise guests with a delicious aromatic drink of their own preparation, after which time flies unnoticed.

The most popular varieties of teas are black and green. They are presented on store shelves and markets in various variations: with and without aromatic additives. But in the technology of making your own flavored drink, you can use different varieties of teas, not only traditional ones.

• Red, which is mined in the southern regions of China, is characterized by the smell of dried fruits and a milky aroma. Its production uses exclusively young unopened tea buds and leaves. It perfectly restores strength. Valued for palatability.
• White tea drink. It is the most aristocratic product. It is collected by hand from the famous Da Bao tree, it has unique tasteful honey notes, great for women who care about their figure.
• Herbal tea, which has the maximum healing properties, due to the manufacture of natural fruits, flowers and berries.
• Oolong tea, made from adult plant leaves, is the most expensive and difficult to process.
• Puer, a representative of a semi-fermented drink valued for its aging.

Tea mix with dried exotic fruits

There are many options for preparing an aromatic mixture. You can experiment on taste by mixing different varieties of tea and spices, or play on aromas, including fruits and berries in the composition of the drink.

In any case, one should be guided by the taste preferences and healing properties of the selected components. Show your talent in mixing tastes and aromas by preparing an aromatic tea mix for dinner. Bon Appetit!